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Florida Gulf Coast University basketball coach Andy Enfield's team has risen from oblivion to become the darlings of the NCAA tournament while his supermodel wife cheers them on from the stands. As if that wasn't enough, the 43-year-old coach of the South Florida school has spent time in the NBA and is a former basketball star at Johns Hopkins University.
On Sunday, the Cinderella story continued when the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles beat San Diego State 81-71, becoming the first No.
For a school of 13,000 students in its second year of eligibility for the NCAA tournament, some may call it a stroke of luck. Not only has Enfield's team turning heads, but so is his wife, supermodel Amanda Marcum, who has graced the covers of Maxim and Vogue, to name a few, and has walked runways for Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier. Introduced by a friend, the 5-foot-10, blonde haired, green-eyed Marcum hitched a ride with Enfield from Manhattan to Boston in 2003 to watch her beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys play in a second-round NCAA game. The two hit it off, and on their first date, Enfield, who is nine years older than Marcum, took her to a St. After a college basketball career at Johns Hopkins, Enfield earned a master of business administration degree from Maryland and began working as a shooting consultant for NBA players, capitalizing on his record as one of the best free throw shooters in NCAA history.
Enfield's roster and expertise got him jobs in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. He also pursued an entrepreneurship opportunity alongside two partners that he felt was too good to pass up.
Together, they built Tractmanager, an information management system for health care contracts, and made millions. The private company is now mostly based in Chattanooga, Tenn., and employees between 100 and 250 people, according to Zoom Info. When Enfield, a millionaire, married his supermodel bride in 2004, it may have seemed as though he had it all.

Enfield and Marcum had a young daughter, Aila, when he joined the staff at Florida State in 2006 as an assistant coach. During his five-year tenure , Enfield helped lead Florida State University to three consecutive NCAA tournaments, including a run in the Sweet 16 in 2011. Enfield's youth, experience and success was noticed by Florida Gulf Coast University athletic director Ken Kavanagh. On March 31, 2011, days after Marcum was born, Enfield was named the second basketball coach ever at the university, which was established in 1991 but didn't hold its first classes until 1997.
It's only his second season, but it's fair to say Enfield has done that and more -- taking Florida Gulf Coast University from an unknown and turning it into a household name and the biggest Cinderella story the NCAA has ever seen. The Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles will face off next against the University of Florida Gators on March 29. The Herald-Times in Bloomington is reporting that Indiana University Head Football Coach Terry Hoeppner passed away this morning.
Hoeppner had returned to the hospital, the school said Friday when it announced that Bill Lynch would coach the football team this season. It takes a special coach to turn around a program but it takes a special person to do that and completely change the culture of the program and the followers.
Donovan, the American record holder for goals scored and the squad's most recognizable player, was shocked. While the 32-year-old has lost a step in recent years, most observers thought his combination of technical skill and experience, not to mention his status as the best U.S. In an interview with Sam Borden of The New York Times, Klinsmann said some things that explain his rationale behind the decision. He said he doesn't believe that past accolades should be taken into account when planning for the future.

15 seed in the 75-year history of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament to score a coveted spot in the Sweet 16. But the kid who grew up shooting hoops with his dad, a junior high school and high school coach, in Shippensburg, Pa., just couldn't shake his desire to be around basketball full-time. The crew here at Cobra Brigade send their thoughts and prayers to the Hoeppner Family and Friends. I live in Bloomington and I have to say that when Coach Hep came to town he brought an electricity and a verve that this town hadn't even sniffed since Bobby Knight left.
He told reporters that he thought he was competing for a starting spot, not just a roster spot in the days leading up to the cut.
He said the two-year $48.5-million extension that the Los Angeles Lakers gave Kobe last fall was insane.
Unfamiliar with restaurants in the Queens area, Enfield took his date to Taco Bell in the student union.
But they did it because he's Kobe, and he has meant so much to the franchise for the last 15 years. The program was in the doldrums when Hep showed up and through his tireless work and effort it was finally starting to turn around. It's sad he won't be around, physically, as IU marches towards a probably bowl bid this season.

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