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During two hours of online instruction, coaches are taught the proper techniques for these age groups. Following each webinar, candidates are required to complete a series of multiple-choice questions. It is mandatory that a recreational coach hold a US Soccer National "F" License to coach in Cal South. All instructors that want to associate their dojo and want to be able to test their students with KarateCoaching must have a valid Examiner License. The “C” examiner license is for independently associated instructors and allows the instructor to test students from white belt to brown belt.
The cost for the "C" examiner license is $125 a year (plus $15 flat rate shipping for the certificate).
The “B” examiner license is for independent associated instructors and allows instructors to test students from white belt including the level of 1st Dan (Shodan).
The "A" examiner license is for fully associated instructors only and allows the instructor to test students up to the level of 4th Dan (Yondan).
I’ve played soccer since junior high, and thankfully my 29-year-old legs are still good enough to get me through 90 minutes in the Casa Soccer League on Saturday afternoons. But other organizations do require a license, and if you’re serious about it, you can take courses that give you full instruction from already-established coaches. My class is in Bucks County at the community center just off of Street Road in Southampton. He’s got a laptop computer projecting the E-license guidebook onto a pull-down screen at the front of the room. On the other hand, Pat Casey has been coaching at Fox Chase Soccer Club for the last 10 years. Don takes us through the slides, and we talk about the four components of long-term athletic development: technical, physical, tactical, and psychosocial. Throughout the weekend, we will be learning activities to fit these various stages, which we’ll then present to the rest of the class. We finish up another set of slides before heading outside to Veterans Field, which is right off Street Road about three minutes away. We split into two groups, and Antonio and Don introduce some very basic drills that we can teach our players. We return to the classroom to finish up our guidebook part of the course, but not before going through some goalkeeper activities.
Again we’re split into two groups, half of us with Antonio, and the other half with Don. I section off an area and create a 3-v-2 situation with yellow-clad attackers outnumbering orange defenders. Mind you, there are no kids out here, so we’re the guinea pigs in these demonstrations. Between the coaching course, my own game, and the Union game, I probably spent 15 hours dealing with soccer on Saturday. My exercise starts with a 3-v-3 in the middle of the field, with each team working off a pivot player and two goalkeepers at opposite ends. We take a team picture, say our goodbyes, and hit the road as newly licensed youth soccer coaches.

I think anybody can figure out basic drills, and come up with practice and progression plans for their kids. Just be ready to do a lot of running and a lot of work, because you’re the one demonstrating the lessons. Also enjoyed your contribution on the podcast this week and hope you join it as regularly as these other commitments allow.
You’ll have a very small homework assignment on Friday night, and then things are pretty straightforward on Saturday and Sunday.
If you do not have a very fast internet connection, it could take you several times longer to get the same amount of work done. To successfully complete each webinar, all checks for understanding must be answered correctly. There’s a Friday evening session, followed by two full days of instruction on Saturday and Sunday. It takes me an hour to drive from Port Richmond to Southampton, in the rain, in rush hour traffic.
But before we get into the slides, our first assignment is to partner up with another classmate, learn about them, and then tell their story to the rest of the group.
She’s probably in her mid-twenties, a former college player at Seton Hall University and a north Jersey native. Another classmate, Brett, coaches U9 girls for Parkwood, which is just outside of Northeast Philadelphia.
Antonio is also an A-licensed coach and a native of Valladolid, Spain, which is about an hour north of Madrid. Antonio takes us through offensive movements, going over a variety of 1-v-1 situations that emphasize beating a defender and dribbling beyond the play.
He takes us through similar 1-v-1 drills, where we shield the ball from an opponent and attempt to win and keep possession in various situations.
I have to say, it’s a little weird watching 50-year-old men crawling around on the ground, but the goalie exercises are both practical and entertaining at the same time.
It’s not as cold as it was yesterday, but after those 90 minutes at center back (we won 3-2), my legs are pretty much done. My job for the day is to teach the rest of the class the stage three version of the topic I’ve spent the weekend working on.
We go over the basics, like quad and hamstring stretches, hip flexor and lunge exercises, and things like that. She’s got a 4v4 in the middle of the area, with extra people running in the channels. He asks me if I’m happy with it, and I explain that I would have preferred to play 4-v-4 inside the box instead of 3-v-3. I am scheduled to sit for National E in June and was curious what to expect from the commitment. To maximize comprehension and facilitate learning, candidates will have multiple attempts to correctly answer all questions. This course is the most advanced and challenging course that has ever been written for traditional Karate and any student can be extremely proud to have passed this prestegious course.
So, if you live in Philadelphia, like myself, the courses are administered by Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, which you probably know as EPYSA.

Finding a weekend to dedicate to the class is a pretty significant commitment, especially if you’re already working full-time or weekend hours. There’s a lobby with a welcome desk and a few vending machines adjacent to an indoor basketball court on my left.
She played semi-pro soccer in England, but she wants to take the E-license course because she’s found an assistant coaching job with Clayton State University, a small college about 15 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia. Like myself, he’s on the younger side of the group, with no coaching experience whatsoever. There are a number of classmates who already have coaching experience at the youth level, but they’re here to earn the E-license and learn how they can improve as instructors.
The experienced coaches are dropping knowledge left and right, and I invoke my experience with the Philadelphia Union to mask the fact that I’ve never worked with a nine-year-old kid.
He actually played for Valladolid’s youth team and dropped out of high school during his playing days.
We add to the drill incrementally, telling the defenders to up their pressure, expanding the playing field, and introducing passing elements. You get the sense that he’s a more defensive-minded guy while Antonio brings some of that Spanish attacking flair to his lessons.
He’s our attacking pivot, and I want them to play to him for a layoff or redirection forward. The purpose here is to play to your wide teammates, who will then cross the ball back into the area.
I explain to them that they can’t enter the final third until they get the ball to their target man, and only then can they shoot on goal.
He suggests removing the goalkeepers and allowing the target players free movement around the field.
We will then send out via mail all Kyu Certifications, membership passes (for new members), put your students into the online Kyu database, create the backlinks to your dojo’s website and post the student’s Kyu certificate online. You finish these exercises, print out the certificates of completion, and bring them to class.
Eventually, he met his wife, moved to the United States, and got a master’s degree in engineering.
We aren’t static when we stretch, and Don explains that the modern trend is incorporating movement and activity into stretching. I have a ton of fun with it, but they’re old enough now that I either need to evolve and improve, or get out of the way. I’ve been using WordPress on numerous websites for about a year and am nervous about switching to another platform. Soccer and serves to identify select players for inclusion at various national team levels. He actually lobbies us for a crack-of-dawn starting time, which is pretty easily shot down by the rest of the group.

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