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Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe? The new feature allows users to select from various training programs that range in difficulty and receive daily workouts, reminders, and coaching tips. A brand new, dynamic age-group tournament - the Delhi Premier League (DPL) - has completed trials with aspiring young cricketers this week.
In a world-first, and perhaps a preview of things to come, a new highly innovative player assessment method was used.
Many youngsters were from rural areas and had travelled great distances for a shot at the league. The best players from 5,000 triallists were culled down to just 300 talented players in line for a place at a DPL franchise. If any of the 8 DPL Franchise Coaching Panels were unsure about any player, all they had to do was go back to the archive and view the player’s stats and even the video of his performance, all logged forever on PitchVision Interactive. These players should consider themselves lucky as the event is approved by the Delhi District Cricket Association. The DPL is planning to grow into other Indian cities and with the great passion for cricket in India it’s bound to be as oversubscribed everywhere as it is in Delhi. The challenge for DPL coaches and administrators is to make sure every player who applies gets an equal chance to show their talent. If you liked this article and you want more advice, then you can get even more tips delivered to your email inbox every week from PitchVision Academy!

I'm very interesting game in cricket and local match attend me various area for rural place of competition. Hay sir I m a allrounder cricket player right hand bstman right arm fast boller nd right arm spin bollarm playing both of open nationl matches.lakin kbhi agey nhi bdh pya so pls sir inform me.
My 10 year old cousin has started bowling leg breaks this year and he has made so much progress that he is just about a prodigy!
The training programs include options for “beginners, intermediate, and advanced training levels” and let users set goals for 5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon distances. Whether you’re looking to take on your first 5K or smash your marathon PR, Nike+ Coach comes equipped with training programs, coaching tips, and daily workouts to get you race-ready. With a future IPL contract in mind, over 25,000 9-19 year old passion-fuelled cricketers applied. Everyone invited to trials was put through their batting, bowling and fielding paces using PitchVision’s Universal Player Assessment (UPA). As an aid to coaches’ selection, PitchVision allowed very fast yet accurate processing of players. Top players like Kevin Pietersen and Chris Gayle are using Twenty20 cricket to earn significant amounts of money. That is where the UPA is so strong, and there will be more on the details of that metric here on PitchVision Academy soon.

If you are planning on making it as a cricketer in India, or anywhere, there is nothing more important than practicing hard and smart.
The email newsletter is packed with advice from world-class names like Nathan Bracken, Kevin Pietersen, Mark Garaway and many, many more. Sir i am intrest in cricket, i am right hand bastman and fast bowler i hope me salect thanxx. He bowled a 17 year old batsman out with a ball that pitched outside leg and hit middle, at the perfect length and it was just about an unplayable delivery. It’s the first time such a large group of players have been through a quantified testing process for cricket. Combined with strong opposition, DPL cricketers are bound to have a huge advantage in the race to play for a full IPL franchise and even the Indian national side. It’s only natural that young players want to emulate their heroes and the best way to do that is to gain experience in a format that closely matches the IPL, BPL or Australian BBL.
He gets a decent amount of turn, from about middle stump to well outside off, he is developing techniques and abilities that you take years to develop, and that is a fact, you just do take that long.

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