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While there are certainly some people who are more naturally inclined to be good communicators, communication is a skill that can be learned and improved by anyone. In simplest terms, communication requires two parts: 1) stating clearly and accurately your need, want, or feeling and then, 2)  having a partner who not only listens but hears and interprets accurately what you have said.
1) Learning to clearly, concisely state what you want, need, think, or feel is a crucial step in creating healthy relationships. 3) We too often fail to repeat back our interpretation of things, and that’s where we get in trouble. The examples above show how improved communication can strengthen our intimate relationships.
Our children are even more lacking in communication skills than we were, thanks to the digital age of texting, emails and Facebook. Encourage your children to call their friends on the phone, to speak face-to-face about more important matters, and teach them what to say and do in social situations. It’s also very important to model healthy communication for our children by using these skills in our relationship with them. When you subscribe to our free service, each Monday you'll receive several transformational quotes on a new topic - with commentary by Peter Shepherd - plus an exceptional accompanying article, to inspire you throughout the week.
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Interpersonal communication is the fundamental basis of relationship, regardless of which channels we use to communicate. The essential function of communication is to build constructive relationships between persons. When I want to totally communicate or to build trust with an internet contact, I use free video conferencing from Google Plus.  It is like Skype on steroids. Humans crave recognition and attention, and sharing these precious things fosters a relationship.
I like the point you made that it is better to touch base frequently rather than waiting for perfection. Recent CommentsPhilippe TREBAUL on Why Invest in the Social Stock Market?How to Get More Customers | on Influence Marketing and Social Media ROIWhy Invest in the Social Stock Market?

The world is full of Apps (Applications) that are used by computers to make life more productive and fun. The way to make life better for internal and external processors is for the internal to start talking more on the outside earlier in the game. Christina Hibbert Leave a Comment ShareThere’s a big difference between talking and communicating.
In fact, with the increase in technology, including texting, chatting, and various forms of social media, people today are even less prepared for healthy communication, especially face-to-face.
This is excellent news for a couple of reasons: 1) Improved communication leads to improved relationships, and 2) Improved communication helps us get our own needs met, increasing our sense of self-worth and joy in life.
Some of us may have had skilled parents who taught us well, but most people probably grew up with poor examples of communication.
We want others, especially the men in our lives, to be “mind readers,” to “know” what we need without having to tell him. Reflective listening involves repeating back what the other person says and adding an interpretive quality.
After all, it’s not about the facts as much as each individual’s interpretation of the facts that makes up our differences. When each partner is able to speak, and feel heard and understood, it only increases our connection and intimacy. Teaching children to actively listen and reflect back their interpretation of what you or others say will be incredibly valuable as they navigate friendships, budding romances, and as they become adults. They don’t even have to learn to spell correctly, let alone speak face to face, if they choose not to! I’ve taught my teenage sons that if they ever break up with a girl via text I will personally drive them to her house so they can make an embarrassing formal apology!
It is the way to get our needs met and to resolve issues that may otherwise lead to mental or emotional distress.
In order to keep ourselves strong and healthy, and our relationships flourishing, we must be open with one another. It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward. In other words, communication has become the most powerful tool to build any relationship between persons.
Up to 10 people video-conferencing on their webcams from up to 10 locations and all seeing each other.
There are always flaws in them, but I accept their imperfections and chalk them up as a learning experience. Just as there are different ways that people want love expressed to them, we communicate in different styles. People talk all the time, yet poor communication is still one of the most common struggles in relationships of all types.
If we want stronger relationships, communities, and families, however, we need to focus on learning the skills of communication.
As adults, we  must make the effort to learn skills of communication in order to teach them to our children; schools and churches should teach these skills, and leaders and governments should also make communication a top priority. We may have seen how our mother always became emotional and yelled, or how our father shut down, put up a wall, or refused to communicate at all. I hear it all the time, “He should know better!” But ladies, the truth is, most of the time they simply don’t, and if you don’t ask, you have no right to expect a thing. When I would tell him, “You’re not even listening to me” he used to quickly reply, “Yes I am” and repeat back the last few words I said.

For instance OJ may say, “So, you’re saying you feel abandoned when I golf every weekend?” “Yes, exactly,” I might reply.
Good communication involves making sure you understand what the other person is really saying, then making sure they know you understand. It also helps prevent unnecessary problems from either a lack of communication or misunderstandings, and significantly improves problem-solving skills as a couple, too.
The most important job I feel I have as a parent is to make sure my children are comfortable talking to me. Healthy communication helps us improve the relationships that mean so much to us, and healthy relationships bring greater peace, joy, and love into our lives, too.
We must practice the skills of communication in order to keep our marriages, friendships, partnerships, families, and communities strong. These new media work well when combined with the telephone — and preferably face-to-face encounters, as well.
Over time we make a series of deposits (or withdrawals) in relation to emotional bank accounts. Sometimes I think, “Why bother?” Well if I don’t update I miss out on some of the new advantages of the programs I use. This is the first I’ve heard about this!” The external processor gets an idea and from the onset they start asking their partner, “What do you think about getting a truck? Marriages fail because of it, children get in trouble because of it, wars are started over it!
Perhaps our parents never seemed to resolve problems in front of us, so we have no idea how to do that now.
And the conversation continues on from there until he cancels his golf plans to stay home and play with the kids all day so I can take a nap and read! Healthy communication also leads to greater health, relaxation, and less stress, overall, because when we ask for what we need, we tend to get it.
Communicating translates into disclosing our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and wants to others so that our existence is known to others.
It is better to communicate imperfectly and frequently than to communicate perfectly and infrequently. When we marry someone we are marrying into a different culture, even if they are the same ethnicity. It takes out the blame that happens so often in communication, and makes it much more likely the other person will stick around long enough to really hear what you’ve so clearly said.
I will simply listen and do whatever I can to ensure they are safe, well, and loved; and yes, I will enact consequences as they are needed. Sometimes we limit certain communication styles to gender but generalizations aren’t always accurate. Whatever the case, we learn from watching our parents’ interactions, then we grow up and tend repeat the same patterns. There is a difference between hearing words and actively listening to the meaning behind the words.

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