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ISOC has run several customised media relations and writing training sessions for UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company. You will build a foundation of universal techniques to enhance the impact of your writing, then apply them in stimulating exercises across many specialised PR formats. You will master press releases, features, case studies, speeches, website content, blog-posts and more.
This is a universal course designed for learners at different levels and in a range of roles. This course is recommended for PR and communication professionals at all levels who would benefit from an in-depth immersion course to raise the value of their writing skills. Every day follows a hands-on format, revolving around fun and fast-paced writing exercises.
Within each module, best practice and key concepts are covered off in a concise briefing, followed by stimulating learning activities like workshops, discussions, case studies and role-play exercises. This one-day module covers essential writing skills that PR professionals should use daily to amplify the impact of everything they write, from press releases and case studies to emails and blog-posts. Writing for news value: how to weave strong news angles through PR writing in order to grasp attention and drive coverage. This one-day module combines three key competencies: language and technical writing skills, news judgment, and tailoring news writing for the online space.
This one-day module explores hands-on techniques to translate plain good writing into effective writing for the Web.
This one-day module looks beyond the humble press release to harness the wide range of written formats that every PR professional should master. This one-day module covers the specialist techniques of speechwriting, from outlining a well-structured framework to mastering the fine art of rhetoric. Speech planning: strategic approaches and planning techniques to lay the foundations for effective speeches.
Structure and flow: how to outline and structure a speech framework for optimal narrative flow and development of concepts. Training consists of concise briefings on best practice, backed up by interactive learning activities like workshops, role-plays, case study analysis, coaching, brainstorms and structured group discussions.

This course is interesting, intellectually stimulating and delivered in a relaxed and professional style.
All ISOC trainers are hands-on communication professionals with at least 15 years of experience. This course is delivered in an executive boardroom format, not classroom-style, and in a small group no larger than eight people.
ISOC is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council, a UK Government-mandated training standards body. Win Mates and Enlarge Your Social Circles With This Full Tutorial To Transforming Your Interaction Capabilities. Powerful conversation is a vital interpersonal talent and by learning how to constantly enhance ourselves in this space, you can be expecting an innumerable assortment of extended expression gains.
When they become competent communicators, they see enhancements in the effectiveness of almost everything that they do.
You will discover new procedures a lot more successful listening, for inquiring a lot more insightful questions and also for deciphering the non-verbal indicators of many others. First of all I want to thank you sincerely for being here and I hope this will be useful to you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Learning is pitched at a core level, designed to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills. This extended training format focuses intensively on a single set of competencies for five days. You will also receive personal coaching on your writing style – and feel free to bring along any speeches and other that you are working on, if you would like in-depth feedback and guidance. Over the course of five days, you will cover all of the core skills and concepts of writing for PR as well as specialist formats and applications. Your trainer will introduce the concepts clearly, then focus on real-world skills that connect the big picture to your job. Edexcel has audited ISOC’s systems for the design, delivery and management of training and inspects us regularly to assure quality control of all aspects of training and assessment.

All learners who are following CPD schemes can get CPD points from attending ISOC’s courses. Specifically Writing for the Web, the trainer (Felice Hawley) made reference to my website which was incredibly helpful and impressive. Irrespective of whether you are talking to another person, addressing a group or even providing a formal presentation, self-confident communicators will usually love a lot more fulfilling associations with many others.
This enjoyably partaking perform presents a selection of vital conversation ideas that will allow you start speaking a lot more plainly and confidently throughout all parts of your daily life. On completion, you will have all the insights you have to have for speaking with a lot more clarity, confidence and persuasiveness. Courses are updated regularly and trainers are active in the industry so your knowledge will be fresh and relevant. ISOC is owned and managed by Pinnacle International, the world’s largest specialist communications and PR training company.
Edexcel awards two million qualifications every year around the world and has 5,500 education partners in 110 countries. As well as public courses, we provide private and customised programmes including media interview training, presentation training, and multi-year multi-competency postgraduate programmes.
This short lesson is about clarifying the other person’s message before you respond to it. It’s always important to make certain you heard the other person correctly before you respond to what was said. Keep in mind that human beings think they’re saying something other than what they’re really saying over 50% of the time.
Using learned training and development skills, the next time you need to clarify a message, instead of saying, “You said…” try, “I understood” or “I heard” instead. The best way to see how this training can help you achieve your communication goals is to experience it for yourself.

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