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This new web series is going to be SO entertaining, and some girls might even learn a lesson from it. I’m so excited for the release of this show that I’m getting my team together for a special team bonding night (and I suggest you do the same)!
Comment with what you think the plot is going to be like or who you’re going to be watching it with!!
Alright, say competition is coming up and your squad is more than ready to take on the best. Sleepovers not only guarantee that your squad will bond, but you can also gossip about all kinds of things and talk about your latest crush.

Okay, most of the time movies are a big hit at slumber parties but they also seem to put everyone to sleep due to how long they are.
A web series is perfect because it is just the right length to watch while painting your nails or doing your friends hair, and with a web series like Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader you are sure to stay awake through the entire show! A new web series drama that is about real teens balancing cheerleading with their personal lives, revealing shocking secrets along the way.
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It takes the action and drama from the life of a cheerleader and combine it with hidden facts about their life that really makes you think. There is always that girl that falls asleep first at the sleepover, which almost guarantees that she will wake up with shaving cream all over her face (and tons of pictures posted to Tumblr and Facebook, duh).

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