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The K-show in Düsseldorf offers many opportunities for effective communications with the market in general and customers in particular.
This year EMG, the only company to specialise in global media and marcoms programmes for the plastics and chemicals industry, is organising a unique short seminar that will help to expand your communications horizons. This event will be held at the K-show to enable participants to network with communication professionals from within the industry.
Before launching Objective Planning in 2011, Justus served in the financial services industry for five years. James has a rich and varied background, working at times as an antiquarian, a pizza delivery driver, and a librarian before discovering his home in the financial industry. The seminar was spearheaded by Justus for the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber, who continues to initiate new programs to design new and exciting opportunities for you to grow your business. Chamber luncheons and evening mixers continue to enjoy success, though the Chamber Networks business referral program is on hiatus as it looks for a new host for the endeavor.
Balasubramaniam is visiting from the Nano Communication Centre, Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland. Abstract: The field of nanotechnology, evolved over the last few decades, has resulted in the ability of engineering novel tools, materials, and components at the molecular and atomic scale, and it is expected to lead to the development of nanoscale machines, or nanomachines. However, a shortcoming of these nanomachines is the limited processing capabilities that allow them to only perform limited tasks. The possibility of constructing bio-compatible communication systems using natural biological cells are at the basis of a plethora of application including, intra-body sensing and actuation as well as targeted drug delivery. The focus of this seminar is on two molecular communication systems, which include bacterial nanonetwork and neuronal nanonetwork. Besides the motility properties of the bacteria, the seminar will also discuss the impact on network performance that result from their social behavior, and in particular through cooperation. In the second part of the seminar on neuronal networks, multi-objective optimization problem for time-based transmission scheduling is discussed.
The applications for each type of molecular communication systems are also briefly discussed, including bacterial nano sensor networks, as well as new opportunities for brain-machine interfaces for bio-hybrid neural interfaces.

The Pittsburgh STEM Learning Ecosystem is connecting young people to STEM learning opportunities across the region. Join the partners of the Pittsburgh STEM Learning Ecosystem for a seminar with The Frameworks Institute to learn about research-based communication and messaging tactics for STEM Learning, its importance, and how formal and informal settings contribute. Frameworks is a national leader in communications research that changes the conversation around social issues. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Remake Learning is a professional network of educators and innovators working together to shape the future of teaching and learning in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. From past February the 5th till 8th took place a Seminar to all the Central-America and Caribbean bishops about Communication «at the service of a real meeting culture». The design team analyses the web design questionnaire you completed, visit your current website, (if you have one) visit your competitors websites.
However if you will like to make amendments, add or change anything on the final design concept we will happily implement the required changes till you are completely satisfied.
13, an Interpersonal Communication Seminar, directed by James Justus of Objective Planning, LLC, is the first in a series of educational seminars designed to help increase the effectiveness of communication skills for business.
He focuses on his client’s objectives to understand what is important to them, and suggests ways of achieving their goals and giving them alternatives they may not have thought about. The chamber’s Business Networking and Education Committee will evaluate and potentially revamp its networking programming. The seminar is hosted by Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Enabling communication between nanomachines could further strengthen their capabilities and provide opportunities for new applications. However, unlike conventional communication systems that communicate through electromagnetic waves or optical light, this paradigm shift requires new design principles that comply with the properties, behavior, and constraints of biological systems.
In the bacterial nanonetwork, we start by defining the physical communication model that can be achieved using flagellated bacteria to carry and transfer DNA encoded information between the nanomachines.

This is followed by a discussion on the use of cooperative communication between the bacteria for localization application. The optimization solution maximizes the transmission of information by considering the constraints and properties of neurons, including their refractory periods, noise, as well as evolving connectivity. Lastly, the seminar presents future perspectives of applying molecular communication for the Internet of Nano Things. This opportunity is provided by the Remake Learning Council, STEM Learning Ecosystem Initiative, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Public Communications for Researchers program. Representing more than 250 organizations, including early learning centers & schools, museums & libraries, afterschool programs & community nonprofits, colleges & universities, ed-tech startups & major employers, philanthropies & civic leaders, Remake Learning is collaborative effort to inspire and empower a generation of lifelong learners in Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and beyond. The seminar, hosted by the Business Networking and Education Committee of the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce, is free to chamber members and $30 (food and drink provided) to non-members. Call him at (615) 926-6200 for more information about the seminar or RSVP through the Chamber at (615) 662-2737. The emerging field of molecular communication aims to enable nanomachines to communicate from an infrastructure that is constructed using biological components and systems that are found in nature.
And he ended reminding that «the Church is not looking for power with communication, but it goes out to look for the people of today, to introduce them the mercy and love of the God that comes to their encounter».The president of CELAM, Monsignor Carlos Aguiar Retes, who prepared a video-message where he introduced the teaching of Pope Francisco, particularly reminded the invitation of the Holy Father to the bishops during the WYD in Rio de Janeiro to «pastoral conversion. A Church full of missionary disciples, who does not look for its own benefit, but serve the needs of our fellow, a nearer Church to promote the meeting». And finally he said that the bishop be «server in his diocese, server in his Church».This Seminar counted on with the involvement of great specialists of the communication came from Italy, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Cuba.

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