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Research results identified target markets and their characteristics including the demographics and psychographics of each. The research project was the result of Lundbohm, who also serves as the associate director of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurial Studies (CRES), connecting a need identified through the Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (NWRSDP) with students in the integrated marketing communication course. In February a compiled marketing plan will be presented to farmers markets in the region and a spring semester class will continue with a similar approach in a retail and merchandising management course. Through the University of Minnesota, Crookston, CRES is a grant funded organization that assists entrepreneurs in Northwestern Minnesota with the development and creation of their entrepreneurial enterprise. The University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) is a public, baccalaureate, coeducational institution and a coordinate campus of the University of Minnesota. As a four-year, public university with an enrollment of 1,800 students (approximately 900 on campus and 900 online), UMC proudly carries on a tradition of a century of educational service to Northwestern Minnesota. More comprehensive frameworks have been developed that take a more systematic approach and consider multiple viewpoints. Figure 4 shows an example of extending the core ORCHESTRA model to support defining earthquake features. Disasters and emergencies involve serious disruption of the functioning of society, communities and people along with damage to resources. A situation concepts helps to bring together the various elements that must be understood in an emergency. A small start of such integration is shown below which was developed as part of the Open Advanced System for dISaster and emergency management effort to enable better message exchange between responders (fire, police, medical,) in order to to facilitate the cooperation between the information systems used by civil protection organisations, in a local or international environment.As part of this effort, some categories of Event have been developed, in the Tactical Situation Object (TSO), as shown in Figure 5.

At still finer levels of granularity there need to be standard way of describing and capturing supporting ideas like resource vulnerability. The subsections below provide more background on the information concepts involved in Emergency Situations. Students in Rachel Lundbohm’s integrated marketing communication class were involved in a service-learning project to help farmers markets in northwest Minnesota. Students developed marketing slogans, logo suggestions, a methodology for advertising, and included a marketing budget. During the second week of the semester, students met with representatives of farmers markets and Linda Kingery, executive director of the NWRSDP to learn more about the marketing challenges these farmers markets face.
CRES serves eleven counties including Beltrami, Clearwater, Kittson, Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake and Roseau.  CRES is located in Dowell Hall 117. The EU-funded ORCHESTRA Project designed and implemented the specifications for a service-oriented spatial data infrastructure for improved interoperability among risk management authorities in Europe, which will enable the handling of more effective disaster risk reduction strategies and emergency management operations.
Coping with an emergency involves the coordination of information and services about what is happened and is expected to happen to whom, what can be done and Who can take action with What resources. Emergency situation is one type of situation but there are many others connecting events over time, for example rescue situation follows and is dependent on a disaster event. This would include economic, social, physical or geographic factors or constraints that may weaken the ability of a community to prepare for and cope with various emergency hazards. Service learning combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful community service, and the purpose of the project was to conduct research on farmers’ markets, suggest ways to increase awareness, and devise options for helping to build the customer base.

Recommendations were made ranging from sales promotions to reaching consumers through print, radio and other media. The NWRSDP works to sustain Minnesota’s natural resource-based communities and industries by addressing community-identified agriculture, natural resources, and tourism issues in partnership with the University of Minnesota.
ISDR vocabulary and UNISDR Terminology to "promote common understanding and common usage of disaster risk reduction concepts and to assist the disaster risk reduction efforts of authorities, practitioners and the public."). While standards exist to some extent for particular pieces of emergency events there is no overall standard model tying all the pieces together even at a high level of abstraction. In order to determine the effectiveness of the marketing, students suggested possible assessment tools to learn more about market customers.
Such a standard would allow us to state how certain high points of land may be targeted during a flood emergency to play the role of safe areas (a relief role). Instead there are different types of damage that have to be accumulated to provide an overall picture a "situations" and the parts that make up situations. Situations are particular patterns made of related enduring entities (people, events, places) and activities set in space and time. Roughly one might think of a situation pattern describable by the What of a situation, Who is involved, Where the What and Whos of the situation are located and When this is.

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