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Looking for a training schedule for marathon, half-marathon, 10k, 5k, middle-distance, ultra-running or even cross-country or mountain running?
We have designed our services in such a way that you can pick exactly what you want – no more and no less and no big confusing bundles where you are not sure what is included.
Schedule your initial phone call to get ready for your training plan or advise on the best way forward. Price does not include the cost of the call. We can offer to call you through Skype, Viber or any other free VOIP service.
Meeting face to face with your coach is the best way for both parties to get to know each other and kick the partnership off on the best footing. We can meet you in our offices in the Running School, Running Superstore, in Sandyford or in Glendalough, Co. This is an ideal supplement to a training plan to ensure you start off on the best possible foundation. If you have tried generic training plans from book and website and want to try something built just to you, then this is your option. This plan includes both training plan and online coaching support with unlimited emails, text and messaging support. Text or write us anytime and anywhere and we try to answer texts as they come in and emails within 48 hours.
Similar to our training plan above but on a continuous subscription so you don’t need to count weeks or remember to renew your program. Note this plan is for the training plan only and does not include personal coaching (choose the plans below to book this service). Nothing adds to the value of a training plan than regularly reviewing how you are progressing and tackling all your important questions.
Choose 30 minutes for quick check-ups or buy 2 x 30 minutes for a full hour review of long periods of training or if you really want to dive into details.
Your online coaching package can be cancelled anytime – simply pay the first month in advance and your support package will continue to renew for as long as you need it and during this time we will be fully available to support you with all questions that come up on a daily basis. This plan includes both continuous training plan with unlimited emails, text and messaging support. If you want to spend a full day in the company of a seasoned coach, then we can organise a day focused entirely around an agenda of your choice.
Because of the relatively low popularity of athletics compared to sport’s like soccer many of our best performers live hand to mouth and rely on sponsorship to train like professionals. If I don’t work out first thing in the morning or over his afternoon nap I can kiss that workout goodbye.
So your thinking about participating in a 5k for the first time or maybe first time in quite a few years?

We all see people who we look at and say man how do they look so good, maybe you are that person.
Most bootcamps or  fitness classes that you participate in will be working more on endurance of your muscles.
Giving back is something that gets brought to the surface over the holiday season as people are grateful what they have and want to reach out & help those who are not as fortunate. Is your business struggling to use social media and failing to get results from your efforts? Do you wish you had access to someone who could regularly keep you up-to-speed with the latest social media changes? Social media coaching is for businesses who want to grow their business with the aid of social media. Impactiv8 can provide social media coaching for your business, either one-on-one or with your team.
Social media coaching is purchased in a 4hr block for $660 and can be used all in one go or a minimum of 1hr at a time.
It is up to you how you would like to spend the time, although guidance will be given as to where you should focus your time to get maximum results. Have someone to keep you on track with your plan and review your progress against your goals. All coaching sessions that are greater then 30km from Impactiv8 offices will be held via GoToMeeting unless otherwise arranged and travel expenses are compensated. Each session is a minimum of 60mins and if for any reason the participant is late arriving then the session will be shorter, unless the time change is agreed prior. We can offer custom-made training programmes for all these events with full personal coaching support. This card can be used against any of our products or services, never expires and you can set any amount you like from €5 and upwards.
We will send you a questionnaire ahead of the phone call and email you to confirm what we will discuss.
Otherwise we will provide a phone number for you to call and we will be ready to take your call at the pre-agreed time. If this is your preferred option you can book in to meet one of our coaches in person for a 60 minute chat. Designed by coaches with a proven record of success, we will offer you a fully customised training plan adjusted to your needs and for whatever race distance you need. Simply purchase as many blocks as you need to complete your schedule and allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your training plan.
You can send us videos to comment on, links to workouts you want to know more about and ask us to comment on your last week’s training.

Generally a day would include: 1) personal running technique analysis and injury screening, 2) running technique retraining, 3) training plan design and introduction to our training system, 4) nutrition and lifestyle considerations for running, 5) methods to run faster and further and introduction to all key workouts.
We are committed to supporting sub-elite, elite and development athletes as far as we can with the resources available to us. Mail us or check out the Frequently Asked Questions about our online coaching services and training plan packages.
Since becoming a new mom I now understand more then ever working out with no energy is hard. Aren't you here because you're searching for the key ingredients to help you finally get fit and to become the REAL you? Yes you can set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account, but using it effectively to produce results is a whole different story. Impactiv8 can also tailor a training package to meet with the individual requirements of your business and staff once a customised social media solution has been developed for your business. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Based on your details we will propose a training plan and walk you through the plan and the basics of our training system.
Alternatively, we can travel to a location of your choice but in that case you must cover our travel costs. You can cancel any time but will continue to receive a new training plan up until your date of cancellation.
We recommend reviews every 1 to 6 weeks as a minimum and choosing this package allows you to purchase exactly as many reviews as you want. But this agenda is fully customisable and will be agreed in advance between coach and athlete. This package includes extensive support (training plan, coaching, strength and conditioning, and more). We will quote you a price for the location of your choice and send you a separate PayPal invoice once we have agreed time, place and price.
In return for our help we expect athletes’ to help promote the ChampionsEverywhere system and ethos. Well first of yes you can do this and yes you are good enough plus who cares if you are not first.  If this is on your bucket list go for it.

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