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Then it was time for game 2 on Tuesday, June 15th against the #1 team, Morgenous Lawn Care, as the visiting team at Beckwith field.
The course was fun, affordable, challenging and rewarding, and I have taken away some great information and insight into the great game of baseball. Visit the Calendar page or check out the sidebar for announcements about upcoming and today's games and events.
Clarify Clarity: Do you feel stuck in the “frame” of life & missing your BIG “picture”? Typically clients find this to be a real soul-searching session; taking the blinders off and discovering while letting go of all the things that are holding them back. Should you choose to move forward after the Discovery Consultation, the below coaching packages are available.
If you are looking for a special gift that really says, “I’m thinking of you”, the gift of Life Coaching is a great way to say it! I’m willing to offer a reasonable flexible fee structure to meet all potential clients’ financial needs. That’s right, in just a short amount of time you can study and get certified as a Life Coach, adding these valuable skills to your current practice or starting a whole new stream of income, as a separate business! We also have many other fine Certification Courses here at The Guild, for which we have secured special pricing! Suzanne Atkinson, MD is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Triathlon Coach with over 10 years of experience in endurance coaching. My first job out of college, Working with Outward Bound Wilderness School taught me that we can push ourselves far beyond our preconceived physical and emotional limits.
But Digging Deep takes on an entirely different meaning when you’re the wilderness leader of a 3 week self-sustained expedition with a group of 8 strangers.
At Steel City Endurance Coaching, I start your training plan by learning about you and your personal goals. Whether your current time commitments are work, school or family related,  you have a limited amount of time to train.
Breaking free of a traditional periodization model, I use a variety of intensities in my plans throughout the year. Physiologically, we use a mix of intensities throughout the year, and from season to season maintaining a progressive plan that can be sustained lifelong with ample physical, emotional and spiritual recovery time. I feel that my background and education provide me with a unique perspective on physiology and performance. At Outward Bound School, I had some of the country’s best experiential educators as my mentors. I completed my first triathlon on a whim in 2002 (the Endless Mountains Triathlon in Wilkes-Barre, PA). Since then I have  continued my coaching and exercise physiology education through both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling, and currently hold Level 2 certifications from both organizations.  I have also taken masters level courses in Exercise Physiology at the University of Pittsburgh, and have experience using Parvo metabolic carts for Vo2 analysis.
In 2008 I founded Steel City Endurance Racing Team, the first dedicated women’s bike racing team in Pittsburgh. In the spring of 2010 I became a Total Immersion Teaching Professional & subsequently a master coach, traveling to England, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands to coach at open water camps and train new Total Immersion Coaches. Free NewsletterRegularly sent direct to your inbox to help improve your performance and keep you informed about training and activities. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Would you like to coach more people, create deep transformations for them in a group setting, and as a result receive an additional stream of income and have more time for yourself? Is there a way to coach your group so that each person receives exactly what they need, without leaving you feeling drained or depleted?
Most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, so it is natural to wonder about how to use your coaching skills in a group setting.
Next, I volunteered to be part of the Foundation for Inspired Learning, and became certified as a master in the model of group facilitation and coaching.

During this time, I developed a model of group coaching with one of my esteemed coaching colleagues, Kate Harper. Then, I created one of my first information products on the Art of Group Coaching, and it has been a guide for many coaches over the years, and has allowed them to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients. Over the years, group coaching has allowed me to support thousands of my ideal clients (really, I counted them up!), have a 6-figure business and live a life that is filled with freedom and flexibility.
If you are someone who has a background in education, training and teaching, or have already given lots of workshops and retreats, you will especially resonate with this model and benefit from this information! Because most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, and because this is such an essential part of the practice of any successful coach, I have created this certification program just for you!
The certification program will include content with both a step-by-step structure and a strong spiritual foundation. What I learned from Karen's knowledge, experience and heart-centered coaching in her group coaching training is invaluable!  Thank you, Karen! I wanted to take the Group Coaching Certification course so that I could learn how to effectively coach a group and increase my confidence as a group coach. Not only did I learn the logistics about how to plan and implement group coaching; my confidence increased tremendously. Karen created a safe and supportive structure that allowed me to put my concerns about conducting a group coaching session aside and just do it; this was priceless.
Karena€™s group coaching course is like the gift that keeps on giving as I continue to receive benefits from the course even after ita€™s done! Once you have completed part 1 (audio content) and part 2 (group coaching experience), you will receive a certificate as a Group Certified Coach. With the confidence and credibility that this certification course will give you, you could easily create a 3-month coaching group, with 6 participants that would more than pay for your investment.
A demonstration of a coaching group, led by me, where you can be a fly on the wall and observe how a group meeting is conducted. I now have the confidence and a structure to put together my first group.  I highly recommend this course! As a new coach who has always loved the group process, Karen Cappelloa€™s Group Coaching Certification course was just what I was looking for. Now that the course is finished I am confident in my ability to create and facilitate amazing group coaching experiences.A  Thank you Karen! With the structure you learn in part 1, we will create a firm foundation for any group experience you choose to offer.A  With the practicum in part 2, we will anchor in the specific skills that you need to create a phenomenal group coaching experience for your ideal clients. Since the group size is limited to 6 participants you will receive the individual assistance you need to get your group started.A  You will even receive a laser session with me before your group coaching session so that you are completely prepared. The entire certification process will support you in getting your message out in a much bigger way!  Not to mention you will get a beautiful certificate to print out, more letters to put after your name (GCC), and an icon to put on your website, in addition to 12 Core Competencies CCEa€™s. Audios of each class, including your own group coaching facilitation, and the input from group members so that you can listen long after the course is over. All coaching is confidential & the length of the coaching relationship will vary based on coaching choice selected. No matter if you want to reward, motivate or support someone, a gift certificate from Da-Nay Macklin, Inc Life Coaching is truly the perfect way to show you care.
Sessions can be held in person or by phone and gift certificates can be applied toward any of the services provided by Da-Nay Macklin, Inc. If you genuinely feel you are unable to afford the coaching fees, do not hesitate to contact me.
He is the Co-Founder & President of The Tarot Guild, the international organization for Tarot Professionals.
Self-sufficient means nomotorized power, no cell service, no showers, packing all your food, packing out all your trash, packing your home (tent & sleeping bag) every day until you arrive at your next home.
My time as an outward bound instructor shaped the way I approach every and any challenge I come across, as well as the way I teach and lead others. Your current fitness, previous training and future goals are all components of success, but there is more to triathlon than crossing the finish line.

Making those training hours productive is my main focus, while allowing you time to recover, sleep, socialize and spend time with your family.
In 2004, during my Emergency Medicine Residency,  I suffered a back injury resulting in permanent nerve damage to my right leg.  While recovering from back surgery, I began swimming as part physical therapy, and it was at this time I first discovered Total Immersion.
I have been using power training for cycling since 2007 and am confident in performing field testing, computrainer MAP tests as well as lactate threshold testing using a handheld lactate meter and standardized testing protocols. In 2009 we expanded to a mens team as well.  The team has bike racers from Cat 2 through Cat 5, and we sponsor annual women’s intro to racing clinics to continue to encourage women to take up the sport of bike racing. I found out tips and secrets (most having to do with mindset and the inner game) that were not apparent to me as a member of a group that I want to share with you so you can know them too.
I would hold groups of people and we'd work together, and sometimes it would be beautiful, and other times it would be a train wreck - I could never tell what the difference was, except that something was missing from the ones that would go off the rails. I know what makes the difference, and now I'm confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results.
And after joining International Coach Academy, I was privileged to practice these principles for many years and thousands of hours as a trainer. In addition to my goal of learning how to conduct a group coaching session, I also experienced great personal insights and growth through participating in my classmates coaching sessions. This course helped me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to get my coaching business started. The first payment will be charged now, and the second and third payments will happen automatically 30 days and 60 days from now.
And you want to multiply your revenue, while still offering a high quality coaching experience. I have coached many unemployed people to a better life, and am here to help you make the transition to the next chapter of your life. Digging Deep means dealing with your own physical discomfort, negative thoughts, belly aches and mosquito bites all while leading a group of 8 strangers safely through the wilderness, teaching them to be self-sufficient both literally as well as metaphorically. Looking up, I had lost sight of my landmarks, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco! My first runs consisted of two 30 second jogs which wiped me out, but little by little I was able to sustain 5 minutes, then a mile, then 3 miles of running at a time. When I began my coaching practice, I wanted to add this powerful offering to my repertoire and did not know exactly how to do this.
Based on a discussion I had with Karen, I felt this course would give me the tools I needed to get my coaching group going.A  This had seemed difficult until I started the course.
I also got a job today to create a two-day workshop for executives and managers.A  Karen, your training is paying off in more ways than one!
After that first experience, I began to take more and more courses with CFL, just to be able to be in that group energy. Karen brought together professionals with different passions and styles in a way that we all learned from one another. She has helped both first-time triathletes as well as world champions accomplish their dreams. Helping each one work through their own doubts and struggles in the wilderness leads to discussions about doubts and struggles at home.
I had mentally prepared myself for exactly these conditions and finishing the swim has been my best triathlon experience so far!
The time and money you invest in your personal growth and education will result in COMPLETE life-long opportunities for YOU within your personal life, professional, and business life. Once you have successfully completed the practicum portion, you will be certified as a group coach.

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