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Boost your team’s performance and achieve your objectives by developing a wide range of effective coaching techniques.
Any manager or team leader who manages staff directly and wishes to master the essential techniques of coaching. This program is delivered in house as a two day program and is also available as a one day ‘Sprint’ version. Coaching Skills for Managers is also available as a 2 hour “Taster” as part of our “Supporting a Culture of Learning” initiative.
These dynamic programs of approx 2 hours duration, typically delivered over lunch or breakfast, are designed to be informative, interactive and thought provoking and are ideal for embedding new concepts and ideas across your organisation via a format that fits in with the time constraints of today’s fast paced workplace. Here are some observations I’ve experienced in my work as a coach, and that are also described by authors John H. The best managers initiate coaching conversations to get their people to reflect on what they are doing and how they are doing it. Coaching isn’t mentoring, counseling, cheer leading, therapy, or directing, although there are some similarities.

The principles of coach training are based on the manager being non-directive, listening deeply, and asking powerful questions. A manager is tasked with bringing out the best in people including high performance and bottom-line results.
Managers report they struggle to know when to be directive and when to be simply supportive. And that’s too bad because telling someone what to do is never as effective than teaching an individual to think through problems and discover solutions. This entry was posted in career, coaching, communication, executive coaching and tagged coaching conversations, coaching skills, leadership development, managing people. It seems that not a lot of managers bother with coaching questions, and when they do, they don’t follow a framework that leads to consistent outcomes or even follow through. Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett in The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow (McGraw Hill 2010). The purpose of coaching is to expand a person’s awareness, discover better solutions, and make and implement better decisions.

Unless a manager consciously chooses growth as a priority outcome, he or she will probably not use coaching.
While there is a time and place for offering advice and making suggestions, it is not the main feature of coaching conversations.
Many have had training in coaching skills for managers, but aren’t using them effectively. Under pressure, getting things done becomes the priority for managers, instead of growing and developing people.
To avoid failure, managers revert to telling an employee what to do instead of coaching them. He is a Certified Business Coach and works with CEO’s, business owners and sales professionals across North America.  Chip has written for a number of business and trade publications.

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