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You may be obsessed with doing, doing, doing and not seeing the results of all your ‘hard work.’ Or, you may feel bored to death with your life and the daily grind. You may believe if ‘I had more money my life would have a greater purpose.’ You could do more and have more. Could giving up the need to know who you are lead you directly to your true inner purpose for being alive right now? You may be skeptical; however, the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ Your purpose, like everyone’s purpose, is to awaken. You’re struggling with your life, your relationships, your circumstances and situations for one reason and one reason only: you have forgotten that you are a piece of the Universal Intelligence. We are like amnesia victims who have forgotten their names and the memories of their life experience. When you allow yourself to reconnect with this power within you, your life takes on a whole new dimension.
And now you may be thinking, ‘I have so much stuff to let go of from my past and my life is such a mess.
Because, when you realign yourself with Universal Intelligence your life will be infused with joy, enthusiasm and a new zest for living life on your new, empowered terms. Are you ready to learn more about living your life on purpose and being more joyful, enthusiastic and happy? We are all pressured at one time or another to keep up with the crowd, fit in, to be accepted and acceptable.
At this retreat, Chris and I came together with a special group of individuals to assist them to break through the blocks and barriers that were preventing them from seeing their own greatness. Chris and I are so joyous and yet humbled by the comments and afterthoughts from those who shared their lives and time with us this past weekend. Do you want to get on the list for the next upcoming Break Through to the True You Weekend Retreat?
Empty Me from ALL that Does Not Serve Me in a Positive Way!It means you are willing to turn what you thought to be adversities into opportunities. Instead of scaring myself, let me empty myself of all fears, hesitations and false stories. For additional ways to move forward in your life, we offer a 60% discount on our Blueprint for Living Your Life online program. Self empowerment is recognizing that within each of us is the capacity and ability to live from our natural state of being.
After many years of assisting hundreds of individuals as Life Coaches and Relationship Coaches, we have been able to identify what we feel are the ten essential guideposts or pillars to successfully achieving self empowerment.
Most important, the guidepost of awareness is about knowing that it is quite possible to take your power back at any time you decide to do so.
To become empowered, it is imperative that you know exactly who and what you are responsible for in your life.
Trust is a guidepost that moves you into the role of being a decision-maker for you and your life. All the guideposts we have listed are essential measuring sticks for inner peace and self-empowerment. Coach hire for holidays and short breaks, wedding parties, private hire local or long distance, staff outings, airport transfers, and many other private or corporate events. All our coaches are fitted with seatbelts, air condtioning, toilet facilities, cold and hot drinks, video, CD player and a fridge.

Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. UK’s The Voice coach Jessie J will be replacing Kylie Minogue, and Delta Goodrem will be returning.
Joel Madden is back too and will be joined by his brother Benji to create one team, and the show’s firm favourite, Ricky Martin will be returning as well. In fact, we tend to get so caught up into this frenzied vortex of being busy and anxious, that life seems to exist without any real significance. Yet, it is interesting to realize that striving to discover who you are may very well be the cause of your ‘problems’ and emotional turmoil.
Rather than living a life that lacks purpose, you begin to live a new, refreshing life that is on purpose. If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with the results, perhaps it is time to consider an alternative approach.
Imagine your mind no longer experiencing the endless chatter, the never-ending stories, scenarios and nightmares that have seemed to plague you as far back as you can remember! Your willingness is enough of an accelerator at this point to create positive changes in your life. This is a safe haven where we live a life of mediocrity, predictability, inertia and ultimately inauthenticity. We witnessed it in relationships, people emotionally lifting other people, as well as confronting each other so they could rise above their story lines and finally see the truth about their greatness. In just two days, because of the courage they had, these blocks and barriers were dismantled. The courage to be open and willing to explore the possibilities that tomorrow may bring and being okay with living in the mystery that the future holds for each of us.
We have found that if there is an unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s life, then greatness is elusive. It means to be released of all your stress, anxiety, depression and anything else that may be holding you back from living the life you are intended to live!
They are more like a checklist of requirements that you want to fulfill and complete to become empowered.
Awareness is the acknowledgment that you do disengage and disconnect from the power within you. When you do not know this parameter you are likely to live life as a guilt-ridden victim of circumstances. When you hold grudges, criticize, judge and have a long list of regrets laced with guilt, you can never be at peace. If you treat yourself like a second class citizen, how could you ever expect anyone else to treat you differently! If one guidepost was to standout above and beyond all the others in significance it would have to be forgiveness. All that is required of you is this: a willingness to awaken, the courage to go through the process and the patience to allow your inner transformation to occur on its’ own time schedule. They are not only on the path of greatness; they are living examples of it, because they all have courage. Yet, each one of us is special in that we possess a uniqueness; an individuality that dissolves all mediocrity and conformity. To empty yourself means you are open to let go of anything that does not serve you and your highest good.

You have no idea what I’m going through!” And to that we say, “We understand and we’ve been there!” However, from our experience of being Success & Transformational Coaches for over a decade, we KNOW that there is brilliance in you that is just waiting to shine. Let me release every “but, because, maybe, and you don’t understand.” Let me truly have the courage to call upon the highest within me regardless of what those around me might say, think or do. My prayer is to be cleansed of anything that would hold me back, keep me small, or limit me in any way. Apply each of them as tools and applications to create a greater sense of empowerment in your life.
Once you recognize your participation in this disempowering process you can begin to break the cycle. You possess within you unique qualities and attributes that can guide you to feel empowered.
If you are withholding your gifts and talents from the world and yourself, then you are preventing you from experiencing inner peace. Each of the first nine guideposts must contain a component of real forgiveness within them to activate the state of self empowerment. You may have simply convinced yourself that you are powerless and that your happiness and peace resides elsewhere in some future universe or dimension.
Financially, yet more important with courage, because courage is the price we pay at the door for greatness. No mediocrity, completely unpredictable, lots of swirling positive energy and lots of authenticity. It is about being open to allowing unconditional love to enter your life so you can truly love yourself and others. In fact, they can be processes you use together, simultaneously or separately, one at a time. By mastering these guideposts, through your willingness to change, we guarantee that you will witness both subtle and extreme shifts in your life situations and conditions, as well as in your internal state of consciousness.
Accept this truth; otherwise, you will continue to be stressed, anxious and fearful of tomorrow. Cultivating a new mindset is also about acknowledging that you can control your mind and that it does not have to be the other way around. That is why Chris and I call them guideposts and that is why we say they can be practiced simultaneously or in any order you choose. This is the ultimate realization of the human experience: remembering that you are part of the whole. Courage is also the decision to see life situations differently and allow the power of forgiveness to heal all wounds and create miracles.
If you are challenged doing this on your own, team up with a professional who has been through the process and can assist you. In our seminars and coaching sessions, we share a variety of mindset changing techniques that can move anyone toward a state of well-being and self-empowerment. Courage is about making the shift from living in impossibilities to knowing that anything is possible.

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