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Robbins is not only the personal performance coach of business leaders like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, he's the head of a conglomerate of companies and the main attraction for long, incredibly lively seminars that he has relentlessly given around the world for the past 30 years. He told Business Insider that he wasn't born a naturally energetic person, that he gets little sleep when he's on tour, and that he doesn't take stimulants for a boost.
Instead, he's developed strict habits around diet, exercise, stress management, and the approach to his work. Self-advocacy is about advocating for yourself, instead of someone else (like an advocate) speaking for you. In 1968 a Swedish parent organization held a meeting for people with developmental disabilities.
In 1973 former residents of the state institution Fairview Training Center of Oregon, started meeting. Many self-advocacy groups call themselves People First, but self-advocacy groups have other names like The Self-Advocacy Network, Advocating Change Together, and Speaking for Ourselves. Today, the self-advocacy movement, as it has come to be known, has grown into an international movement in 43 countries, with an estimated 17,000 members-plus. Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) is the United States' national self-advocacy organization. Public Relations-putting out newsletters, membership information, making videos, and most recently a music CD. My Voice My Choice, the Medicaid Self-Directed Community Services option is available statewide. Working to advance equality through growth, education, and advocacy by providing opportunities so individuals with disabilities may achieve their greatest unique potential. The Student Success Center (SSC) provides an array of co-curricular programs that enhance the graduate student experience at CGU by developing the knowledge, skills, and capacities that enables you to flourish. Claremont Graduate University has many spaces for students to study, socialize, and have meetings.
To reserve the SSC house for an event, please view the SSC house listing for more information. The SSC has a diverse and highly skilled team of staff, graduate assistants, consultants and fellows.
Accountability is a packaged service that includes a variety of components that meet the needs of youth and their families. ART is a cognitive behavioral intervention program specifically targeting chronically aggressive children and adolescents. Youth complete the Casey Life Skills Assessment which identifies life skill deficits and staff are able to tailor a series of lessons to meet the individual’s needs. This behavioral approach is based on the idea that thoughts cause feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people, situations, and events. Meaningful and gratifying community service opportunities are provided throughout the year. Family meetings are appropriate for families who need basic family work to address minor family issues. Gender specific self esteem programming is provided through group and individual sessions for girls. Youth have the opportunity to participate in activities that are designed to create interest and replace negative group recreation. Street Smart focuses on the prevention of STDs and STIs, teen pregnancy, and the development of healthy relationships.
As the Dean of Students and Campus Life, I serve as the primary student advocate and liaison to the CGU Administration.
My career as an educator in diverse settings has shown me how excellent teaching at all levels and settings can make a critical difference in preparing people to engage ethically and effectively with the world. The PFF program at CGU offers workshops, teaching clinics to practice and observe teaching, and individual consulting on all aspects of the learning and teaching process. I have been in Higher Education for over 7 years and have spent most of that time working in the small liberal arts college setting.
I believe that writing is an ongoing, lifelong process; we could all become better writers, always.
I am also a scholarly writer myself, and maintain an active research agenda, in both composition and literary studies. I can leverage my 20 years of experience teaching public speaking and interviewing skills to help you hone your presentation skills so you give a strong performance during your interviews. In a tight job market you need all the help you can get preparing for your academic or non-academic job search.
Shelby has a Bachelor degree in Religious Studies from the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, Oklahoma.
Lauren is a doctoral student in the Department of English at CGU, where she also received her M.A. Emily is a doctoral student in the Applied Social Psychology program at Claremont Graduate University. Sarah is a doctoral student in Religion with a focus on the History of Christianity at Claremont Graduate University.
Annie is earning her Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation. Justin is acquiring his Masters in Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation at Claremont Graduate University. Alysia is a contemporary art and design administrator with a background in curatorial direction, creative marketing, arts related event production, and gallery management. Summer is a doctoral student in the Cognitive Psychology program at Claremont Graduate University.
Melissa has a Bachelor degree in Philosophy with a minor in Biological Sciences from University of California, Irvine. Caroline Carpenter is a doctoral candidate in English with an emphasis in Early Modern British literature. Caroline has tutored at the Writing Center at Cal State Fullerton and taught composition at the University of La Verne.
Joan has taught Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology and began working at the CGU Writing Center in 2013. Francesca is a doctoral student in the Department of English at CGU, where she also received her M.A.
Megan is currently preparing for her qualifying exams as a PhD student in English with an emphasis in early modern studies. After an extensive professional business career, culminating with the position of Vice-President of Operations of a privately held consulting firm in New York, and an active performance and teaching career in Eastern Europe, Kimberly returned to the States in 2001 determined to pursue academic music scholarship.

Ruth Kim is a master's student in the English department at CGU and her primary interests are in Victorian literature. Jung-Hsien Lin is a doctoral student in the Department of Cultural Studies and received her M.A.
Raul Madrid is a PhD student in the department of Politics and Economics, specializing in American Politics and Public Policy.
We'll explain below howA one of the world's greatest distance runners, an 85-year-old Catholic nun triathlete, cryotherapy, and a strange anxiety-reducing headset haveA contributed to Robbins' seemingly limitless energy.
The self-advocacy movement is a grassroots, civil rights movement including its associations and groups.
Within five years, Oregon had 1000 members in self-advocacy groups, three different states had a growing membership, and people from 42 other states were asking for help to start similar groups.
It was formed in 1991 and describes itself as an "active organization that is like a family." It has 18 elected board members who meet four times a year in different cities. Adults with developmental disabilities who are eligible for the Developmental Disabilities Waiver can now choose to self-direct their services through the My Voice My Choice option. Support Brokers work directly for the individual with a disability, assisting the person develop and manage the supports they are self-directing. View information on computer labs, outdoor spaces, community spaces, and study spaces to help you find that perfect spot you need. In a collaborative effort with the State, VisionQuest designed an umbrella program to serve delinquent youth statewide. The goal of the program is to help children and adolescents improve social skill competence and moral reasoning, better manage anger, and reduce aggressive behavior. Projects may include: Habitat for Humanity, graffiti removal, Meals on Wheels, serving in a homeless shelter, and community clean-up.
It is a front-end program that works to divert at-risk youth away from residential treatment entirely. Street Smart consists of 8 group sessions, an individual session, and a visit to a community resource. I oversee the Student Success Center (SSC), part of Student Services at Claremont Graduate University. My goal in developing and directing the Preparing Future Faculty program at CGU is to build excellent teaching capacity in all graduate students who seek careers that involve teaching. We also help you develop a teaching philosophy statement, syllabi, and a teaching portfolio. As Director of the Writing Center at CGU, I want to make writing and writing instruction an integral part of graduate education, a form of learning in and of itself. The Digital Learning Lab (DLL) provides technical assistance to our clients to help them master the technology based skills necessary for their successful academic career here at CGU. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Religious Studies at Claremont Graduate University. Her research interests include heresy and orthodoxy, witchcraft, and ideas of gender and sexuality in early Christianity.
He is an alumnus of Teachers College, Columbia University where he received his Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling.
She earned her Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara in Biopsychology and Professional Writing for Business Communication.
She tends to wear many hats but advocating for the success of artists paired with working to make contemporary art and design a more accessible part of people’s lives continues to be the essential cornerstone of her career path. He has been teaching introductory psychology and research methods courses at Loyola Marymount University for the past 1.5 years, and has been a TA for grant writing, methods courses, and theory-heavy core courses in social psychology. His research interests include positive transitioning from school to work, leadership development, digital leadership, mindfulness, human development, and coaching.
Her research interests focus on early modern anxieties surrounding long-term illness and mental illness but she enjoys dabbling in oddities throughout the period. His interests are in the philosophies of subjectivity and language, epistemology and ethics. She completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in English literature with an emphasis on Literature and Culture. His research focuses on intersections of gender, kinship, and escapism in late 20th Century American literature and culture. Before she came to Claremont, she studied English and mass communications at Brigham Young University. He spent a summer in the Dominican Republic working in a Microfinance department and has been fascinated ever since by the concept of Microloans and their helping to eradicate poverty and bring economic opportunity. The Support Broker must provide supports in ways that are flexible, responsive, and controlled by the individual. Probation Officers use Motivational Interviewing techniques to assess each youth using the PACT assessment, which identifies criminogenic needs in a youth’s life. Through these community service projects, youth learn the importance of giving back to and becoming active in their local community. Throughout the sessions, families work to identify how various traumas in their lives have affected their families and will learn tools and techniques to help them address these issues.
Sessions address topics such as personal risk, transmission and prevention, personal triggers and urges, observation and role play of coping and problem solving skills, examination of personal sexual values, and practice of positive “self-talk”. The SSC comprises the Career Development, Digital Learning Lab, Disability Services, Preparing Future Faculty, Student Life & Diversity, and Writing Center offices. I worked in K-12 and post-secondary education in Singapore with the Singapore public school system, Open University UK (Singapore), and as Director of the Written Language Arts program at the Julia Gabriel Speech and Drama Center. Through our workshops, Practicum, and Portfolio development, you can earn the PFF Professional Development Certificate in College Teaching. Most recent, I have been teaching in the writing program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where I worked with faculty from fields as diverse as Nursing, Engineering, Business, Political Science, and Philosophy to integrate writing instruction into their courses.
Writing can be lonely and frustrating, and the Writing Center is here to offer support to students from all fields at any stage of the writing process. I’ve held full and part time positions at a mid-size state university, several small liberal arts colleges and a community college. Her research interests include Mormon Studies, Islamic Studies, and Comparative Religions. Her primary research interests are in twentieth-century American literature and literary theory. When she is not reading or writing, Caroline enjoys video games, growing more tomatoes than her family can eat, and listening to 80s music at a volume high enough to annoy the neighbors. Her primary research interests are in Victorian literature, the rise of the novel, and gender studies.

She has a background in English literature as well as TESOL and has taught college writing at University of La Verne since 2013. Daniel received his BA in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University and his MA in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University. Her research focuses on the psychoanalytic theory of love, perversion, and desire, specifically the ways of which they triangulate human subjectivity. Raul holds an MA in English (Rhetoric) from Cal Poly, Pomona, and an MA in Politics from CGU. Thus, her main challenge in life is keeping the differences straight between MLA, Associated Press, APA, and Chicago styles.
VisionQuest offers a spectrum of services to address top risk factors for each youth, providing customized and effective services to each youth referred.
We offer an array of workshops, classes, one-on-one consultations, educational programming, social events, and leadership training that will equip you with the skills and tools you need to achieve academic and professional success.
The Dean of Students and Campus Life team make every effort to provide support, foster leadership, and enhance the co-curricular experience of the CGU student community.
I was also a teaching-artist working with museums, libraries, schools, and in corporate settings to develop creativity and communication skills in people of all ages.
Developing teaching knowledge, skills, and capacities is a gradual, experiential process; so do begin early to think about building your teaching portfolio. We offer individual consultations with our excellent writing tutors, who are also graduate students themselves, and know what it feels like to be stuck in an essay, to not be able to see the way out of a thorny question, to not be able to find the right words. She began working with the Preparing Future Faculty program in 2013 before moving to the Communications & Media design position. Currently, she is an adjunct professor in a community college in the Business Division, teaching a range of courses in the field. Her dissertation explores how domestic religious trends have shaped the US' foreign policy towards Iran since WWII.
He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business (marketing major and human resources management minor) from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. April is currently working as an Academic Mentor at CMC and teaching English 100 at Palomar College.
She has taught high school English, and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Vanguard University. Since coming to CGU, Caroline has continued to expand her interest in Early Modern Studies, particularly in the areas of paleography and textual criticism.
She joined the CGU Writing Center staff in 2012, and she most recently completed teaching the Foundations in Graduate Writing and Presenting summer course at CGU. Before moving to California, Megan taught in an intensive English program at the University of Northern Iowa and spent a summer teaching English at Donguang University of Technology in Dongguang China. He has experience as a literary intern, a youth counselor, an SAT tutor, and as a TA at Harvey Mudd College.
Before coming to the Writing Center, he worked as an Academic Mentor at Claremont McKenna College.
He is passionate about teaching and is thrilled to be working at the Writing Center and partnering with students to make their papers the best they can be.
Not only will this help you in your job search, but you will find it an invaluable foundation as you move through your career. Providing guidance to and advising students is very rewarding, I have the opportunity to see students develop their ideas into programs that strengthen the cultural, intellectual and social well-being of our community.
We also offer campus-wide workshops on topics relevant both to coursework and to professional development. His current research looks at the development, management, and negotiation of diverse gender and sexual identities, particularly masculinity among gay Latino college men.
She also teaches in the University of Southern California’s sponsored bridge program, the Neighborhood Academic Initiative Program in Los Angeles. Upon graduating from CGU, she hopes to pursue a career in academic research, teaching, and consulting.
He is an international student from Thailand and also works as a graduate student assistant at International Place of the Claremont Colleges (I-Place).
Her research interests include Milton's prose works, the pedagogy of English literature and its intersection with textual criticism and editing, and paleography.
She enjoys working with peers at any stage of the writing process and loves to discuss writing and revision strategies.
Outside of teaching writing and literature Megan enjoys those rare days she can turn off her alarm clock and binge-watch a scandalous television series Netflix or do something touristy around the L.A. Since she grew up in the Arizona desert, she now loves living where there are trees and grass. Her research interests include late 19th- to early 20th-century American literary studies, critical theory, and the relationship between film and literature.
I welcome you to stop by the Office of Student Life and Diversity, and encourage you to get involved, it makes a difference!
And we offer the immensely popular Dissertation Boot Camps one weekend a month, which offer students an opportunity to dedicate a substantial chunk of time to writing while sharing tips and strategies with their colleagues. My background gives me insight into both the academic and nonacademic job search process that can be beneficial to you in your search.
Chase Laurelle began working with PFF in order to encourage the development of creative teaching methods that can help professors train their students' multiple forms of intelligence. His work at I-Place includes assisting international students of the Claremont Colleges and organizing events for students. Kristen has taught Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Introduction to Creative Writing as well as literature survey courses. She is also interested in creating courses that help students integrate ethical, emotional awareness into a process of rigorous, intellectual advancement. She is currently in the process of publishing her memoir, The Vegas Diaries, which was her thesis project at UCR. I have helped hundreds of graduate students explore their career options and make successful transitions from graduate school to career.
Gina’s research interests include multiracial student achievement, diversity awareness, social justice, arts education, student engagement, professional development and training for faculty and business industry. Chase is excited to meet with all PFF participants, and hopes to be a partner in encouraging their growth as creative and insightful education professionals!

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