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McFarland  points to lessons from neuroscience that could reshape how we see the change process and provide guidance for how to present it to employees. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) advances the careers of communication professionals across the globe. Communication World (CW), the digital magazine of the International Association of Business Communicators, is a must-read publication for communication professionals worldwide. Social media has had a huge role to play in the ongoing success of the Star Wars franchise and the consequent fan-led establishment of May 4th as Star Wars Day. Did you know that according to the UK’s 2001 Census, 390,127 people described themselves as being followers of the Jedi religion – Jediism.
Let’s take a closer look at the 4 lessons learned from this successful brand communication strategy that has stretched over almost four decades.
Tap into social conversations by listening to everything that is being said about your brand, your products and your activity; and by initiating the conversations yourself.
The key is to have enough content to really keep the social media activity going continuously. Good content will open the door for interaction with your fan base, so in order to attract their attention, make sure to leverage a variety of content types including text, photo, video, and even music.

Over time, encourage your audience to naturally become brand ambassadors and participate in story creation: build and maintain a strong community that actively creates, shares and publishes content online, whether in the form of debates, fan art, or memes.
Memes are ‘awesome’ for marketing because they are already viral, they’re absolutely great visual content and they attract traffic, likes, and links. Work with key individuals who can help you increase awareness and promote your brand and your products to their respective fan bases. I am a social media, web tech, and advertising enthusiast and I love to share insightful digital trends and analyses in Talkwalker's blog. But how do you create a strategy for guaranteeing that innovation and creativity flourish in your organization?
Established in 1970, IABC serves members working in a wide variety of industries in 80 countries, helping them to make a bigger impact at work, uncover opportunities in the hidden job market, enhance their skills and expand their social network. CW covers the latest in communication trends, practice and research through in-depth reports, how-to articles and insightful interviews. A substantial presence on the web is key, but a loyal, committed, and active community of fans to respond to it is also essential.

Ultimately, influencers can have a meaningful impact on your customer acquisition and customer loyalty, so make sure not to miss out.
As real co-branding partners, discuss strategic alliances to leverage the best of both worlds. The film series fundamentally changed the perception of the sci-fi genre and Hollywood as a whole, which was the starting point for a perfectly constructed and successful phenomenon, preserved and amplified with the help of social media. This issue will cover how to continually develop insights to fuel both your organization and your career, explore creativity exercises that work, and address what blocks or enables innovation and creativity inside companies.
The film series, which spawned the Expanded Universe (now Star Wars Legends), a collection of derivative products including books, comic books, video games, toys, and other media, is an extremely rich pool of meme-potential quotes, internet jokes, fan art, forum discussions and resource centers such as Wookiepedia.
This movie quote achieved such cult status that May the 4th has now become a popular annual celebration full of events, special collections, customized gadgets, sales, cheers and excitement.

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