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Coaching, for all disciples, is primarily about discovering, discovering what's missing -- missing in your thinking, your vision, your direction, and your plans. That's all well and good -- in theory -- but in the real world of small business, it's not very practical.
Although today there is an element of probing questions that will always arise within the context of any productive business coaching call, small business owners truly desire much, much more. Having a business coach that walks next to them accelerates learning, reduces isolation, stimulates creativity and innovation, and removes the fog that accompanies the loneliness of business ownership. It's the strategic piece of coaching that fosters the alignment of goals and plans with mission, vision, and strategies.
Coaching that is strategic promotes lean thinking, saves a business owner countless hours of unproductive activity, and fosters greater work-life balance.
Especially in today's complex business environment, a small business owner can no longer engage a coaching professional without a deeper knowledge and understanding of strategy, marketing, process, performance, metrics, and growing pains associated with the various stages of business. An experienced and well-informed business professional, armed with a tool box of entrepreneurial competencies, is a powerful combination that allows business owners to cut through the flood of information and make quick, smart, strategic decisions that catapult their business forward.
Business coaching is an instrumental part of the success for our next generation of small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs.
When you become a business coach in Canada, your background will be put to good use coaching clients on everything from time management, building teams, generating more revenue and possible exit strategies.
As a business coach, a step-by-step coaching process will allow you to establish firm relationships with your clients. Academy support starts with personalized coaching to help teach you the best practices for law firm success.
Your PBC is an expert on all the resources the Academy has to offer, allowing you to take full advantage of the wealth of technology, information, and collective wisdom at your fingertips. When the New Year comes, everyone has resolutions they want to complete…but few have the plans to make those resolutions happen. Now they are many ways to turn those resolutions and dreams into reality, but if you’re just fumbling in the dark hoping to do better, it won’t happen. Goal setting is vital in both business and life, but to achieve your goals, it helps if you are using the principle of SMART Goals.

The benefits of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Time-framed goals (SMART goals) have been touted for a long time…because they work. New Year’s resolutions fail because it’s not easy to suddenly change eating habits and an exercise regimen just because the calendar changes.
When done correctly, goal setting is a powerful process – one that turns vision into achievable, actionable things. Insurance agents may set a goal of reaching fifty potential customers every week, with twenty-five of those actually signing a contract.
One of the most effective marketing strategies ever used is promoting the company from within.
In fact, there were only 5000 coaches of all disciplines (business, life, time management, career, etc.) internationally. The coach asks probing questions that allow a coachee to search within the database of their experiences to uncover the missing piece. That includes talents, skills, values, beliefs, and attitudes that are getting in the way of success. This is especially true for small business owners who are masters of their crafts, such as attorneys, thought leaders, writers, accountants, and therapists who have transitioned to entrepreneurship. Rather than cluttering the business environment with seemingly unrelated activities in hopes of growing the business, a strategic approach prompts a business owner to think in terms of what really matters. A business owner in today's market, however, wants a coaching approach tailor-made for their personal, professional, and business needs and wants. As each industry responds to the rapidly changing needs of small business with greater innovation and ingenuity, business coaching must also branch out and grow to meet those needs. This experience will prove invaluable when used in connection with a proven coaching system and content. Our mission is to show you how to envision your ideal firm, and then make that vision a reality. Just fill out the simple request form for us and we’ll send you a packet of information about the Academy services and programs that our Members have access to every day.
In your personal life that can be a disappointment, but in your professional life, failure to plan is really a plan to fail.

You’ve got to figure out what you want to do… and what the steps are that will allow you to get there.
So take the time to create SMART goals around your New Year’s resolutions and business plans… and see just how much easier it is to achieve what you might have thought of as impossible before. Businesses need effective marketing strategies to keep existing customers and clients coming back on a regular basis.
A furniture company may have slightly different goals such as the sale of ten big screen televisions and ten living room sets sold each week. One way is to determine what you have to do to make enough money to cover the expenses of the business for a specific amount of time. Either through radio or television ads that promote the business or personally reaching out to individuals through telephone campaigns or in store promotions, setting marketing goals gives the company something to strive for. Today, that number has soared to include those educated by reputable institutions to those who merely hang out a shingle and call themselves a coach.
It makes the difference between success and failure -- achieving and doing -- moving forward or falling further behind.
In fact, there are many reasons why a person fails to achieve set goal and New Year’s resolutions are typical examples. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to tell others about the products they make and bring in new customers. In fact, a recent report by IBISWorld shows that 46,700 firms provide coaching for business in the U.S. Find out how much it takes to run the company and then put a goal in place to make that amount plus 10 percent each week. By doing this, the bills will be covered and extra will be made to cover any emergencies that might occur.
When a company’s own employees are positive about their company, customers will be too.

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