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Professional one-to-one coaching is the most effective solution to meet the ongoing development needs of your company's first-time managers and executives.
Now available in a wide variety of languages, coaching is a major part of CCL - EMEA's Programs for Individuals and Solutions for Your Organization. Our feedback coaches have demonstrated the powerful effect one-to-one coaching has in motivating individual leaders and teams. CCL - EMEA matches our coaches and individuals according to language, cultural background, international experience, and personal preferences. CCL-EMEA's coaching services can be employed for any number of short- or long-term needs, from helping an executive sort through difficult career, leadership and life issues, to working with an organization to incorporate coaching into its internal development process. To learn more, please visit Individual, Team or Coaching Skills Development, or download the Leadership Coaching brochure. As EVP and MD of EMEA, David leads a 100 person team of full-time staff and 130 Associates in their work supporting CCL’s mission. David is active in a number of professional associations and is a Fellow of three divisions of the American Psychological Association and a Fellow in the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Before joining the Center, in her latest corporate position, Florence was Head of the Corporate University of STMicroelectronics in Asia Pacific where she and her team provided training, consulting and coaching solutions in leadership and organizational development as well as performance management across 10 countries in Asia. Convinced by the power of coaching as a transformational tool for individuals, groups and organization, she decided to explore it further and developed a successful Executive Coaching practice reaching across 4 continents where she specialized in Executive Coaching and Senior Leadership Team Coaching. Florence is Coaching Practice Leader EMEA at the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels, Belgium.
She is the content expert in the field of coaching both within and outside CCL, assuming a client interface role in form of pre-sales support and assuming an external representation and branding role for Leadership Coaching across EMEA. Florence holds a MBA from the Toulouse Business School, France and graduated from the Corporate coaching Program, Corporate Coaching University. Florence is accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation. In her capacity of Leader of the Team Effectiveness program in STMicroelectronics, she led the studies developed in ST for the bestseller from Katzenbach and Smith: "The Discipline of teams". Gina uses her knowledge and research experience in cross-cultural leadership, especially in the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for CCL's research on leadership and diversity. Gina holds a degree in psychology from the University of Munich, Germany, and a PhD in Management from Aston Business School, UK.
Gina's research has been published in research scholarly journals such as the European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology, Journal of Managerial Psychology, International Journal of Cross-cultural Competence and Management, or the Journal of Global Responsibility. Bert has been active in the field of corporate learning and e-learning for the last 12 years, first as instructor and course designer, later as project manager, consultant and business development manager.
Bert is currently Solutions Architect in the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) EMEA office. Bert holds a degree as Commercial Engineer in Information Management (KULeuven) and an Executive MBA title from the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. Paul is Faculty and Coach for Organizational Leadership interventions, Open Enrolment and Custom Programmes.
Paul serves as the Practice Leader for Organizational Leadership for the Center for Creative Leadership® in the EMEA region. As the Organizational Leadership Practice Leader, Paul leads CCL EMEA in developing the practice, interface with clients, support the CCL OL practitioners in executing client assignments, and is a key CCL thought leader through providing organizational insight from the European perspective.
Prior to joining CCL, Paul founded his own boutique consulting group, after being a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers based in London, designing and implementing strategic change projects across Europe.
The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a global provider of leadership development and research.

As agile coaching matures and moves towards becoming a profession, it will need to develop a framework of competencies that help practitioners and stakeholders to understand what good (or great) agile coaching looks like.
Each competency area is described briefly below, with greater detail (and resources) on the linked pages.
Ability to act as a coach, with the client’s interest determining the direction, rather than the coach’s expertise or opinion. Ability to facilitate the individual’s, team’s, or organization’s process of discovery, holding to their purpose and definition of success. Ability to impart one’s experience, knowledge and guidance to help grow another in the same or similar knowledge domains. Ability to offer the right knowledge, at the right time, taught in the right way, so that individuals, teams and organizations ingest and use the knowledge for their best benefit. Ability to learn and deeply understand Agile frameworks and Lean principles, not only at the level of practices, but also at the level of the principles and values that underlie the practices enabling appropriate application as well as innovation.
Ability to get your hands dirty architecting, designing, coding, test engineering, or performing some other technical practice, with a focus on promoting technical craftsmanship through example and teaching-by-doing. Ability to apply business strategy and management frameworks, product innovation techniques, six sigma or other business process management approaches, and other techniques that relate to innovating in the business domain.
Ability to facilitate, catalyze and (as appropriate) lead organizational change and transformation.
Systems oriented leadership is one which draws upon Relationship Systems Intelligence (TM), or RSI. We also are drawn to the idea of Catalyst Leadership, a term developed by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs. And I would say it’s a topic that comes up in some shape or form with most of the leaders and teams I work with and it’s been one of the most challenging areas of work for me personally.
Much as I hate to generalise or stereotype it’s something we Brits seem to be particularly poor at, for some reason.  When I work with other Europeans they often despair of our total inability to ‘say it as it is’. So to be a better coach I had to get over my desire to be liked and focus on the need to ‘speak my truth’ to serve my clients and their organisations in the best possible way. At times, I screwed up, misread a situation, got the wrong end of the stick or was too focused on my own ‘stuff’ rather than the person in front of me. Once you do this a few times, you’ll find conversations become less difficult and easier to have ‘in the moment’. Previously, he served for over nine years as EVP of CCL’s Research, Innovation and Product Development group. He is also a member of the American Public Health Association, Council on Epidemiology and Prevention of the American Heart Association, the Society of Public Health Education, and Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research. She leads and oversees the development of the coaching portfolio and has overall responsibility for high quality and consistency standards of capability and coaching content in relation with the Design and Implementation team. She brings both qualitative and quantitative research skills to answer questions about leaders' career development, leadership and gender, globally responsible leadership, and leadership challenges around the world. She is project manager for the study "Careers in 21st Century Europe", where a global team of CCL researchers and academic professors explore how culture and gender influence the development of leadership careers in various European countries. She also has a post-graduate certificate from Aston for teaching and learning in Higher Education, approved by the Higher Education Academy, UK. She also writes for practitioner outlets such as Financial Times, various publications of the Center for Creative Leadership, and the German Magazine of Personnel Leadership (Personalführung).
He thinks, publishes, consults, designs and sets up learning and development projects for corporations. He worked at IBM Learning Development Europe where he was responsible for commercial e-learning development projects across Europe, and the management of the learning innovation initiatives.

In his role he designs customized leadership interventions and programs for clients and bring these designs to fruition based on CCL's solution architecture portfolio. Paul has 30 years' experience of shaping and leading consulting assignments at senior levels, with a special focus on business strategy, transformation and organizational change throughout Europe and North America. His expertise includes leadership culture change, leadership development, talent systems, organizational design, and strategic communications.
Previously, he held management positions in a number of multinationals in the professional services sector. Ranked among the world's Top 5 providers of executive education by Financial Times, CCL helps clients leverage leadership to drive results that matter.
He further got qualified as a train the trainer and as a coach, and got certified in various psychometric instruments, methodologies and models. As the Agile Coaching Institute develops its programs, we are using this competency framework to guide our work.
This area draws on change management, organization culture, organization development, systems thinking, and other behavioral sciences. It is an evolution of the concepts of emotional intelligence (EQ), then emotional-social intelligence (ESI), and now RSI. She has managed the development of Global Leader View, a new 360-degree feedback tool for global leadership. Gina is a member of member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Academy of Management (AoM), European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), and the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP). Recently he joined the Center for Creative Leadership as a solution architect, designing custom leadership development experiences.
He has worked with a number of CCL clients including Sodexo, AG Insurance, Fortis, CIBA, Philips, SNCF, Sanofi, EADS, and Wihl.Willemsen. His work experience also includes being in the leadership team of an international, family-owned stationery manufacturing business.
David is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Public Health Education at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Gina is a key researcher on current projects around leadership and sustainability, social identity and diversity. He worked with clients such as Maersk, FOD Financiën, Nationwide, La Poste, ING, Rhodia, Unilever, PMI, European Union, Shell, etc.
Money provides the ability to buy products and services that are needed for survival and a better quality of life.
She is also one of the drivers in broadening of CCL's evaluation capacity in the EMEA region.
David has long supplemented his work in the public health field with a keen interest leadership. Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Program, Leading Creatively, Developing Leadership Talent, Assessment Certification Workshop, Coaching Certification Workshop, and Leadership at the Peak programs.
He currently serves as a faculty member for the Leadership at the Peak program which is offered in Switzerland and Colorado Springs.

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