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There are other self-development opportunities interspersed in the program: multiple centering activities for you to experience and use for yourself daily or right before you go into a coaching session, type group work, and small group work. This program contains a great deal of cognitive and theory input, and these content areas are always combined with information and skill-practice that allow you to put the cognitive learning into action.
You’ll learn about coaching frameworks, coaching processes, and how to choose which approach is best for you and your client. The skills taught include time for practice with feedback, and the Peer Coaching trios at day’s end provide a time to utilize the day’s techniques. Great techniques used at the right time can make a huge difference in the depth and acceleration of the coaching experience. The program is based on the philosophy that coaching is a client-centered or client-focused experience in which the coach brings skills and knowledge in service of the client’s growth and transformation. Although the basics of coaching are reviewed in this program – for example, what is coaching, coaching ethics, and the core skills of listening, questioning, feedback, and challenging clients through direct communication, the program goes deeply and broadly into sophisticated coaching knowledge of their client’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and nuanced skills in client-coach interactions, all using the Enneagram. Each participant selects one deep coaching desire and, using the same desire throughout the week, engages with a variety of other participants (as coaches) in relation to this deep development desire.
An internationally recognized Enneagram author, trainer, keynote speaker, OD consultant and coach, Ginger is considered a world leader in bringing the insights of the Enneagram to organizations across the globe.
The ICF, the largest global coach accrediting body, has approved both Enneagram in Business coaching programs for ACSTH credits. Attending both programs gives more than the 60 credits needed for an initial ICF credential, although there are other requirements as well: a specified number of documented client coaching hours, a written ethics test, and 10 hours of mentor coaching by an ICF approved mentor-coach.
The Advanced Performance and Sport Coaching program is an 18-credit online certificate specifically designed for those pursuing a career in coaching as well as current coaches at the youth, interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional looking to apply their vast amount of experience with scientific foundations.
NOTE: K-12 educators looking for continuing education coursework can use these graduate-level credits towards their Act 48 and Level II teaching certification requirements. Considering the busy schedules of both graduate students and current coaches, students can complete the program 100% online through a-synchronous instruction.
This intensive program is supported by of some of Hollywood’s most important professionals such as Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment; Jason Alexander (star of “Seinfeld” as well as scores of other stage, film and television projects), and many others. In this eight or ten credit, four-month intensive program, students concurrently enroll in the core course and typically work at two consecutive internships.
Upon successful completion of the program, students earn eight to ten Boston University credits.
Safe and centrally located housing will be provided at the beautiful Park La Brea complex in Hollywood.

The Boston University Los Angeles programs are administered by staff in both our Boston and Los Angeles offices. Click on a program below for details. Contact Christy with questions, to set up a complimentary discovery session, or to purchase a program and schedule an appointment. The Wholly Healing Experience holistic life coaching programs are designed to help you relax, reduce stress, release emotional baggage, and replace unhealthy habits with habits that support mind, body, & spirit wellness. Important Notice: Wholly Healing, LLC, does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any specific disease or condition.
And while expertise, experience, and skills matter, what matters just as much is the character and qualities of the person doing the coaching.
This is true each day, as participants practice their just learned knowledge and skills in multiple mini-skill practice pairs that occur throughout. Even more, you’ll learn about how to assess a client’s level of self-mastery within their Enneagram style and why certain approaches work best with the different levels of mastery. The Peer Coaching involves 3 individuals involved in 3 rounds of coaching; in each round, one person is the coach, the other is the client, and the third person is the observer, who offers feedback after the coaching interaction.
However, the best technique is for the coach to appear not to be using any, even though excellent coaches are highly trained and use a variety of techniques. It is also expected that participants already use the Enneagram in their coaching practice.
Because of this focus, the program helps all participants learn how to coach clients at a vertical (deep) as well as horizontal (practical) level and also go deeply into their own development as coaches. With over 35 years experience, Ginger works with organizations, leaders and teams as they use the Enneagram, fully integrated with the theory and practice of organization development, to create vibrant, innovative and sustainable human systems. These credits can be used toward either an ICF coaching credential (60 hours required for the minimum credential) or as continuing education credits for renewing existing ICF credentials (40 CCEUs every 3 years) and cover the core competencies.
Today, ESU is a comprehensive university in northeastern Pennsylvania offering 56 undergraduate and 24 graduate degrees and is one of the 14 institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Through this program, aspiring and current coaches will advance their knowledge in organization and administration, strength and conditioning techniques, optimal training methods, biomechanical analysis of sport, and contemporary coaching strategies as outlined by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). Prospective students can enroll in any academic term, including summer and winter sessions. Students are introduced to industry environments in their respective fields at sites where they will see the work of industry professionals and participate “in the business.” Students are required to intern for a minimum of 20 hours per week, however, they are expected to intern at two companies for up to 40 hours per week. Students will share accommodations with others who are in the Boston University Los Angeles Internship Program.

In Boston, a program manager facilitates the admissions and pre-departure procedures, and maintains contact with students prior to their arrival in LA. All programs include life coaching, energy therapies (Reiki & Emotional Polarity Technique), and stress management techniques. Any of the aforementioned offerings of Wholly Healing, LLC, are not substitutions for conventional medical methods of diagnosing, treating or prescribing which is reserved for licensed medical physicians. This includes their humanness, authenticity, level of self-mastery, centeredness, clarity about their motivations for wanting to coach, their ability to listen without judgment, and factors such as presence, being able to be in divided attention where they are fully attentive to more than one thing, and more. At the end of each day, participants also engage in Peer Coaching trios who coach one another in the same trios throughout the week for a more intensive coaching experience. Every skill and technique used in the program is theory-based, so you’ll also learn why these work and when to use them. A fine musician knows the scales and has mastered technique, but they appear to be playing without effort.
The program techniques are drawn from a variety of disciplines: Gestalt awareness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychotherapeutic models, visioning, Enneagram theory, and more. To this end, the coach needs to be on a continuous growth trajectory in which the coach also accesses all of her- or himself, is aligned and congruent, and is continuously working toward their own integration as a coach and as a person.
The department will work with you to develop a plan of study to complete the program in as little as one year. Progress is monitored through student journal entries and a final paper in which students reflect on their education and experience over the semester. The Boston office also houses administrative personnel who are responsible for everyday operations. Being coached is just as beneficial as being the coach for several reasons: (1) it is an opportunity for your growth as a person and a coach, and (2) it gives you a first-hand experience of being in the client role.
Similarly, a skilled coach who knows how to be centered and in presence functions like a fine artist.
In LA, the staff comprises a resident director and administrative, academic, and housing personnel.

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