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There are thousands of summer programs designed to provide challenging and diverse experiences for high schools students.
Summer programs are not only great opportunities to dive into the world of math, science, or art, they offer time to adjust and try out college life.
Besides allowing for personal growth and development, summer programs are stellar additions to college resumes. Programs also give you a chance to learn from and connect with professionals, professors, and graduate students.
So you have decided to give up a few of your days by the pool and on the couch to invest in some personal development through a summer program? Junior State of America (JSA): The JSA Summer School offers a challenging, dynamic academic experience for students who have a passion for making a difference.
Academic Connections at the University of California – San Diego: In this three-week program, students immerse themselves in study of a particular academic subject. This entry was posted in Advice, Advice for Freshmen, Advice for Juniors, Advice for Seniors, Advice for Sophomores and tagged advice, choosing a summer program, summer, summer plans, summer programs. Penn delivers the challenge of an Ivy League curriculum to academically talented high school students seeking a pre-collegiate experience. Academies are subject-intensive three week programs which fuse sophisticated scientific or social theory with relevant application. High School students are invited to apply for an intensive summer Robotics Camp offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), and sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The intent of the camp is to motivate the most creative minds of a new generation of prospective Electrical and Computer Engineers to become global leaders in an increasingly technological world.
The participant will work with Electrical and Computer Engineering students and professors, and interact with professional engineers from the Industry. TCNJ offers a superior learning environment, and these experiences take place in specialized laboratories.
Robotics is the science and technology of robots, their design, manufacture, and applications. The activities introduce motor control and interfacing your robot to the human world to avoid objects, follow light, and provide sound and light feedback (click on above image to see a photo album from the camp – higher resolution images may take longer to load).
Interesting electrical and computer engineering sessions each morning and afternoon, and their application to your robot.
Site visits to facilities where state of the art electronic and computer technology is being developed, and meeting with practicing engineers. Eligible camp participants are high school students that rank at the top 30% of their class, have an interest in robotics or engineering, and have successfully completed one year of college prep mathematics (preference will be given to those who have completed algebra). This page of the directory contains information about a variety of summer college programs and courses for high school students and middle school students. Weeklong, collaborative courses are taught in small groups of just 8 girls per instructor—guaranteed—for the most personalized instruction. Alexa Cafe is held at prestigious campuses nationwide, including UC Berkeley, Rice, Bryn Mawr, and Georgia Tech.
The most personalized program you’ll find, ACA features one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios of any pre-college program, so we can work with each student to create unique summer experiences. Description: At Barnard College, enrich your academic experience and get a head start on college in the world’s greatest city.
Whether through a university or through a well-known organization, summer programs can be great resume boosters and valuable experiences that expose students to different interests and independent, college life.

Take an architecture program like University of Texas Summer Architecture Academy that allows you to explore the specific culture of architecture studios or Penn Engineering’s Summer Academy in Applied Science and Technology (SAAST) program that focuses more generally on engineering. Forging good connections with the leaders and teachers of your program could lead to a great college recommendation letter. For over 75 years, non-partisan Junior Statesmen programs have provided an unparalleled training ground for the students who will be the civic leaders of their generation. The two-week, residential summer program offers a preview of college life, while non-credit coursework allows students to concentrate on a high level of learning and achievement alongside their peers, without focusing on grades. Students’ confidence grows as they attend college-level lectures, tackle problems, test theories, and ultimately learn to think like engineers.
Explore Penn's historic campus, engage with leading faculty, and build intellectual connections within accelerated three or six week Penn Summer High School Programs. The science academies draw upon Penn's cutting-edge technology and resources to provide innovative lab experiences, while the humanities academies draw upon the rich history and diversity of Philadelphia to provide a sociologically comprehensive summer experience.
Pre-College students enroll in undergraduate courses alongside Penn students and receive college credit, while exploring the university as a residential student, with access to dorms, dining halls, recreational facilities, libraries, and undergraduate academic resources, including admissions workshops, advising, and learning resource centers. Young Scholars enroll in undergraduate courses for college credit alongside Penn students and have access to full undergraduate academic resources, including libraries, academic advising, admissions workshops, and learning resources. The program aims to create a community of students who participate in and contribute to an intensive and powerful academic experience delivered by distinguished educators and professionals. Each participant will receive a robotics kit, and at the end of the camp they get to take home their own robot. Hands-on robot building, programming, and utilization facilitated by TCNJ faculty and students. Summer college programs can provide students with a chance to explore topics of interest, engage in the in-depth study of academic subjects, and gain valuable academic experiences in preparation for college. At Alexa Cafe, girls ages 10-15 discover a passion for technology in a unique environment that celebrates creativity, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. Girls learn engineering principles, code games, design websites, model 3D characters, snap photos, create films, print 3D objects, and much more.
In addition to this all-girls summer program, iD Tech also offers weeklong camps for kids and teens, early-education STEM programs, teen-only academies, and an online learning platform.
Picture weekdays of learning and recreation, weekends of action and adventure – all spent with a great group of new friends. Enjoy great courses, internships and activities, pursue a new passion, and perfect your sports skills. ACA is one of the only pre-college programs that provide deluxe accommodations complete with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and laundry service. Whether you’re getting a good look at your first-choice school or just enjoying the arts, shopping and style of towns from Madison to Nice, Florence to Seville, Boston to Barcelona, London to Paris, ACA makes sure everyone gets to go along – at no extra charge! Build knowledge and confidence for college during the week, and get weekends full of once in a lifetime adventures! Barnard offers opportunities to discover New York City in and out of the classroom while taking fascinating classes with our world-renowned faculty, exploring careers and interests from architecture to psychology, making friends from around the world, and getting a head start on college applications through our admissions workshops.
Choose from our broad summer course offerings, or apply to one of our specialty programs in math or writing.
Students work closely with Champlain College professors who have extensive expertise and professional connections in their fields.
Scholars experience a taste of life as a Clemson University student and spend a week studying specialized subjects.

By exploring a potential major during a 2-6 week summer course, you may be able to save yourself from switching majors (which could add years and $$ onto your college career). Living on your own, feeding yourself, doing your own laundry, and being responsible for all your personal decisions can be an unfriendly wakeup call for many students…kind of like that time your little brother threw ice water on your face at 5am because he thought it would be funny. Applying to Columbia and you have a recommendation from a Columbia professor who taught at your engineering camp? If getting experience in a certain field is of more value to you than living on specific campus, look for programs matching your interest. JSA Summer Programs prepare students to tackle the challenges facing their communities, our nation and the world.  With programs at three of the most prestigious universities in the world, Georgetown, Stanford and Princeton, the Junior Statesmen Summer School provides an advanced college curriculum, dynamic skills based leadership activities, and interactive sessions with prominent politicians, journalists, academicians and other opinion leaders. Seminar topics – creative writing, international politics, philosophy, business, psychology, etc. Before the coining of the term robotics, there was interest in ideas similar to robotics (namely automata and androids) dating as far back as 400 BC.
Plus, they get hands-on experience with big-name software from companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, and SparkFun. Make this summer unforgettable, leading you toward a college career that helps you get the most out of learning, and of life. During your Boston College Experience you will tour area colleges, explore the city of Boston on weekend day trips, participate in service learning projects and reflect on your path to college and your career goals. When not attending class or doing creative project work, students enjoy recreational activities and social events that take full advantage of summer in Vermont.
If you take Georgetown’s Summer Institute on International Relations, the experience may either reaffirm that your decision to student International Relations was a good one or indicate you need to go back to the drawing board and find a major that better suites you.
A program on any university campus will be beneficial, but if you are considering one university in particular, apply for a program on that campus.
Not all summer programs are created equal so assess your goals and evaluate what you what to get out of the experience.
Robots are used in industrial, military, exploration, home making, and academic and research applications. During the process of building their robot, students get to perform a series of activities, which culminate with a robotics competition. You will also hear from BC students and staff about getting into college, transitioning to college life and how to succeed in college.
Students stay in one of Champlain’s many contemporary or Victorian-era residence halls and share meals in the spectacular dining hall of the IDX Student Life Center, overlooking Lake Champlain. You will be able to experience all that the university has to offer without being committed to it for 4 years. Dedicating part of your summer to a challenging or innovative academic program shows maturity and commitment to your field. Although the appearance and capabilities of robots vary vastly, all robots share the features of electronic sensors, and a movable structure under some form of autonomous electronics, computer, and software control. Out-of-class supervision is provided by our team of Resident Assistants, who are specially trained to serve as camp counselors, positive role models, mentors and friends.

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