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We talked a lot about how to blend your personal style with best practices in communications. It was a great contribution to our class and really nice to see our alum giving back to the program — thanks Pam! The anterior choroidal arteries are small, but vital blood vessels that branch from the internal carotid arteries. Towards the end of its course the anterior choroidal artery forms connections with the posterior lateral choroidal arteries.
The hemiparesis is a result of damage to the posterior limb and genu of the internal capsule. The hemianesthesia is a result of damage to the ventral posterolateral nucleus of the thalamus. Damage to this structure causes a decreased ability to feel things on the opposite side of the body.
The final symptom, homonymous hemianopsia, is caused by damage to the optic tracts and lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus. The anterior choroidal arteries are paired structures that arise from the internal carotid arteries. Steve Marsh is an actor and dramaturg who teaches both subjects at Stony Brook University’s department of Theatre Arts. He is proud to be an associate of The School of Journalism’s Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, where he teaches improvisation to scientists, a project spearheaded by actor Alan Alda. In business, and especially Silicon Valley, you need to learn to be an effective communicator.
To be an effective communicator you need to learn & be always aware of the 3 human primary modes that people use to process thoughts during communication. Speaker will primarily look down and to the right as “they need to feel” what they are saying.
Typically these people will be slow talkers because to feel their response before speaking, this takes longer to come out. You may have come across individuals where you just couldn’t click together or something was not right after your discussion. To avoid this happening again, try to recognize the other person’s primary human mode.
Don’t forget that having fun is when you are having the most effective communication.

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Recent PostsMost ViewedTerm Sheet Economics & Control: A Blueprint for your future relationship with your Investor Before I was blind and now I can see. Read previous post:Wanna get a job in Silicon Valley?Working at a tech startup in Silicon Valley can be a rewarding experience for you. Here Pam noted the myriad of social media tools available to promote one’s work and suggested we take advantage of them.
They arise just proximal to the splitting of the internal carotid into the anterior and middle cerebral arteries. These structures include the posterior limbs of the internal capsules, portions of the thalami (specifically the lateral geniculate nuclei and ventral posterolateral nuclei), optic tracts, middle third of the cerebral peduncles, portions of the temporal lobes (ie: parts of the pyriform cortex, uncus, and amygdala), substantia nigra, portions of the globus pallidus, as well as the choroid plexus in the lateral ventricles.
Cerebral angiograms are currently the best way to visualize the anterior choroidal arteries, although given how small the vessel is, it may not always be visualized. Like many other blood vessels, the anterior choroidal artery is subject to blockage, as well as aneurysm formation.
The most common symptoms of an anterior choroidal stroke are hemiparesis (weakness on the opposite side of the body including difficulty talking secondary to facial weakness), hemianesthesia (decreased sensation on the opposite side of the body), and a homonymous hemianopsia (loss of a portion of the visual field of both eyes).
The posterior limb contains the corticospinal tracts, which send information about movement from the brain to the spinal cord.
This nucleus contains neurons that receive information from the spinal cord about sensation.
This symptom is less common than weakness, and occurs in roughly half of patients with an anterior choroidal stroke. Patients lose the ability to see objects on the left or right side (depending on which anterior choroidal artery is involved) in both eyes. This is because the anatomy served by the anterior choroidal arteries also receives blood flow from other arteries in the brain. Surgical and angiographic anatomy of the posterior communicating and anterior choroidal arteries. He received a BFA in Acting at NYU in 1981 and an MFA at the State University of New York in Dramaturgy in 1999.
An effective communicator is not someone who can waffle on for hours on end but someone who is effective in getting results from their communication. My previous post on understanding each other using primary human modes talks about other indicators you can use to get this information.

Once you are connecting and communicating effectively with the other person doors open to opportunities and you really get to learn and grow from the experience. Pam has had a long career as a public relations professional and used her futures studies degree to help her launch her Futures Communications Group in 2008, where she advises clients on public relations, communications, and the future.
And that we need to keep the conversation going — not just post when we want to sell or promote something, but rather build an ongoing relationship with our audience. High blood pressure is the most common underlying factor in people with anterior choroidal artery strokes. The weakness is on the opposite side of the body from the stroke and occurs in every patient with an anterior choroidal stroke.
This is an even more uncommon symptom, which occurs in less than 10% of patients with an anterior choroidal stroke. Stroke is the most common pathological disease related to this blood vessel and frequently causes weakness of the opposite side of the body. He helped co-founded the Asylum Theatre Company, an Equity company on Long Island, and teaches various theatre arts disciplines at Stony Brook University.
Understanding which one the person you are speaking with is using is a step forward to being a better communicator. There is a high chance this may have been the choice of words you used to communicate with. Everyone has a story to tell and once you are listening and communicating effectively the world is your oyster. High blood pressure is the most common underlying disease seen in people who have a stroke in this vascular distribution. Steve is a member of Actors Equity, AFTRA-SAG and the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas.
The other party’s primary mode of communication might have been different to yours and thus the two of you did not really understand each other hence the feeling of disconnect.
As department literary manager he helped establish and ran the John Gassner New Play Competition, a national playwriting contest for 9 years.
If you are a great engineer but cannot effectively communicate then you are missing out on an important part of your career influence.

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