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The course was fun, affordable, challenging and rewarding, and I have taken away some great information and insight into the great game of baseball.
While this is an accomplishment for me, it is also a requirement of the Dover Baseball League in order to set foot on the field in games during the season (even if it is in the role of an Assistant Coach). TrophyCentral is committed to customer satisfaction and is proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating! With these simple steps, you will know exactly how to create a fascinating group experience that will have your participants coming back time after time. Most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, so it is natural to wonder about how to use your coaching skills in a group setting. Next, I volunteered to be part of the Foundation for Inspired Learning, and became certified as a master in the model of group facilitation and coaching. During this time, I developed a model of group coaching with one of my esteemed coaching colleagues, Kate Harper. Then, I created one of my first information products on the Art of Group Coaching, and it has been a guide for many coaches over the years, and has allowed them to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients.
Over the years, group coaching has allowed me to support thousands of my ideal clients (really, I counted them up!), have a 6-figure business and live a life that is filled with freedom and flexibility. If you are someone who has a background in education, training and teaching, or have already given lots of workshops and retreats, you will especially resonate with this model and benefit from this information! Because most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, and because this is such an essential part of the practice of any successful coach, I have created this certification program just for you! The certification program will include content with both a step-by-step structure and a strong spiritual foundation.
Once you have completed part 1 (audio content) and part 2 (group coaching experience), you will receive a certificate as a Group Certified Coach. The group size is limited to 6 participants and will not be offered again until later in the year.
A demonstration of a coaching group, led by me, where you can be a fly on the wall and observe how a group meeting is conducted.

I now have the confidence and a structure to put together my first group.  I highly recommend this course! With the structure you learn in part 1, we will create a firm foundation for any group experience you choose to offer.A  With the practicum in part 2, we will anchor in the specific skills that you need to create a phenomenal group coaching experience for your ideal clients. The entire certification process will support you in getting your message out in a much bigger way!  Not to mention you will get a beautiful certificate to print out, more letters to put after your name (GCC), and an icon to put on your website, in addition to 12 CCEa€™s. Wouldn't you be more successful if you pursued jobs that lined up with what you were built to do? Do you think positive behavioral change just might improve your personal stock value?  I do! It is this disconnect between one’s core values and the core values of a company or the manager an individual works for that causes people to be open to recruiting calls. There could be many different reasons you've encountered a road block or you've hit your head on a ceiling. When I turned to my wife, to several clients and to several security executives who know me well and told them that I was ready to elevate my service to the security profession by doing whatever it would take to acquire appropriate executive coaching credentials, I was informed that I'd already been coaching for a decade or more. I chose Chris Coffey of the Marshall Goldsmith Group and Drayton Boylston of the Drayton Boylston Group (Executive Coaching University). I now hold a certificate in Stakeholder Centered Coaching (TM) from the Marshall Goldsmith Group and a Certified MasterMind Executive Coach (TM) certification from Executive Coaching University. FA Coaching Qualification… As you can see from our Personnel page, Phil Brasier is heavily involved with Jarvis Brook Junior Football team and was an Assistant Coach.
I found out tips and secrets (most having to do with mindset and the inner game) that were not apparent to me as a member of a group that I want to share with you so you can know them too. I would hold groups of people and we'd work together, and sometimes it would be beautiful, and other times it would be a train wreck - I could never tell what the difference was, except that something was missing from the ones that would go off the rails.
I know what makes the difference, and now I'm confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results.
And after joining International Coach Academy, I was privileged to practice these principles for many years and thousands of hours as a trainer.

And you want to multiply your revenue, while still offering a high quality coaching experience. How about if you worked for a company that was built on core values that resembled your core values.
Working from a foundation of data derived from objective assessment tools, I can help you to see where you are so that together, we can build a roadmap to help you get from Point A to Point B.
I measured various coaching schools against what I thought business executives would want and need from me.
Well, now Phil has qualified to FA Level 1 in coaching football so can put even more energy into supporting the youngsters. When I began my coaching practice, I wanted to add this powerful offering to my repertoire and did not know exactly how to do this. After that first experience, I began to take more and more courses with CFL, just to be able to be in that group energy. You could step right in and start producing without having to deal with the stress that comes from core values being out of alignment.
When you're ready to get your team performing at a top performance level and you're ready to decrease turnover, call me. What I came up with was the need for my coaching education to produce Behavioral change that is sustainable,A measurableA and recognizable by others. Once you have successfully completed the practicum portion, you will be certified as a group coach.

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