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The asset management industry is increasingly turning to elite sports coaching techniques to improve performance. It comes amid a growing appreciation of the stresses and pressures faced by fund managers, akin to those regularly faced by sports professionals. Ramon Vega, former Switzerland and Tottenham Hotspur defender, who set up Vega Swiss Asset Management in April 2012, said: “For fund managers you may have a good position in US equities on Monday then on Wednesday it could suddenly be completely the opposite. Brighton Grammar has adapted coaching techniques from the AFL and other sports to improve students' VCE performance. Brighton Grammar School has adopted sports coaching techniques to help year 12 students VCE perfomances. Kirklees Active Leisure (KAL) completed their first batch of “Sportivate” badminton today at Huddersfield Sports Centre.

Sportivate is a ?56 million Lottery funded London 2012 legacy project that gives more young people the chance to discover a sport that they love. The group (age 14yrs-24yrs) completed the block of 6 week FREE badminton lessons today courtesy of the Sportivate project.They embraced the opportunity and were committed to the lessons which were done in a relaxed but effective manner.
From September 2013, Sportivate extended its age group so that 11-13 year-olds could also take part. Photo: Eddie JimBrighton Grammar School has adopted sports coaching techniques to help year 12 students VCE perfomances.
All the players developed really well, so much so that they were confident to continue playing at various local community clubs run by KAL centres throughout Kirklees where they would continue to develop their game. Sportivate is inclusive and targets a variety of young people including those who have a disability and people from black and minority ethnic groups.

One of the juniors is already currently playing in the local league.The KAL Games this summer would provide an excellent opportunity for them to test their acquired skills. But he never imagined that many of the skills he picked up from playing in team sports could be transferred to the VCE."Previously I didn't think of the VCE as a team pursuit.
The English exam is going to be a weird grand final, because there's another grand final after it and then another-  my other exams."The story Sports coaching techniques help VCE students kick goals first appeared on The Age.Want to get free, daily news updates?

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