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Coaching Programmes are tailored to cater to the level and particular circumstances the individual is facing and often include diagnostic tools such as 360 degree surveys and psychometric assessments to help a person understand how their performance is perceived by different stakeholders.
If you would like to discuss how an executive coaching programme can help someone reach their potential contact one of our consultants today.
We will review your short and long term goals and use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for adapting to the change, making conscious choices and moving forward.
Katie did a great job by being engaged, showing genuine interest in helping me clarify my career focus and discovering a couple of options I hadn’t thought of before. The workbook and your coaching helped me to identify key aspects of both my professional and personal life.  These sessions have been instruments of change and clarity. If you are looking for a coach who has the knowledge, patience and the desire to see you succeed, then do not hesitate.
Whether you want to excel in your career, have a voice in the boardroom, avoid office politics or go through a smooth career transition, the one factor that will help you achieve all these successfully is confidence. Unfortunately though, sometimes women who are confident can be misinterpreted as arrogant or cocky  as there is a fine line between the two and for many women this can prevent them from speaking up or showing initiative so as not to be viewed in a negative way.
So below I’ve come up with my own personal tips on how to be the confident woman that you are (and proud of it) without looking arrogant or cocky.
Be sure to walk with a straight spine, shoulders back and head held high, this simple tip will immediately convey to those around you that you are a confident successful woman who has it all held together. As superficial as it sounds this is an important one and may I stress it’s not about looks at all.
Speak at an acceptable speed (not too fast, not too slow) and be sure to speak up, you want to be heard. By not meeting people’s eyes can make you come across as having something to hide or that you don’t really believe what you are saying. This is a straightforward one but better yet as briefly mentioned before, video record yourself instead so that when you play it back you can observe your posture, body language etc and then if need be improve accordingly. Be sure to have all your points thought out and the correct information before you address anyone. Just because you are and appear confident doesn’t mean that others will always agree with you and that’s ok.

I would love to know if you already use any of these tips or if you have others that work for you. Receive my Resource Guide "5 Must Know Websites You'll Want to Bookmark When Transitioning Careers!" (Hint: You'll be Completely Surprised by 2 of Them) when you sign up to my newsletter. Now is the time to pursue Life, Career, or Executive Coaching to take your life and career to the next level.
Therefore, your coaching experience will be highly personalized – tailored specifically to you. Doesn’t always mean that you are these things but the quickest way to start believing it is by acting it and eventually it will come naturally to you. It’s about looking the part and we want to appear confident and successful not frazzled and defeated. Practice by getting another person to stand at the far end of the room to ensure that you are speaking up or even record yourself on your phone and hear how you sound (cringey I know) but a very good indicator at not only whether you’re loud enough but also the speed at which you speak. If there is silence from your audience don’t try to fill it in by waffling (which is a very natural thing to do but just try not to, practice makes perfect). As I’ve said before, if after using these tips people still view you in the negative, then it’s most likely more about them than it is about you. She then held my hand as I researched jobs, put a new CV together, and applied for positions.
Specialist coaching is required to ensure they are adequately supported and are able to perform at their full potential. We will start with an initial dialogue to clearly define the issues or concerns you are currently experiencing.
Also, when you have a straight back and chin up, you will automatically speak in a clearer manner. It’s as simple as your clothes being clean and pressed, shoes shined, no ladder in your stockings, wearing appropriate clothes for the industry you’re in and position you hold. When you want to address your manager, staff, colleagues or a potential client, ensure that you know what you want to say and how you’re going to say it before you go for it.
Simply acknowledge that while you still stand by your thoughts, you understand that they don’t agree.

Some roles can be fairly isolated with no direct manager to provide any one-on-one development.
You try talking when your posture is hunched and head facing downward, you won’t sound the same and it will be harder for people to understand you. This may be because your audience are gathering their thoughts or letting what you just said sink in.
Have your facts straight and if possible, have answers prepared for possible questions or doubts the person or persons you are addressing may have. Anyway, I am about to start my first job on my new career path and I want to say thankyou Shauna, you played a pivotal part in a pivotal moment in my life - I will always look back at this time with amazement. Alternatively a role may be highly specialised and an external coaching can help a person achieve greater insights. This isn’t a beauty contest, it’s about you (and others) having confidence in yourself, you are capable.
If you do feel really uncomfortable then simply ask if there are any questions or for any feedback. An example is a sales person, the best sales people are the ones that know their product inside out and who also know their competitors product just as well. I’m not saying that this alone is enough, of course you need to have experience and expertise to go with it (more on that later) but that experience and expertise will be conveyed more successfully when you are also well groomed.
So when they go in to see a potential client they’ll now what to say and be able to address any questions or doubts they may have. By knowing what you are talking about will automatically make you look confident without you even trying. But of course it is possible that people will not always agree with what you’re saying which brings me to my next tip.

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