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Athletics Leader is the first workshop for new people and is open to volunteers over the age of 14 years. Coaching Assistant is the first of the qualifications, and is open to volunteers over 16 years.
I have been an international athlete as a junior and into my senior competitive career, do I need to start at the first level? Yes, there is a need for all volunteers to start with the basics of coaching and understanding the coaching process, not only the technical side of the sport. A 3 hour course to allow attendees to lead activity set out in the resources, whilst being supervised by a fully qualified coach. A two-day course that helps the new coaches explore how to coach, using the athletics events as the vehicle to up-skill the coaches. Yes, until you reach the age or 18 years, you should be directly supervised by a fully qualified coach during your delivery.

Once 18, the normal licencing rules apply, you can lead sessions or parts of sessions whilst the lead coach is in the venue. Pole Vault, Hammer and Discus have an additional safety assessment, which will be delivered in partnership with the Integration Days. What do I need to do to become qualified at the Athletics Coach or Coach in Running Fitness? At the end of all subsections there are questions that need to be answered in order to pass that section. Once all sections have been competed, you must attend an integration day to complete the qualification. Please note that no place will be confirmed until all of the above has been completed and submitted. All coaches must be “Coach” members of scottishathletics to access the subsided costs on all courses.

The Athletics Coach and Coach in running fitness course costs ?400 normally, but all club backed coaches can access these courses at the reduced rate of ?120. Where a coach does not complete the course, they will be invoiced for the subsidy paid, ?280.
In order to improve the quality and quantity of Scotland’s rugby players, Scottish Rugby aims to provide a clear pathway for coach development. This will support member clubs and schools in their recruitment and development of coaches.  Our aim is to ensure that coaches with the right skills knowledge and attributes are developed and deployed at every age and stage of a player’s development. Getting the right coaches with the right ethos and training at the right time is paramount to ensure that players’ needs are met.

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