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Marwan Kaabour, an MA Graphic Design graduate, has just completed work on the V&A’s current exhibition ‘Disobedient Objects’.
First opened in Fall 2010, The James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center encompasses more than 100,000 square feet and contains a concert hall (left) that seats 800, a state-of-the-art dance theatre that seats 160, and a separate recital hall that seats 175. The dance theatre stage has six inches of cushioned flooring so dancers can leap, drop and spin with reduced impact and sound. In addition to the concert halls, the Gaertner Performing Arts Center houses the office of the Dance program, the Dean's Suite as well as numerous faculty and staff offices. The University Theatre Center has two theaters; the Erica Starr Theatre seating 300 and the Showcase Theatre seating 90. The University Theatre is connected to the James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center by a skywalk way. Home to our outstanding School of Music, the Music Building has faculty offices, rehearsal rooms, practice rooms and spaces for the storing of our quality instruments. Across campus from the PAC on 21st Street, the Art Department maintains over 30,000 square feet of space devoted to studios, lecture halls and galleries including the WASH house, a studio building dedicated to the WASH program, the only art foundation program of its kind in Texas designed for first-year art majors. In our latest New Course Discourse feature, we meet Course Leader Dr Cui Su to find out more about MA Advertising, an exciting new postgraduate option which started in 2014. The main focus of the course is very much on digital, interactive, global advertising, so there’s a strong technological slant to it.
We engage with all kinds of media theory about social networks, big data – and also with debates that are in the public realm right now.
We have an art director pop in from a creative agency, for example, and we have a design researcher who’s done interaction design. I think the industry’s working out what to do with new technology, how to react to it – and you can see this in the new job roles that are coming up.
It’s really about getting to grips with the changes and impact of technology on advertising practice. MA Advertising project by Valentin Guiod and Mimi Choi promoting 3D printing company Tinkerine. Can you explain more about what the step up from undergraduate to postgraduate study in advertising involves? Students would definitely experience a change in terms of more high-level thinking, applying theory to practice and having practice inform theory.
The PG course is more research-intensive and we hope to eventually have PhD students as well, so that’s the reason for having this theoretical and research slant.

We’re not really like, for example, the Miami Ad School or Hyper Island – we do a combination of both theory and practice, and place them on an equal footing. The idea is to get our graduates one rung up above all the other candidates – just to have experimented a little bit more.
Typically in this country you see advertising courses in a business school, as part of their marketing department, and you maybe study a module called advertising as part of your wider degree in marketing, marketing communications, or business.
I think LCC’s also a good place to do that because it’s in London – the beating heart of the advertising industry.
MA Advertising project by Valentin Guiod, George Mylonas, Marco Liu and Mimi Choi promoting healthy non-alcoholic drink Suso.
How did your current students arrive on the course, and what will you be looking for in future applicants? We have a student from Malaysia who’s been in the industry for years and just wants to gain skills in a more formal setting, and we also have people who’ve come straight from BAs in art direction, design or marketing. It’s quite eclectic, and I think we want to keep it that way, because it ties in with the whole interdisciplinary approach.
Ideally I would like my applicants to have had some work experience, although that’s not a requirement – only because they could bring their professional experience into the classroom, which would be very useful. The technology side of the course content is not so much to turn them into coders, but if you’re an art director and you’re talking about a campaign that involves an app, you’re able to talk to a developer on an equal footing. The knowledge and skills you gain from the course allows you to interact confidently with coders and app designers. So I’d say they would run the full gamut of jobs – community manager to art director to setting up their own business. With a history in political design, Barnbrook Design, where Marwan works, was commissioned to design the visual identity, exhibition graphics, book and marketing campaign for the exhibition.
Intrinsic to our thinking was a hope that the Disobedient Objects will be viewed not just as activist objects but as thoughtfully designed objects. As well as a series of how-to guides, the book contains six essays and round-table discussions that deal in rich detail with the themes highlighted by the exhibition.
The same objects are underlined throughout the book, offering an alternative reading of the texts; disobedient quotes that crudely interrupted the text. Students can practice, create and gather in four dance studios, three large rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, a green room, a VIP lounge, a student kitchen, a café, and a large and beautifully appointed lobby for pre- and post-show discussions.
Additionally, there are class rooms, design rooms, a scene shop, a paint shop, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, all housing the excitement produced with students presenting an ambitious season of performances for the public.

Although they call this building home, students from the School of Music have performed in China and all over Latin America and Puerto Rico.
Studios in Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking and Photography maintain the best tools available for students to develop skills and express ideas and the digital labs maintain state of the art computer equipment for students in Graphics, Photography, Computer Animation and Studio.
This is partly to distinguish from BA (Hons) Advertising, which deals with more of the foundational principles of advertising, art direction and copywriting. So things to do with privacy, surveillance, all these big issues that will affect consumers.
It’s not just art director, copywriter, account planner – you’ve got technologists, data strategists, digital roles.
In terms of practice, I guess the difference is we deal with bigger questions that transcend just responding to a client brief. We take it very seriously and we take a very creative approach, so although we do take into account a lot of marketing principles, we’re asking slightly different questions that are more focused on media, impact, the relationship with creativity – things like that. It’s a nice combination – aware of the bottom line and also interested in innovation and creativity. Currently we have a student who’s already got his own company and has been a graphic designer for many years, and he’s looking to skill up. I think it’s worked really well, in that the students are able to bring their experiences and interact with each other. In terms of job destinations, I would think they could become digital strategists, planners, creative directors, copywriters. You’re able to understand the literacy of the technology and its potential applications and, possibly, restrictions. In a spirit of openness, the book features an exposed spine thereby revealing its own construction and highlighting a red thread that runs throughout.
The acoustics can be customized to maximize the experience of each performance for the patrons.

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