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June 14, 2012 By Catherine Cantieri Leave a Comment Now that you’ve gotten your client information system together, you might realize that there are significant gaps in how well you know your clients. By building stronger relationships with clients, you’re building a stronger business for yourself. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and information on the staffing industry and software. The bad news is that those gaps indicate the lack of a genuine relationship, but the good news is that they’re easy to fix.

For instance, in early April and late October, visit your hospitality clients to remind them that banquet season is coming up and that they can get first dibs on your best servers if they reserve with you now. Ask them how their weekend went in a tone that invites an answer (instead of a tone that indicates you’re asking the question only as a formality).
Obviously, check in with them the first day you send a new worker to an assignment and be sure to let them know that you want them to be completely satisfied with the worker. If you get the impression that they want to keep it strictly business or are in a hurry, shift gears into business mode.

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