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Dealing with workplace communication problems can be tricky and can cause serious harm to the output of work, as well as the internal harmony of the workplace. Communication problems at a workplace can be caused due a bossy team lead, dissatisfaction with work or negative work environment. Misunderstandings are the biggest reason why problems of communication occur at a workplace. If you are experiencing communication problems in your organization this should be the first thing that you must attempt to improve. Here are some useful tips to achieve this win-win effect within the organization, which will be equally effective in solving communication problems in the workplace.
Talk To Them – If you find your staff missing the deadlines, not taking initiatives, indulging in criticism and avoiding work, chances are that they are not fully aware of importance of their role in organizational progress. Allow Them To Talk – Sometimes problems pop up because people are not satisfied with work, culture, environment, timings, pay or because of their supervisors or immediate bosses, neither are they allowed any means to express their grievances. Seek Arbitration – Sometimes problems intensifies at workplaces and none of the parties is ready to step back.
Training – Communication should flow freely from top to bottom and vice versa in any organization. Harness Technology – As the businesses are growing global, it is getting more difficult, but important, for organizations to keep in touch with all their work forces spread across the globe. There are various other social medias and online community networks which have made the public communication easy and effortless. Communications problems may vary in nature and consequences but their solution is almost same, that is to facilitate and provide better communication medium at all levels in the industry. The field of technical communication is rapidly expanding in both the academic world and the private sector, yet a problematic divide remains between theory and practice. Diversity in a workplace increases adaptability amongst employees, different talents of various individuals become a great resource, which also results in a pool of unique contributions. This reduces collective adaptability amongst team members, adding to the workplace communication problems.
One needs to be an active listener to establish smooth lines of communication with the employees. Once again, it can make communication at a workplace very calculative and lead to further drawbacks in communication.
As an employer, you must be observant of the changing work conditions and make an effort to talk to your employees about it. While a rightly and timely communication can keep the things running smoothly and bring in greater benefits to the organizations, miscommunication or lack of it can prove lethal for it. You should be able to convey what you expect from them and what benefits they would receive out of their efforts. Technological advancements have made it possible for organizations to facilitate communication within the organizational structure, regardless of physical distance.

Many companies are using social network sites for communicating with their employees and responding to their issues online.
SelberPart 1: Mapping the Field1 What Are the Boundaries, Artifacts, and Identities of Technical Communication?Richard J.
As a diverse culture comes together, it provides a spectrum of viewpoints to meet objectives and accomplish goals. Improper listening, which is only limited to hearing can cause a big impediment to workplace communication. Team building games and training sessions bring a fresh perspective towards colleagues and improve productivity. Have a monthly feedback session to understand the undercurrents that might be instigating your workforce.
Words are imprecise vehicles of communication Often what we experience do not fit into words and sentences very well, we are not able to say precisely what we mean.
This can be achieved by conducting periodical staff meetings, regular verbal and electronic messages, notice boards and broadcast mediums. This is more a communication problem than anything else and needs to be corrected immediately. In such situations, when there is no amicable solution of this communication problem seems possible, the only wise way is to appoint a third party arbitrator to listen to both the parties and suggest a solution.
This is the responsibility of management to ensure an open communication within the organization. However, using public medias for the internal communications is neither wise nor safe hence should be avoided. This will help you assess the general sentiment of your employees, to address them in a just way. To make workplaces less stressful and more productive, have an open mind that is observant about every change in the working environment.
Those who are facing communication problems in the workplace and those who want to take their businesses at greater height must ensure a free flow of communication at all levels of operation as a pre requisite. Organizations must not only find a mean to convey what they want from their employees but should also provide them a way to convey their feelings, sentiments and ideas to the top management. There are many legal and social organizations available to mediate in such disputes and help to solve communication problems in the workplace. Employees should be provided proper training to receive and forward the messages make best use of this system.
Organizations should implement an internal emailing system instead which is faster, easy to achieve and provides updated records. Such an environment poses the greatest threat to workplace communication, which can hamper work, employee relationships and rapport with customers to a large extent. The more you talk to them, the easier it is to break the ice and establish a trustworthy channel of communication.

Team building activities are an excellent way to solve communication problems at a workplace.
Sharing a trustworthy rapport with employees and valuing them, is the key to make the most of a diversity in a workplace.
Guessing the meaning of the speaker’s “code” People often code their messages so their real meaning is masked.
Managers should pay heed to what employees have got to say and provide proper response to their issues.
Porter6 How Can Work Tools Shape and Organize Technical Communication?Jason Swarts7 What Can History Teach Us about Technical Communication?Bernadette Longo and T.
When we are ambivalent about expressing ourselves (a part of us wants to be known and another to be hidden) we speak obscurely. We can also code our messages without trying, after all we have been training from early childhood to express ourselves indirectly (e.g. A person’s behavior is observable (phenomenology), a person’s thoughts are not directly observable (only clues are her words and actions), feelings are even more concealed. Welhausen19 What Do Technical Communicators Need to Know about International Environments?Kirk St. The presenting topic may not be the major issue Each person conceals much of himself from others. Everyone travels incognito to some degree. This can result in the speaker talking about one topic while avoiding to speak about something more important or simply she doesn’t come directly to the point.4. They are a fundamental part of our motivation and help determine our direction and purpose in life. Many listeners are easily distracted The listener begins to listen the speaker with interest, the listener’s mind might get bored with the slow pace of conversation and take a mental vacation while the speaker is talking and still get the message.
She checks back with the speaker from time to time and makes appropriate remarks but spends most of the time with her own thoughts.6. Filters distort what the listener hears Everyone has few emotional filters that block or distort messages sent to us. Modern people have to develop a self-protective mechanism to defend themselves from the constant acoustical bombardment of 21st century living. Someone with low self-esteem may expect criticism from others and read that meaning into the most innocent statements.KEYPOINT!!
Since it ‘s so difficult for people to say precisely what is on their minds and in their hearts and since it ‘s so hard to listen without distraction or distortion to what others are saying, we need to check for accuracy in our conversations.

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