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Do you spend time looking through old emails to make sure that you haven't missed anything?
Then it is most likely that he or she didn't have the skills … [L?s mere]What is good communication?
The idea behind the communication jar is a simple one: to provide a creative outlet for those big emotions.
I asked Olivia to think about the feelings we had drawn and to consider what colour they should be. Next we raided our supply of old jars and Olivia chose one for each us (Olivia, Mum and Dad).
Decorating our jars was a lot of fun and we used all of our favourite materials: Glitter, sequins, beads, string, ribbon, buttons and tissue paper. Creating three unique jars (one for Olivia, one for mummy and one for daddy) Can you guess who’s is whose? To begin using the Communication Jar we found a little home for the jars and feeling chart, supplying lots of paper and pens.
Referring to the chart, Olivia would draw a face, scribble an emotion colour or come up with something entirely new.
Once she had finished and posted her note, the recipient would be informed with a very loud and excited “Muuummmm ( or Daaaad) you have mail!”.

It has helped Olivia to manage her emotions by enabling her to pin point exactly what she feels and why.
The communication jar is also a fun and an exciting way to exchange notes of encouragement. However the Communication Jar is used, I hope it can help and open the doors a creative and fun form of communication. In this post I will describe what communication is and its various elements in spoken communication. Language, social and motor skills are rapidly developing and the world around them is beginning to make more sense.
I suggested drawing some circles and filling them in with the different feelings she experiences. I like to tell Olivia that I have appreciated her help or that I have noticed that she’s been very kind and thoughtful.
I love to get messy with my kids; painting, sticking and creating to make weird and wonderful things. I will only recommend products and services that I use and will never affiliate something I do not endorse. Are you looking forward to a long 4-day weekend ahead? If you are planning to celebrate, take a look at some of the exciting Easter-related articles we collected for our readers.Etiquette Discoveries Issue #41.

When inviting the person you might want to acknowledge that this is not a holiday he or she celebrates, still, because the gathering is not only a religious event but also a family one, you would be very happy if he or she would feel comfortable joining in.2. There are so many wonderful blogs that offer great Easter decoration ideas, you could spend weeks just browsing between them!
These are few articles we thought are the most inspiring:Light Easter Decorating     32 Inspirational Easter Ideas    Easter Crafts3.
If you live in the UK or Ireland don’t forget to get  ingredients for Simnel Cake at the grocery store tonight.Back in 16th century Simnel Cake was something the girls who were away from home were baking for their mothers on Mothering Sunday. Traditionally Orthodox Christians put the cake into a special basket, decorated with colourful flowers, and take it to church.
The blessed cake then should be eaten every day before breakfast.If you’d like to try cooking Kulich, take a look at this Russian Kulich Bread recipe.Whatever your plans are for the next several days, we wish you to enjoy the long weekend and have a great time!Did you find an article about Easter that you loved and would like to share it with Etiquette Tips readers?

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