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E’ con grande piacere che annunciamo la presentazione di una pubblicazione veramente speciale per la Dante Alighieri di Boston. Siamo a Boston dove ci sono centri formativi di straordinario livello come il Mit, Harvard, Boston University frequentati da tanti italiani, che pero trovano il tempo per sfidarsi tra loro in cucina.
The old Italian woman is speaking in Sicilian and the kid doesn’t understand a word and responds to her grandmother in gibberish trying to imitate her sound. We would like to congratulate all our brilliant students who successfully passed the  PLIDA exams and took the PLIDA certification! Congratulazioni a Joe Castro, Nevila Dhima e Kris Adams per la certificazione PLIDA A1, Maxwell Coen e Jean Locicero Shankle per la certificazione PLIDA A2, Brooke Chamberlain Cook e  Carl Iovanni per la certificazione PLIDA B1,  Scott Sminkey, Henry DeBenedetto, Krysten Modrzejeski per la certificazione PLIDA  B2, Katherine Rao per la certificazione PLIDA B2 e C1! Here are a few pictures of the PLIDA certification ceremony during the last Open House, December 1st 2015. Also, we would like to warmly thank our President, Mr Anthony Cassano for his support, Prof. Congratulazioni a Jean Locicero Shankle per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA A2! Get a sense of what it will be like taking classes at the Dante by attending our winter trimester. Spring Italian lessons have begun and here is an informative final presentation that our long term student Brooke Cook has completed for the B2 level class during the past winter session. Entrambi cominciano con, e dividono, le scene simili … scene che annunciano una societa in declino, con Roma come lo sfondo per questo deprimente messaggio. In entrambi film, ci sono molte scene simili di persone scontente – di persone che parlano molto, ma non dicono nulla, di persone che sono disconnessi da se stessi.

The comparison between the two movies is an indepth look at Italian culture and here at the Dante this is a part of the teaching and learning experience. We at the Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge are conducting research in order to improve our courses of Italian language and culture.
Your answers to this five-minute survey will help us make improvements to the existing level of teaching as well as helping us prioritize new course offerings and cultural activities.
As our current or former student, your opinion matters, and we continue to review and consider each and every comment.
We are diligently working on enhancements based on your suggestions, so please provide us with additional feedback and tell us what you would like to learn and experience at the Dante School. If you complete this survey you will receive an Italian language or culture book as an expression of appreciation for your time and collaboration. The little girl doesn’t speak Sicilian or Italian but she wants to give it a try in a funny way. Cecilia Mattii, Director of the PLIDA program, Sal Bramante, VP of the Dante Alighieri Society and Language Coordinator Maria Cristiano for overseeing the PLIDA Certification Project! Take a picture that creatively showcases what you’re most thankful for about Italy and its culture.
On October 22nd, 2015, the photos with the most votes will be deemed the winners, and each user will be rewarded with their appropriate prize. E per la nostra prossima sessione, non possiamo che augurarvi una buona classe… d’italiano!
Anche se La Grande Bellezza e stato girato in questo millennio, le trame dei due film sono davvero simili.

Please answer each question thoroughly, and do not forget to include information about all of the classes that you have taken at the Dante School, even if they were one year ago. Joe Castro, il presidente Anthony Cassano, la professoresssa Cecilia Mattii e la Language Coordinator Maria Cristiano. She collaborates with various newspapers and several media companies, including Italy’s national public broadcasting company–RAI. Jep e Marcelo sono scrittori, ma sono bloccati e hanno perso la loro capacita di scrivere perche non riescono a trovare se stessi.
She has taught at major Italian universities and since 2007 she has been teaching at Bocconi University.
In 2012 she joined the Hall of Fame Italian Art Directors Club, as the first woman working in the advertising sector over twenty-five years of activity of the Club. Since 2008 she has been managing the “Nuovo e utile” website, a no-profit initiative devoted to theory and practice of creativity. Since 2013 Annamaria is a member of the Board of Directors of “La Permanente” located in Milan. She wrote a book collecting short stories and several essays about creativity and communication.

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