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Keep a detailed diary and record work actually done by athletes not just what was planned to be done. Delegate, delegate, delegate, give athletes, assistants, parents and officials responsibility for aspects of your (their) program.
Read journals from alternative industries and seek out principles that you can apply to sporting situations. Create a safe, stimulating, interesting training environment where athletes enjoy coming to train.
Keep the reasons you coach at the forefront of your mind and your goals close to your heart.
Establish open and effective communication with all stakeholders, parents, athletes, administrators, officials and important others. Encourage your athlete recovering from injury by involving them in the program in some capacity.
Self-reflection is your constant companion: be your own best critic but strive to be objective rather than self destructive. Recognise the contribution of others, players, parents, officials, assistants, facility maintenance staff, everyone enjoys being appreciated.
Facilitate motivation by allowing athletes to fulfil their goals in some way at every session.
Coach your athletes to distinguish between attainable and unobtainable but to never stop dreaming of what’s possible. Sports officials give your athletes the best opportunity to achieve the best result – work alongside them. To coach well you’ll need to know the current interpretation of your sports rules and regulations.
The coach has a great opportunity to easily expand their social circle, you’ll never be lonely. Expert advice, ideas, innovation and inspiration for all sports coaches and team managers - from 'grass roots' through to elite and high performance levels. Waynes coaching, thinking and teaching have influenced some of the World’s leading athletes, coaches and teams. Arguably the most crucial piece of equipment in baseball and softball is the bat, as this is the vehicle through which runs are scored and games are won. In the early days of baseball and softball, bats were created following an “unstructured structure.” Players were allowed to select or create their own bats, and this resulted in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, as there were no restrictions regarding length or width.
The first limitations on bat size came in 1859, when The Professional National Association of Baseball Players Governing Committee voted that bats could be no larger than 2.5 inches in diameter. There can be no doubt that in many softball teams there is a lot of work to be done at the bases. As such, because the drills have borne fruits in most of their earlier embracers, then learning them for success is possible; yet because of the former perception, a need for baserunning drills is necessary. Assume a bat’s distance (place a bat between the tip of the belly and the wall) with a wall. Of all the several skills in softball, I consider the art of throwing one of the most pivotal. First Pair the players and let them take a knee at a distance of about 8ft from each other.
Then with the correct hand grip on the ball and the throwing arm maintaining a 90 degrees elbow-bend, let the ones having the ball throw it to their partners.
There are several games out there that you are sure of getting health benefits from, so when it comes to playing softball you might be thinking that there are no benefits from playing the game. The health benefits are numerous when you look at softball, in the long run, as a player you will find that your body is much better than you started. During a softball game, there are numerous of activities that take place and if played for a long time, you will be able to ensure that you benefit in numerous ways, include to your health. With over 350 calories while playing softball, this is an ideal game for those looking to stay healthy. First of all, playing softball will require that you maintain a healthy diet, so you will automatically have to change your diet. I’d like to talk to you about the importance of in season maintenance work when it comes to softball strength conditioning.

Many people, me included, do not hesitate to point out how softball has striking resemblance to baseball. The game acquired its current name in 1926.The name ‘Softball’ was coined by Walter Hakanson.
There are two known types of the game; there is fast pitch softball and soft pitch softball.
Kristyne Sandberg graduated as a professional in Health & Physical education back in December 2012 from the University of Georgia.
It is best suited for ladies: Among the easiest games for any lady to learn and get hooked to is softball. You can learn it even as a grown up: In softball, one must not necessarily begin learning it when young (though it is highly recommended), but can develop passion and lean it eventually. After a keen observation on the current trend of practices, I was able to find out a few reasons why this has been so and proposed a few ways we can employ to avert this impending “drought”.
Successful coaches have by a combination of experience, skill, education and practice, developed ways and means of getting the best out themselves and their athletes. No content can be copied, re-printed or used for any purpose without the expressed written consent of the copyright holder. He is an inspirational speaker and presenter who is able to educate, entertain, challenge and engage audiences of all ages. The right bat can make all the difference between a solid hit and a disconnect with the ball, and continued innovations see baseball and softball bats becoming more powerful with each passing year. As experimentation occurred, players determined that wagon tongue wood created the most solid round bat, and a trend towards the now traditional round bat picked up steam.
The 1860s saw players wrapping strings and cords around the handles of their bats to find a better grip on the larger bat handle. Sadly, most players and coaches never notice it.  This is because most coaches assume that some players are naturally good base runners than others. While it is true that not everyone has been blessed with great athletic speed needed for base runners; it is also factual that everyone who truly desires to be a great base runner can be trained to be one.
And it works very perfectly for beginners as well as for advanced players as a warm-up exercise.
The aim of this drill is to strengthen the wrist muscles and teach on making the correct throwing spins. Well, you are wrong, softball is actually a quite an engaging game that will help the player benefit in so many ways, health being one of them. Softball is a game that requires the players to be very active, whether you are running, throwing or hitting the ball.
Staying healthy should be a key factor in your life, and you need to look for various activities that will help you stay fit and healthy. If you find that exercise is not your favorite activity but you can play softball, then you better stick to softball and get the health benefits that it offers. From its invention by George Hancock in 1887 as an indoor sport, it has had several names; mush ball, kitten ball and even indoor baseball. It has even been argued by many, that the invention of the game was so that Baseball would remain to be played by men only.
A few months later, Kristyne was back to school together with most of her other softball friends; not as students, but as player and some as coaches! Though it isn’t the simplest game, it surely doesn’t necessarily require a lengthy training and vigorous practice to learn. In order to address this issue, it became very necessary for me to recognize major changes that may have fostered the overall shortage of pitchers. Know the standards, what are the world records, national records, state records, regional records, and club records, what are your goals? Softball bats as we know them today were greatly influenced by the centuries of bat evolution.
By the end of the 1860s, a new rule limiting the length of bats was set at a maximum of 42 inches—a limitation which still stands today for baseball. Thus, most coaches do neglect coaching base runners for they perceive baserunning as a natural talent that can hardly be improved. Nowadays there are hoards of articles on good softball hitting drills out there; this isn’t one of them.

If you are looking for a fun way to stay healthy and lean, softball is a perfect way that you can do so. Rather than jogging or going to the gym every evening, you can decide to skip your normal routine, and join a softball team and play during the weekends. Playing softball is an ideal way to bulk up and stay lean, especially if you play frequently.
You will need to eat foods that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates so that you provide the body with the energy that it needs. Fast pitch on the other hand, pitching of the ball is faster and stealing and bunting are permitted.
In this edition I will examine the main reasons why many people should be encouraged to exploit their as a means of living. Follow us through the history of bat technology and find out exactly what’s gone into the creation of your softball bat as you know it today.
For softball, regulations require bats not be over 34 inches in length, regardless of association. However, there has been evidence that teams with great and well trained base runners are better performers than their counterparts. Then stand before a catcher and make over 50 daily swings holding a ball with each single throw trying to make it look perfect, it obviously becomes boring.
With so many activities involved all muscle groups will be worked on, from the shoulders, thighs to the feet.
Nobody can be blamed for this kind of ignorance because most of us were exposed to the other kinds of sports that are more popular as we grew up: I am talking about games like basketball and football that almost everyone knows a lot about.
The divas often have a tongue in cheek statement that “…a girl’s place is at home…” when referring to softball catchers. Pitching in High Schools, colleges and club teams was a highly competed position and many ladies yearned for it. This is because in this edition I opted to focus mainly in the objectives of the drills rather than the ease of engaging them. This type of total body conditioning will ensure that your muscles are more flexible since they will be getting the workout that they need.
To stay active in a softball game is no joke, and after playing for some time, your body will get used to the game, thus it will benefit from the health and fitness aspect’s brought by the game. This article highlights facts about softball that set it apart from other games and totally differentiates it from baseball. But a series of practices have been shaping a different turn of events whose result is the shortage we now experience.
That could be the reason I opted to put across some simple drills that can ensure one becomes an expert hitter with ease. Playing the game on a weekly basis will be a perfect way to ensure that you stay health and get the lean body that you are looking for. After reading this, you will never, even for a second be tempted to view the two games from the same perspective. Today, teams are regularly advertising for pitchers left, right and center (unlike 10 years ago). I know it’s not always an easy task to read through drills line-by-line, but I am sure you’re going to enjoy this if you read so. Unlike going to the gym where you have to do various workouts, with softball all you have to do is spend a few hours on the pitch and get the workout that you need, plus you get to have fun at the same time.
The adverts we regularly read proof either a decline in passion for pitching, insufficiency of pitchers or both of the two.
This has triggered me to ask this question: where are the days when softball pitching used to be fun for divas?

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