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Technology innovations have led to changes in the way sports are performed and even in the rules that govern sports. A Computer-Assisted Coaching Model divides technology used in sport into three broad categories: managing, monitoring, and mentoring.
The Model for Implementation of Innovations in Coaching addresses the issue of the adoption of new innovations particularly with respect to the factors that influence acceptance and effective implementation.
Issues relevant to the level of engagement and technology acceptance models will be addressed.

Relative advantage –the degree by which an innovation is perceived as a better idea than the idea it supersedes.
Coaches and administrators are constantly bombarded by vendors and proponents of new innovations.
Compatibility - the degree by which an innovation is perceived to be consistent and compatible with other innovations.
Since these tools are usually expensive, potentially time-intensive, and risk being left in the closet, a theoretical guide to navigating the technology maze is provided.

Complexity - the degree by which an innovation is perceived to be too difficult to understand or to use.

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