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STCW Pro Yacht Crew Training is a six week foundation course leading to jobs on yachts for commercial skippers and crew. This programme provides all the training and qualifications you need to start a career as superyacht deck crew and to aim for rapid promotion to mate or skipper. Aside from the exclusive opportunity to work alongside Beara€™s team as the Academy grows on an international scale, passing the course provides an accredited, professional qualification that equips participants with the necessary skills for leadership consultancy & teaching adventure training.
Activity instructor jobs (also referred to as multi activity instructors), are often based at a purpose built centre.
Activity instructor training courses equip you with the skills and experience to enter the workplace as a qualified activity instructor.
Our wonderful coastline and appetite for water based adventure sports has created a big demand for qualified instructors in surfing, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. People often ask us which NGB qualifications they should be looking at achieving in order to kick start a career in outdoor adventure.
In an effort to find out more about why people choose to take the rock climbing courses that allow you to introduce other people to the sport, namely the Climbing Wall Award (CWA), and the Single Pitch Award (SPA), we spoke to a couple of professionals who have achieved these NGBs and who are now aiming to progress their climbing careers. Following on from our Mountain Leader page we now take a look at the even more serious Mountain Instructor scheme, overseen by Mountain Leader Training UK. With unemployment at a dizzying high and the real pressure on school and college leavers, and graduates, beginning a career in outdoor education is often a great way to avoid the dole queue. Hi, My name is Phee-Lip.I am on a mission to equip young people with the skills most necessary to thrive and meet future challenges. Whatever that's stopping you from being great, someone out there have already found the solutions.
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Blyth Rangers 1-1 Prudhoe Town Prudhoe Town dominated at for long periods and were unlucky to go behind to a headed goal from Rangers but fought back and earned a much deserved point after man of the match Brandon Smith combined well with Elliott Graham who provided a great chance which was well taken by top scorer Josh Young.Town remain 4th in the league and are looking forward to their next match against 2nd placed North Shields with whom they drew their league opener. FA Respect Barrier Scheme - Dont miss out, get funding now!One of the biggest successes of the Respect programme over the last three seasons has been to improve the environment of youth football. FA Level 1 Award in Coaching FootballOur Coach Education continues to be popular, with our 2nd week intensive course of the summer already full. NFA HQ - Wednesday 28th September 3 hour workshop taking place from 6-9pm at the NFA HQ. NFA HQ - Tuesday 20th September 3 hour workshop taking place from 6-9pm at the NFA HQ.
Next Event The next "Coach The Coach" clinic will take place on Friday 26th August at Prudhoe High School.
50 Coaches attended the inaugural Summer Convention at Complete Football and witnessed a variety of themed sessions delivered by the Coach The Coach Staff. Welcome to Assessing Your Skills one of the series of Futures workbooks, which help students choose and prepare for their careers.
The aim of this workbook is to help you to clarify or identify your skills as a first step toward choosing work that really suits you. When you have completed the exercises in this workbook, you are advised to move on to the next one: Your Personality and Values.
Later in this workbook you will be asked to complete some skill analysis questionnaires, but the starting point for any skills audit is with you and what you think. First, look down the list of skills that follow and put a tick √ in the boxes against up to 10 you feel are your strongest at this point in time. When you have done that go back over the same list and make up to ten asterisks * next to skills you feel you want or need to develop or learn in the future. Now look again at the skills you ticked and list them in rank order of importance or interest to you in the grid below.
Do all your skills listed fall into one or two main groups, or is there a reasonable spread across the four categories? Most jobs combine more than one skill; can you think of any types of work that combine the skills you have listed?
There are more exercises to do in this workbook and in Futures book a€?Your Personality and Values' that might suggest an answer to this question. In this section we take another step in the process to consider the idea of multiple intelligence and skills. Intelligence and skill are two separate concepts, although clearly there is a relationship between them.
However, Howard Gardner, Professor of Education, Harvard University , has argued that we reason in a set of particular ways and that we can identify eight different sets of intelligences.
Gardner 's ideas will be elaborated later, but first complete the questionnaire that starts on the next page.
Work fairly quickly through the questions and tick the response that is closest to your feelings on the question or statement presented. Gardner claimed that the eight intelligences rarely operate independently; they combine and overlap. However, what we are emphasising here is an advanced application of this skill in the work place. Authors, actors, advertisers, journalists, poets and politicians are obvious examples of people with linguistic intelligence and who have decided to apply this skill in particular ways.
Other relevant careers include publishing, library & information services, teaching, translating, sales, public relations and marketing. The ability to reason and calculate, to think things through in a logical, systematic and quantifiable manner. It also involves the ability to detect patterns and make connections between different phenomena or activities and to understand relationships between actions. These are the kinds of skills highly developed in economists, accountants and all numerical related careers, members of the legal profession, plus engineers, computer programmers and scientists. Farmers, botanists, horticulturists, conservationists, biologists, environmentalists, environment campaigners and animal welfare workers would all apply this intelligence.
It includes the ability to think in three-dimensional ways and to convert these ideas into some form of tangible creative form.

It also includes the ability to work with a range of tools or resources to produce a finished object. But you also use this skill if you have a good sense of direction and the relationship of objects to space and distance.
Architects, artists, designers, photographers, beauty therapists, hairdressers and strategic planners have all decided to apply this skill; but it is also required of pilots, navigators, professional drivers and surveyors. The ability to make or compose music, sing well, keep rhythm, or understand and appreciate music.
It can also involve being sensitive to the nuance, emotion or mood expressed by or related to sounds. It is a skill applied obviously by musicians, composers, recording & sound engineers and others with a related interest in sound and especially music. Speech and hearing therapists are also likely to have an interest in this particular intelligence.
It is concerned with the capacity and ability to understand the motivations and actions of others.
This is a vital human intelligence displayed by proficient teachers, facilitators, therapists, politicians, religious leaders and sales people. This involves the ability for self-analysis and reflection , including honestly assessing one's accomplishments, reviewing own behaviour and innermost feelings, making realistic plans and setting clear goals.
This ability is increasingly relevant and necessary in many jobs involving close interaction, supervision or observation of others, and reflection on self and the motives of others, and particularly so in the case of counsellors, psychologists, writers and artists. Can you think of future work opportunities that allow you to combine intelligences you are particularly drawn to?
Are there other intelligences you feel Gardner has neglected in his overall categorisation? In the previous exercise you reflected on which skills you wanted to develop in the future. IBM ( UK ) state they look for: a€? foundational competencies, which complement our values and identify the skills you'll need to succeed. McDonalds state applicants need to: a€? be confident in approaching and dealing with diverse groups of people. Whilst these jobs are very different, they are asking for the same transferable core skills.
So how strong are you in each of these areas, please note that these skills are the minimum in most advanced level jobs.
What evidence could you give an employer who was assessing your writing competency via this interview question: a€?Tell me about a time when you have communicated in writing effectivelya€? Write in the space below.
Example: To raise money for my volunteering placement I wrote to local businesses asking for sponsorship. Example: I work in a bar, and often customers do not want to leave at the end of the evening. What evidence could you give an employer to demonstrate at least one of the skills you have ticked in the a€?yes' column? Whilst IT skills aren't often specifically requested by employers any more, this may be because there is an assumption that you are IT literate and it is no longer a differentiating factor. Go back over the six skill areas and pick out the main skill or individual activities you felt you were confident and competent at. Is there a common denominator or thread running through all your responses to the exercises in the workbook? Finally, are there any particular aspects of yourself that you would really like to change or develop?
Remember that your skills are only one aspect of what matches you to a particular occupational area; you should also consider your personality and interests. There are several topics in the Series of Futures workbooks looking at self-assessment, job selection methods and effective communication with employers.
We are looking for hard working and friendly adventure types with excellent customer care to give the customer an experience to remember every time they visit. We have been able to become an Employer of Choice through our focus on the quality of the educational sessions we offer, as well as our commitment to the training and development of our staff.
If you are looking to kick start your career in outdoor education then this course would be perfect for you. The ultimate outdoor job, you may specialise in a couple of activities, or you may be trained to cover a wide range. The following watersport centres offer a range of professional training courses covering many types of water sports from the RYA and BCU. To be honest is isn't an easy question to answer because it really depends on what you are planning to do long term. Click through to read about how these industry standard qualifications allow you to supervise other climbers, and tips for passing the exam. The leader awards are great qualifications to have on your CV and very useful when it comes to introducing groups to our upland areas, but for serious climbers and budding mountaineers the MIA and MIC scheme is the next target on the horizon.
The government want to get young people into training, and activity and adventure centres need young people to help teach their visitors.
Reprimanded by someone for a bad job delivered although it was not entirely your fault, failed an examination, break-up with your girl or boyfriend, etc.
The FA have sought to educate parents and coaches as to the right way to support their children but the introduction of designated spectator areas has also proved useful in creating the space to allow the players to play and the coaches to coach.The FA?s scheme will make available A?100,000 for a 50 % funding scheme and is available to clubs that operate in any of the FA?s 850 Respect Leagues. The morning session saw Chris Terpcou, Ben Dawson and Neil Winskill present, whilst after lunch Barney Jones, Gary Middleton, Terry Mitchell and Liam Bramely delivered sessions for senior players. This session is compulsory for promotion to Level 4, but all referees are welcome to attend to boost fitness levels! Like the other workbooks in the series you can dip in and out doing the exercises which are most relevant to you.
It can also help you in the preparation stage of compiling a CV, in preparation for job interviews and for other occasions when you may want or need to analyse your skills. Completing all the exercises in both workbooks will help you clarify or gain a broad view of yourself.

If you feel anything specific and important to you is missing from the above list, write it in the space below. You will notice that each of the skills you picked out had a letter, either D I T or P attached to them.
We tend to want to display and apply our intelligence in tangible ways a€“ often through developing and using skills.
In most questions you will be asked to what extent you agree with the statement presented to you, in terms of your own experiences. Most of us therefore have some aptitude in all eight areas, although we tend to incline more, or are interested in, at least one of them. But it is likely that you are particularly inclined to at least one of these eight intelligences. It involves both inductive and deductive reasoning skills and a critical-creative approach to problem solving. It is applied in an ability to work effectively with others, to relate well to other people and help others develop.
However, it is important to bear in mind the skills most employers seek of graduates today. Friendly, courteous and helpful behaviour will come naturally to you and you'll work well as part of a team. On the basis of this letter I gained interviews with five out of the twenty I asked, which led to funding from two of them.
Once a man refused to go and became aggressive, I realised the tone of voice I used was exacerbating the problem so I adopted a relaxed posture, and lowered the tone and level of my voice, talking calmly with him explaining why we were closing, and where else he might still go for a drink, speaking politely but firmly.
If you are completely new to the industry and looking to get started, you can either build up a few qualifications on your own, or you can try to get employed with a multi activity centre, who will usually offer you some NGBs as part of your training and qualification - this way you will also get some great experience too. This perfect match is often supported by apprenticeship schemes which act as a fantastic stepping stone towards a career in the industry. I came from a cultural background that believes in Chinese zodiac but I would like share with you here my favorite poem of all time which will give fate an entire “If” twist!
Charter Standard clubs will be able to purchase additional numbers of barriers at the 50 % rate.The FA will work with Touchline Logos to offer a product that it is a significant improvement on the ?first generation? Non Charter Standard Club coaches can still attend for the normal fee of A?4.Attendence is strictly by prior registration, so please complete the Registration Form and return to Adam Furness.
Overall feedback from those in attendence has been excellent and we're already planning on how to improve the event for next year! County Welfare OfficerFailure to do so may leave the individual and club liable to disciplinary action. Here they will be able to register for the new scheme and check if they meet the criteria to join. You might want to include the exercises or the output in your personal development plan or e-portfolio. In graduate work you may be required to display intelligence in almost all of these ways; however over the next few pages are descriptions of the eight which can help you decide which you want to focus on throughout your career. 189,415 of these graduates had first or upper second class honours degrees, (source: HESA).
Effective communication skills such as attentive listening, face-to-face verbal communication and eye contact are a must. Whichever route you decide, this article takes a look at which qualifications are most useful for budding instructors. Because of this employers use the fact that you have a degree, and a degree at a particular level as only the starting point in recruitment.
You'll also need to understand the importance of maintaining high standards of quality and service as well as cleanliness.
You may end up with a lot of ticks in the a€?Yes' boxes, as many are basic skills, so that's fine if you do. Trevor Steven will be the chief guest speaker on the night, with tickets costing £25 each. To follow our legal and moral obligations to safeguard our children and young people in football2.
The ability to maintain high energy levels whilst working both efficiently and productively is essentiala€?.
To safeguard the individual involved without prejudice If you need to discuss this further please contact Stuart Leason County Development Manager or Gill Shields County Welfare Officer. Employers' surveys consistently find that graduate recruiters require the same core skills, regardless of career area.
The skills most often cited by employers are: communication, team working, problem solving and numerical ability. Enrol on the Youth Award - Module 1The FA Youth Award is designed for coaches working in youth football.
Holders of the Level 1 Award are now encouraged to progress along the appropriate route to the age group they are coaching and the Youth Award Modules specifically cater for these groups. So whilst most employers will ask for a minimum standard of degree classification and other qualifications, they differentiate between applicants by looking at these core skills. Module 1 looks specifically at "Developing The Environment" for 5-11 year old players to learn and develop. The focus is on developing the child and how best to create and maintain the right environment for development. The final courses of 2011 are as follows:-Hirst Welfare - October 2011A four week course starting on Monday 3rd October at the Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington.
Includes an Emergency First Aid refresher.Coach The CoachNext Event The next "Coach The Coach" clinic will take place on Friday 30th September at Complete Football, Newcastle Racecourse. This scheme will enable us in partnership with The FA to work directly with footballers throughout the country for the first time, in order to: 1.

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