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What is your most embarrassing moment, a time when your  good communications skills were lacking?  Misspelling an important name or word on an interoffice communication?  An open zipper? Between commencement ceremonies and tornado reports, the importance of good communications and the concepts of empathy and life’s perspectives have given me pause for reflection.  As a marketing strategist, these events have further emphasized both the science and art of good communication—situations where you must truly speak from the heart and soul of another individual. The radio ad which references “Prostrate cancer affects your whole family” does a great job capturing that emotional impact that illness has on both the individual patient and on their extended family unit. After further editorial commentary, the punch line of the story was as much about making donations as it was about finding ways to show compassion for those in the tornado damaged geography—finding ways to show this community that there are people who truly understand the varied emotions they have and will experience.  Finding that common ground will be the key to maintaining hope and establishing the direction to rebuild.
A NYTimes article called “My Near Miss” addresses the need to ease the shame and fear that comes with medical errors so that the issues can be addressed and avoided in the future. At a recent conference about family caregiving, I met someone who runs an initiative at a major NYC hospital.  This professional deals with chronically ill patients and their families. She shared a heartfelt story:  recognizing the importance of the discharge plan and the patient homecare, this hospital professional spoke about the untold number of hours she spends speaking to people about subjects that have nothing—nothing—to do with the patient.
The ah-ha moment:  if you assist someone in finding a place of logic, rationality, and calm, they will be better able to internalize the discharge plan. One of the greatest gifts that we can give to one another is acknowledgment.  To do this necessitates finding a common language. In the spirit of strengthening the communications plans we build for ourselves and our clients in this hyperconnected environment, I have given pause to the time we truly spend understanding the journey of those to whom we speak. MENG is the indispensable community of executive level marketers who share their passion and expertise to ensure each member’s success.
Sharon Lewis is an independent consultant specializing in marketing and communications strategies. Sharon sits on the Leadership Committee of MENG NYC and was recently appointed to the Executive Council of AARPNY.
Employers consider effective writing skills, not only when hiring, but also to make promotion decisions. While much emphasis is placed on verbal and listening skills in communication, writing also conveys messages internally and externally for an organization. According to my observation, designers throughout the world pay much heed to their aesthetic communication skills and efficiently engage themselves in improving and refining this ability. Although effective communication is vital for salaried designers as well, however, being able to communicate effectively is extremely crucial for freelance designers as they often find themselves in situation where they have to directly deal with professionals like clients, vendors and fellow designers etc.
I would also suggest to keep your personal contact information separate from the professional one.
Your pattern of communication may include; the way you want to address the receiver, your response time, the response time you expect from the receiver and an alternative medium of communication etc.
One of the characteristics of professionalism is to put everything in writing as much as possible. Moreover, when you are particularly engaged in email communication with your client, one of the best practices is to document every step of communication in a thread of emails.

Note: Try to keep all your communication regarding a certain topic or subject in one email thread. It is totally understandable that while working in a flow, designers tend to communicate in their typical industry jargon. If in some case, your communication requires you to write certain design jargon, try to put its meaning in brackets beside it. Professional communication had always been fuss for creative fellows, and same goes for the designers. Our marketing skills focus on helping you to get the right message to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.
Each piece of communication is a bridge between your brand and the receivera€™s perception.
In English classes, you write different papers that are the main source of your semester grade.
When you prepare application materials, including a cover letter and resume, you have a chance to sell yourself and your abilities through persuasive writing.
As you move up into management positions in a company, the importance of written communication also increases. Whether you’re preparing internal memos, emails, or sending letters to company clients, you convey a message in your writing. On the other hand, when it comes to the point of professional communication, even the most expert of the designers cut a sorry figure and turn out to be bad communicators towards their business. Therefore, for all my designer fellows who are deficient in effective professional communication, here are a few Effective Communication Tactics for Designers to help you deal with it better. For instance, if you are using email as a medium of communication, create a separate email address for business communication purposes. Similarly, for effective communication, set patterns or policies for your communication activities. It is always good to prepare the receiver about your communication patterns beforehand in order to avoid any confusion. Especially when it comes to designers who have a number of clients and many different tasks to deal with, writing everything down makes communication far easier and much more organized.
This will enable you to provide written references of their communication with you in case of any issue. This will enable you and your client to immediately catch up with the history of the conversation regarding that topic. It doesn’t matter if your communication is verbal, written or electronic, it is important generally for every professional and particularly for a designer to mind his manners in communication.
Netiquettes are the etiquettes of communication via email and comprise of a number of things to take care of while writing professional emails. These words are the basic etiquette of communication and are potentially influential on the sender’s image.

It is not a problem when communicating with other professionals from the same industry, however, when it comes to communicating with your clients, it is suggested that you avoid the particular design jargon.
These skills also help in communicating via email with instructors and with classmates on group projects. Strong paragraph writing skills are key to success, as professors commonly assign written homework and papers. Some employers may even set aside resumes and letters that have grammatical or punctuation errors. Strong written communication skills convey intelligence, professionalism, and attention to detail skills.
The first refers to the type when a designer communicates with its audience via his designs. No matter what design domain do you belong to, you cannot undermine the importance of effective communication at any stage. These mediums range from email, social media like Facebook and Twitter, phone calls and even a text message! Also, once you have set a pattern, make sure you let your receivers know about it as soon as you start the communication process. Things like contact details, meeting time, date and place, pending payments and billings and even the client feedback, all these things are good to be preserved in writing.
Always keep in consideration your client’s level of interpretation towards our work and make it a habit to communicate as simply as possible. With a little concentration and attention to the details any designer can conduct an effective communication and pave the way for progress and success. These are qualities that are key in leadership roles, where you represent the image of the business. You’ll get the unique opportunity to choose a writer to complete your task and give your suggestions in the process of writing. However, in order to organize your communication habits, start by selecting one particular medium that is suitable for you and with whom you are communicating. However, any issue can be handled without losing your temper and that’s what constitutes effective communication.
However, the second type concerns the communication which a professional designer carries out while dealing with professional matters.

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