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A person who tends to communicate in a direct style will freely share his or her opinion (positive or negative) of a friend's outfit or a meal, point out a mistake made by a sibling, or ask another for help. A person who tends to communicate in an indirect style would not generally do these things, at least not in a way that a person who is used to a direct communication style could understand.
For more information on Communication Styles, please see page 32 of your Host Family Handbook.
We all have our own communication style, and most of us have strength in more than one area. When those who work together understand their own and each others’ strengths, they bring out the best in each other and take more risks, respecting individual differences and developing a stronger team where innovation and productivity flourish.
Because you are introspective (intrapersonal), you understand the deep values inherent in a situation.
Because your strength lies in conceptualizing in words, your explanations and descriptions are naturally clear and precise.

You see the big picture because you are visually-spatially strong and look at situations from an aerial view, seeing the relationships between the different parts of the project.
You usually “get” the symbolic nature of communication and frequently connect a symbol that draws together the important elements in a project. This three minute video explains exactly how the Communication Styles 2.0 model works and how to put it to use to understand yourself and those around you. The secret to bringing out the best in yourself and others is in recognizing communication strength and learning styles.
You use your inner experience as a means of connecting to others and gleaning the purpose behind what is occurring. You understand the sequence of events and have a good grasp of the numbers and how they relate to the flow of a project from beginning to end.
The two axis of communication are explained along with how to solve communication problems.

A direct style of communication is one in which the meaning of what is said is found primarily in the words spoken. Asking for help or pointing out an error may be communicated by story about a friend in a similar situation, or communicated via an intermediary. He is the author of Do You Know What I Mean?—Discovering Your Personal Communication Style. In an indirect style of communication, the meaning is more often derived from factors other than what is said, such as the sender's status relative to the receiver, the context of the situation, and body language.

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