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To many, simply moving away to attend a four-year university a few hours away from home is a hard step. This thought, while scary to many, is what drives the study abroad program at Michigan State University, and fuels the education of nearly 3,000 study abroad students.
According to the Institute of International Education Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, 270,604 U.S. According to the office of study abroad’s website, the FSA is intended to help with the college transition, and includes several days of on-campus, pre departure orientation, followed by a two week group travel abroad.
Keller has been on three study abroad trips since starting his education at MSU—his trip to New Zealand, plus trips to Ecuador and Turkey. Other Study Abroad programs besides FSA include co-sponsored programs, which involve the student enrolling at a host institution, and faculty-led programs in which an MSU program leader coordinates all academic and administrative arrangements. Many students rule themselves out as possible study abroad candidates because of financial reasons, but about 72 percent of study abroad participants receive financial assistance.

Costs for each trip and program vary, but often times study abroad trips end up costing less than living on campus. To learn more about the study abroad program at MSU, or to start the application process, more information can be found on their website, and in room 109 in the International Center.
But imagine if the university was more than two or three hours away—it’s in a different country, surrounded by a different culture thousands of miles from where you call home. More than 300 academic programs are available in majors such as education, health, physical sciences and business. Many students utilize the Freshman Seminar Abroad program in order to get a short study abroad experience before starting their freshman year. Despite common speculation, being fluent in the language of the country you are visiting is not often a requirement, and even with the language barrier, most students still learn a vast amount about culture and communication. Co-sponsored trips are recommended for those who have a high level of independence and want a longer abroad experience since they are often semester or year-long trips.

There are several different ways to finance a trip, including financial aid, which makes study abroad affordable for almost any MSU student. Study abroad advisors recommend comparing costs of living from MSU to whatever the desired location is before ruling it out as unaffordable, but plan on a few primary expenses.
We can easily send and receive our documents across the globe within second, using internet. Faculty-led programs are better suited for those wanting more guidance, and a shorter trip—some trips only lasting a few weeks in duration. Download Internet communication coloring printable page and imitate on other page for drawing.

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