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It is perfectly acceptable to get a little personal with the people you work with day in and day out.
In a time when email and social media are the primary sources of communication, it can be difficult to determine tone when you are reading words on a page. Believe it or not, body language plays a key role in effectively communicating with coworkers.
To master effectively communicating with coworkers, pay attention to how your body language affects how you communicate and how others do in return. The channels used for communicating, as well as the form and format in which the information is presented, influence both the decision-maker and the decision.  Besides concerning ourselves with the ‘what’ we need to consider the ‘how.’  How can we present the information in a way that assures timely receipt and accurate interpretation?
As with any problem, recognizing that there is a problem is the first step.  But if your job is about providing information how can you reduce the quantity, increase the quality and truly make information a tool for decision making?
Once you’ve identified the audience for your dashboard you need to understand both the decisions that are being made and what key indicators would suggest that action is required.  If you are designing a dashboard for a group of executives managing a project portfolio, keep in mind that managing a portfolio is about managing a set of investments. Dashboards are a great way to help reduce the ‘noise’ and help individuals focus on the information that really matters most.   If you’re designing and building dashboards, you’ll probably need to go through a few iterations with your stakeholders but the results are well worth the effort.  Just remember – NO TINY-TYPE! And then someone stops you Sunday and complains that today was the first time they have heard about your event and how the church always does a terrible job communicating important church activities. But communicating effectively is also important because the message of the church is vitally connected to the mission of the church. There are many things which can make or break the success of a company, and communication is certainly one of them. We tend to not listen to what someone is saying, interrupt them, or begin to prepare a response before they can finish what they are going to say.

You could mean something as a joke, but the reader could interpret it as hostile or rude, which could lead to an unintended reaction. You may be speaking clearly and saying all the right things, but if your body language is off, your coworkers will pick up on it. It may be difficult to adapt your current communication style and it may take time, but the effort will be well worth it. You have promoted an event or something important in your church until you are convinced that not only does everyone in the church know about it, but you are sure every person in North America has heard about it too. Communicating the next deacons’ meeting, the worship bulletin, and effectively using social media are all important parts of church communications and most churches are looking for help. This seminar will acquaint you with some ideas about how to effectively communicate with your church, how to use social media to help connect your church to the community, and some practical how-to things that every staff member needs to know.
Despite the important role clear communication plays in the workplace, there are many employees that have not been trained in effectively communicating with coworkers. This is something we all need to avoid, especially when our goal is effectively communicating with coworkers.
However, as you are building this bond, be aware of yourself and do not slide into being too casual.
Try to make your words as clear as possible or meet in person if you are hesitant about how to put it into an email.
All you need to do now is sit back and watch the registrations begin to pile up on your desk. Terrell and Adam are excellent presenters and they are well-known practitioners of church communications.

Here are four important tips that, if followed, will help you become a better communicator.
When you are speaking with another coworker, be actively involved with what they are saying. Make sure your emails, meetings and phone calls are still professional, regardless of how well you know them. Avoid sighing, averting your eyes, or any other negative body language so you don’t unintentionally communicate something.
This can be accomplished by simply reacting to what they say with a nod or by paraphrasing what the other person said.
By being too casual with your coworkers, you may make them uncomfortable and this will hinder your future communications with them.
Try to use forms of positive body language such as maintaining eye contact and genuine smiles. It may seem basic, but it’s true that a smile goes a long way. By doing this you are confirming that you are listening while also strengthening your own understanding.

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