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It is our passion and calling to serve and to work with you in human capital development area. We are looking forward to working with you in improving Indonesia professional values and community.
Foster & Bridge Indonesia paves the road to your success and shows you how to drive in that immense highway called business. We present you with a better you, better positions and degrees as the professional you are. Our Nurturing Programs are specially offered for any professionals who wish to build their skills and career path early on. Our Elevating Programs are designed for professionals who would like to take the next steps higher from their current state.
Our Connecting Programs are designed to enhance any professional's personal skills and values.
Having a well developed financial model will allow any companies to perform  better in their market and business environment.
In today’s fast-pace business, many functional managers or supervisors in many organizations have to handle human resources issues as part of their daily job. In the professional world, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been acknowledged by many as one of the key to success factors for career advancement and improvement. Every people manager or team leader has to manage their team to achieve the best-expected outcomes. The objective of this program is to inspire and to equip the participants with the knowledge and techniques on how to become an effective leader through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Every professional and aspired business owner has to develop their plan in building and expanding their business at some point in their career. It is important that you and the people who work with you know the direction where your company is heading. Budgeting Skill for Professionals program is aimed to help professionals and organizations in understanding and exercising basic but necessary aspects in developing their unit budget all the way up to the corporate level. Implementing 5S at Work workshop is filled with exercises and role-playings on how 5S can be implemented in various office environments.

Guide to communicate effectively and to make impact as a Leader Communication skill is one of the most important skills for any supervisors and managers. Research and Community Service Centre (LPPM) LSPR Jakarta held a Program Community Service in the form of Intercultural Communication Competence Training the employees of PT Freeport Indonesia on 18 – 20 November 2014 Tembagapura, Community service program is aimed to build awareness and sensitivity to other cultures which is expected more easily build cooperation among employees of different cultures. Intercultural communication competence training was opened by Yuliana Riana P, MM as Head of Community Service, and at the same time socializing on the ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY 2015.
Yuliana Riana P, MM as Head of Community Service provides Plaques and shirts LSPR Jakarta to Vice President of HR Management PT Freeport Indonesia Miftahuddin Amin. Intercultural Communication Competence Training Participants consisted of 90 employees of PT Freeport Indonesia from various divisions.
The program provides the participants with basic concept and practical knowledge of materials handling & packaging system, and to enhance participants professional competence in their day to day activity to handle the company’s materials in an effective and efficient manner. All Materials personnel who work Warehouse Purchasing, Inventory Control & Operations whom responsible in move and store materials and keeping stocks.
It will help participants in understanding the importance of customer service approach whilst at the same time practices its principles in real-world scenario.
It means they can have better strategic planning, detailed valuation analysis, multi-year budget perspective, or better management of their budget facilities as well as CAPEX programs.
And in order to perform this important mission, they need to understand that they are dealing with people who have their own individual challenges.
By using NLP, it is expected that they can complete their leadership qualities and perform in that role successfully. Changes are ever-present and are affecting us as well as demanding our capability to respond for our continuity. With a clear vision and a well-developed plan they can have a better chance at thriving their endeavor to exist and to compete in the market. Otherwise each of you will develop your own plan and prioritize based on your individual silo that will most probably head for nowhere.
The exercises and role-playings are aimed to have participants to straightforwardly relate the 5S philosophy to the real situations that they encounter at the office. Their ability to convey ideas, influence another, and getting feedbacks is key to their success in their job that eventually creating value for the organization.

Other than that, intercultural communication competence training also improves communication skills in order to support the achievement of success in global business.
By attending this course the participants will have a lot of knowledge and techniques of what, when and how much to move, store and pack materials effectively and efficiently. They will get assurance that this course is a very useful souce of information, which they need in their jobs. The Negotiation Skill for Professionals workshop will provide you with a basic comfort level to negotiate in any situation. It is a staggering number and a challenge for any organizations and management teams to face this reality. And to be able to deal with change, it is important that we embrace, strategize, and manage these changes. My reason to becoming a professional facilitator is simple: I always love to meet new people and exchange knowledge and experience that enrich our journey together. My involvement in training programs could be tracked to as far as 2004, where I was involved with the “Mental Recovery Program” in Aceh.
Most of my friends call me Yunus, while some other friends of mine call me Yunus “The Bear”, if you meet me in person, I believe you’ll understand why. I found that the more experience we have, the easier we fall into the alluring ‘comfort zone’.
This is possible because finance is a key element in the life of an organization, big or small. However, I have been exposed in many strategic development projects that involved not just IT system.

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