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Our daily lives depend on accurate and efficient communication of information, so let’s improve those skills! It is called Motion Graphics, the art of communicating information via moving text or images.
What to bring: Payment at beginning of class (if paying cash or check), something to take notes, something to drink, and be ready to learn!
Please fill out form below: If you’re planning on coming to any or all classes, please submit the following form so we can contact you to confirm your seat! If you prepaid with Credit Card: You will receive an email shortly confirming your purchase. Those that come early may find themselves entertained by performers from several of the music and dance groups in Liberty Station. We will have separate sections for folks on blankets and folks with chairs so that everyone has a great view of the screen.
Our movie events will be the 2nd Saturday of each month, weather permitting and we will try to lock down the actual movie being shown at least a week before the event. If you're familiar with the concept of "building your brand", then you know it's important to make everything your patients see look the same. All of the Lighthouse 360 message types that can incorporate images (emails, postcards and letters) are fully customizable with images and colors.
I can’t tell you how many comments we have gotten from patients about how much they appreciate the “Last Minute Reminder” texts.
We are Lighthouse 360, a dental software company dedicated to a single philosophy: the only way to ensure the business side of dentistry is run at maximum efficiency and profitability is to install processes that are truly automated. I could be programming but instead today I am playing games and watching television and films. OpenRaster is a file format for layered images, essentially each layer is a PNG file, there is some XML glue and it is all contained in a Zip file. Congratulations to Krita on releasing version 2.9 and a very positive write-up for Krita by Bruce Byfield writing for Linux Pro Magazine. OpenRaster is a file format for the exchange of layered images, and is loosely based on the OpenDocument standard. Also, I updated the PHP version on the hosting side (the hosting company did, I just clicked on the button in the panel). Since you have decentralised version control in the name of git (there are others), couldn't we have the same for a bug tracker? The idea I proposed was something like carrying that metadata in a secondary repository inside that would be linked - or even better, in a different branch. And here goes bug fixing and triaging in a European airport or luxurious hotel wifi with proper access to the whole history.
We are happy to announce that the LibreOffice project has 10 Google Summer of Code projects for this 10th edition of the program.
Being a mentor for Google Summer of Code is yet another interesting experience like being a student.
Hello, dear students!This little blog is to remind you that in a bit more then 24 hours, the student applications for the 10th edition of Google Summer of Code will be closed.
The short: people claiming they don't blog anymore but write lengthy on the closed Google+, a platform that is closed (does not allow to pull the content of RSS), discriminate on names, and in the end just represent the Google black hole as it seems only Google fanboys and employees use it. This also applies to Facebook, Twitter (to a lesser extent, just because of the 140 char limits) and so on. Dear friends!From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your support during the past elections for The Document Foundation Board of Directors. As many who follow the LibreOffice mailing lists know, soon we will have the elections for the Bord of Directors again. I attended in Brussels and it was for me the occasion to meet fellow Mozillians for the first in face to face, and to meet other I had never interacted with. I can't wait to attend the next Mozilla summit, in the mean time I'll attend the Gnome Summit that is being held tomorrow in the city I call home: Montreal.
For one TB, it would take 44 trees, and at 20 pages per minute, it would take 123 days to print the 3.6 millions letter-size single sided pages, at 300dpi, in large-size, using the highest-redundancy QR codes. Now you know how much information we create and how much it would take to make it last longer than the electronic device it is stored on. LibreOffice is sometimes regarded as the Swiss army knife when it comes to opening office file-formats.
Sign-up below for FREE access to my training, The 5 Pillars of Your Best Launch Ever.GET MY FREE TRAININGI hate spam. They found the vector graphics program Sketch was useful to their business, and maintained their own customized version, eventually becoming a project all of their own.
I have always been a fan of Tetris which is a classic, but I am continuing to play an annoyingly difficult game, that to be honest, I am not sure I even enjoy all that much, but it is strangely compelling.
The MyPaint team are doing great work, making progress towards MyPaint 1.2, I encourage you to give it a try, build it from source or check out the nightly builds. Hopefully other applications will be encouraged to take another look at implementing OpenRaster.
I'm amused by his comment comparing Krita to "the cockpit of a fighter jet" and although there are some things I'd like to see done differently* I think Krita is remarkably clear for a program as complex as it is and does a good job of balancing depth and breadth.
I previously wrote about how a little extra XML can make a file that is both OpenRaster and OpenDocument compatible. The OpenRaster specification is small and relatively easy to understand, essentially each layer is represented by a PNG image, and other information is contained written in XML and it is all contained in a Zip Archive.
Despite the fact that OpenDocument is a huge standard the minimum requirements for a valid OpenDocument file comes down to just a few files. Also there would be an equivalent to cgit to serve this data in a web interface and probably a few new git commands. We had some time to look at the changes in file-format and we adapted libcdr to be able to open it.
It was a nice memory going through all the 23 excellent proposals for AbiWord and reviewing them as a mentor, during the night at our annual trip at Kandalama.
It is always better to submit an imperfect proposal before the deadline then to miss the deadline by 5 minutes with perfect proposal.
The inimitable Caolán asked whether anybody considered writing an import filter for AbiWord document format. The summit is where contributors paid (employees) or not (volunteers) meet and discuss the future of Mozilla and how we are gonna help shape the web. I'm reaching my two years as a Mozillian (and paid contributor) and I see a huge value in this. In the mean time you can watch that set on Flickr that contain the stuff I posted on Instagram almost immediately, as well that the Flickr group Mozilla Summit 2013 I created to pool the pictures from other users (feel free to add yours if you haven't already). With Mike and Alan we were discussing information entropy and backups and devised the craziness of doing a hard drive backup onto paper, using QR Codes. Those files used to open fine in early versions, but they miss a crucial element. Although it might be a slight exaggeration, it is a point of honour of the development team to try to allow users to load into the suite as many of their documents as possible. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
I'm not involved with SK1 Print Design myself but I do follow their newsfeed on Facebook, where they regularly post information about their work.
My preference is for OpenRaster to continue to borrow from OpenDocument and use the same format meta.xml file, but that can be complicated.
The code has been tidied to conform to the PEP8 style guide, with only 4 warnings remaining, and they are all concerning long lines of more than 80 characters (E501). You do not need to wait for the next release, or for your distribution to eventually package that release you can benefit from this change immediately.
The OpenRaster specification is small and relatively simple, but it does not do everything, so what happens if a developer wants to do something not covered by the standard? And I haven't done due diligence in searching if something already existed but I like crazy ideas. And since I clearly think I am the best of them, I am writing this to ask you to vote for me. I found that we have a very friendly and vibrant community, spread across the globe, people passionate about the web, passionate about the users and the future of the web, from developers, designers, artists, translators to evangelist, marketing and administrative support. Every major release from the first LibreOffice 3.3 came with new and improved import filters, often for file-formats that are under-documented, if any documentation can be found at all.
They have added import and export support for a variety of Colour Palettes, including SOC (StarOffice Colours, i.e. Each area has their own jargon but are very similar, the biggest difference is that games will intentionally make things difficult.

One downside though is that the resulting OpenRaster files with vector layers are incompatible with most existing programs. Rather than taking the time to write a whole lot of code and waiting do metadata the best way, I found another way that is good enough, and expedient. What if you want to include metadata?How about doing it the same way as OpenDocument, it does not have to be complicated. The result of these two extra files, a few kilobytes of extra XML, is that the image is both OpenRaster AND OpenDocument "compatible" too.
So, there are no valid excuses remaining not to use it and not to contribute to the world domination that is the ultimate destiny of the Document Liberation Project.Standing on the shoulders of giantsBut the first release of a new framework would be empty without mentioning those on shoulder of whom we stand. So, the very evening, a skeleton was written and libabw, a library to read AbiWord file-format, started. In hindsight using Lazpaint would have been easier than taking a flat image and editing it to recreate the layer information I wanted.
Better games go to great lengths to make the difficulties challenging without being frustrating, gradually increasing the difficulty as they progress, and engaging the user without punishing them for mistakes.
After a small change to the OpenRaster plugin for The GNU Image Manipulation Program, it will also allow non-PNG layers. MyPaint 1.0 was one of the few programs that managed to open the file at all, presenting an error message only for the layer it was not able to import. I think ordinary users will find it useful -- which is the most important thing -- to be able to round-trip metadata in the OpenRaster format, so despite my reservations about creating code that might discourage developers (myself included) from doing things a better way in future I am choosing the easy option. For some bizarre reason the Python developers choose to make things ugly by default, and neglected to include any line breaks in the XML. Different software does different things, users can mix and match (and if they can't that is a different and bigger problem). OpenDocument already cleverly reused the existing Dublin Core (dc) standard for metadata, and includes a file called meta.xml in the zip container. It cleverly reuses many existing standards, avoiding repeating old mistakes, and building on existing knowledge.OpenRaster can and should reuse more from OpenDocument. Admittedly it is an extremely small tiny subset of OpenDocument but it allows a small intersection between the two formats.
First we would love to thank Will Lachance and Mark Maurer for having started more then 10 years ago the development of libwpd.
Many students were also seen in the irc meeting to check whether they have been accepted for multiple organizations, and in that case, where are they going to work for their summer.
It was pretty exciting to write -- after a host of libraries for file-formats that are not documented anywhere -- a filter for a file-format of our cousin. I was just trying to contribute to libwpd which is the horse-power of our WordPerfect import and the integration was an interesting thing to contribute to. Then get the zipmerge tool that comes with libzip, and merge the manifest into the corresponding SXW file. Many internal filters, like the MS Word filter, use a direct way of communicating with LibreOffice.
Come hear other enthusiasts talk about hardware, designing content, and anything else related to virtual reality! For users who already have CorelDraw this should allow them to reuse their existing Pantone palettes.
The code had to be changed in any case, it needed to at least give a warning that non-PNG layers were not being loaded, instead of quietly dropping them.
It is this library and its wise interface design that allowed us to move incrementally to the current framework. There was a hope that existence of a reference implementation whose source code is widely accessible would make the endavour easy. That is the reason that all elected bodies of The Document Foundation have the 30 per cent rule, where no more then 30 per cent of any body can have the same affiliation. Close to that, David Tardon of RedHat fame added a library to parse Keynote files and a library to convert different e-book file-formats. They import the document directly into the internal structures that represent those documents. These classes are held in Liberty Station, San Diego, where Instructor Otto Lai will guide artists through exercises of varying difficulty.
Essentially the presentation explains that a game can be improved significantly without adding any core features. It would be great if OpenRaster could be extended to include vector layers and more features but it will take some careful thought and planning. One of those standards is XMP, the eXtensible Metadata Platform originally created by Adobe Systems, which used the existing Dublin Core metadata standard to create XML packets that can be inserted inside (or alongside) an image file. The code has also been changed so that many optional tags are included if and only if they are needed, so if you ever do need to read the raw XML it should be a lot easier.
This is the easy part, it gets more complicated if you want to do more than import and export within the same program. Thank you guys, you know that without you we would be nowhere!Besides your servant, David Tardon, and Valek Filipov, we would love to single out a discrete person, who speaks little but codes a lot. Hence this becomes the 6th consecutive year for AbiWord to participate in Google Summer of Code! In the same spirit, the election system was designed the way that it is technically impossible for anybody to know how a given member voted.
The advantage of this approach is the lack of intermediary: the document is immediately understood by the application and no additional processing is needed. The game functionality remains simple but the usability and playability is improved, providing a fuller more immersive experience. It can be challenging enough to create a new and useful feature, planning ahead or trying to keep backwards compatibility makes matters even more complicated. The existing code creates an XMP packet, let's call it packet.xmp and include it in the OpenRaster file. I am not even talking about the OpenDocument Graphics (.odg) specifically but more generally than that. It is Laurent Alonso, without whom we would never be able to recover a huge amount of old MacIntosh documents.
I wish the 5 students who got selected a great summer of code with AbiWord, and I hope they will continue to be a long term contributors even after their summer. Nonetheless, a huge part of the work was still figuring out what is permitted in AbiWord and how a change of one parameter affects the rendering of a document. From the experience with the "old good times" of, it was obvious that corporate influence can do a lot of harm and skew the elections in a considerable way.
The disadvantage is that this approach requires an intimate knowledge of the internal structures used and has thus a steep learning curve.
The animation added to the game is not merely about showing off, but provides a great level of feedback and interactivity.
There's a little more code to the load the information back in and users should be able to go to menu File, Properties and in Properties dialog go to the tab labelled Advanced to view (or set) metadata.
The currently selected layer is marked to the OpenRaster file, and also if a layer is edit locked. The code is Pinta OraFormat.cs is freely available on GitHub under the same license (MIT X11) as Pinta. It is a small bit of compatibility that is not important by itself but being part of the larger group could be useful.
At the same time, I should also note that, we had to miss a few nice students as we have only 5 slots. Other thing to find out was how to map the concepts in the ABW files into the libwpd API that is heavily influenced by ODF concepts.But the date of the start meant that soon came the Christmas and with it a possibility to spend some free time on the library.
We managed quite recently to bootstrap a vibrant community of filter-writers and the the amount of supported file-formats will only grow.Between 2007 and 2013, I was highly blessed to be working on LO as my day-job, employed by Novell, then SUSE.
And even if the rule of 30 per cent is in place, it might be hard for a election officer or for a MC member to stand strong before a corporate pressure. We created a new library, librevenge where we also added as sub-libraries the (structured) stream implementations that used to be in libwpd-stream, as well as several classes that the libraries used to copy and paste between them. Theme music and sound effects also add to the experience, and again provide greater feedback to the user. This approach may not be particularly useful to users who want to get their information out into other applications such as MyPaint or Krita (or Drawpile or Lazpaint) but it at least allows them not to lose metadata information when they use OpenRaster. If you are sending files to MyPaint it will correctly select the active layer, and recognize which layers were locked. The community gravitating around LibreOffice creates is caring, encouraging and creates the right environment to foster innovation.Last but not least, our thanks go to The Document Foundation that did not hesitate to take us under its umbrella and provide all the necessary institutional support.How to contributeNow a new phase starts and you can be part of it! And this was the reason why we chose a design that makes it impossible even for the election officer to know whom you voted for.

The structured stream implementations support now both OLE2 and Zip containers and the relevant libraries assume this.
This intimate learning environment in Liberty Station, San Diego is limited to only 6 students, so reserve your spot now!
The difference between the game at the start and at the end of the presentation is striking, stunning even. The GNU Image Manipulation Program already allows paths to be exported in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. I am not suggesting that flashy animation or theme music is a good idea for every application but (if the toolkit and infrastructure already provided is good enough) it is worth reconsidering that a small bit of "juice" like animations or sounds effect could be useful, not just in games, in any program. All paths are exported to a single file, paths.svg and are imported back from that same file. If you are a developer and want to modify or reuse the code, it is published under the ISC License. I've a few other changes that are almost ready but I'm concerned about compatibility and maintainability so I'm going to take a bit more time before releasing those changes. But if you believe that we are the closest to its realization, please join the filter-writing fun! I have no monetary interests of any kind in LibreOffice and, if elected, I will take decisions only and only considering the good of the project as such.The advantage of my election would be that I am part of various native language communities. No need in this case to understand the LibreOffice internals apart from some hundred lines of boilerplate code that are documented in various places.
There are annoying bad examples too but when done correctly it is all about providing more feedback for users, and helping make applications feel more interactive and responsive.
I speak several languages and can understand the aspirations of the corresponding communities. In the current stable branches, all of the libraries that convert graphics file-formats contain an SVG generator and they rely on its presence in several cases for things like fills with vector graphics. For a very simple example I have seen a many users accidentally switch from Insert to Overwrite mode and not know how not get out of it, and unfortunately many things must be learned by trial and error.
Users can get the updated plugin immediately from the OpenRaster plugin gitorious project page. Besides that, I was part of the Membership Committee from 2010 and the last year, I was its Chairman. LibreOffice is able to load this kind of representation as if it was loading an ODF document.XSLT filtersThe easiest way to write a filter for an XML-based file-format is using the XSLT filter dialogue. Abiword changes the shape and colour of the cursor (from a vertical line to a red block) and it could potentially also provide a sound effect when switching modes.
There is lots more that could be done behind the scenes, but for ordinary users I do expect any changes as noticeable as these for a while. In this quality, I was able to push forward my vision of diverse and open and inclusive community that goes beyond personal sympathies or aversions. We modified the design of this class the way that each atrribute can have as a value either a simple property or an array of RVNGPropertyList element.
We can promise you that you will have a lot of fun in the growing community of LibreOffice filter writers. I considered (and implemented) a more complicated approach that included changes to stack.xml, where raster layers were stored as one group, and paths (vectors layers) as another group. The API classes are even more flexible and future-proof, since extending the information passed in the different callbacks will not modify function signatures.Quality improvementAlthough the relevant libraries were quite extensively regression-tested in the past, the new librevenge extends the coverage of unit tests.
This approach was better for exporting information that was compatible with MyPaint but as previously mentioned, the files were not compatible with any other existing programs. We hope that this helps us to keep under control the basic functionalities without having to use the heavy regression tests on each commit.Other effort is to avoid to copy in the API calls huge data structures.
To ensure OpenRaster files that are back compatibility it might be better to always include a PNG file as the source for every layer, and to find another way to link to other types of content, such as text or vectors, or at some distant point in the future even video.
This effort will result in some performance improvements especially if a document contains a lot of shapes that are filled by different bitmap fills.When will it be ready?When it is ready!
For example the EPUB format reuses the Open Packaging Framework (OPF) standard, any pages can be stored in multiple formats, so long as it includes a fallback to another format, ending with a fallback to a few standard baseline formats (i.e. For instance, the extensions for the files in Microsoft Excel 2003 XML file-format will end typically with extensions xml or xls. This last field is optional and you can leave it empty if you desire.Picture 3The next tab is the actual information about the XSL transformations that will do the conversion. The XSLT filters typedetection will scan for the string you enter there in the first 4000 bytes of the file.
Since the typedetection searches for this string only in those first 4000 bytes, it is necessary to assure that the string one specifies can be found invariably in the very beginning of the file. If this field remains empty, LibreOffice will know that you filter is not an export filter. There are already several filters bundled with LibreOffice that do conversion only in one direction. For instance, the XHTML filters or the MediaWiki filter are used only to export to the corresponding file-formats.You also have the option to specify the default template for filters that import from file-formats that don't carry style information.
For instance, the bundled DocBook filter uses a template to specify styles of different outline levels. They are much simpler and, because of the performance issues of other xslt processors out there, LibreOffice uses under the hood libxslt. Despite of the migration of the XSLT engine to a relatively fast libxslt, the use of xsl transforms on large document can be relatively slow. Another disadvantage is that the transforms are not really good at converting documents where the concepts of the source and target file-formats cannot be easily mapped.XFilter frameworkThe XFilter framework is the other way to integrate import filters with LibreOffice.
In fact the previous XSLT-based filters use an intermediary layer that uses this framework too.
The advantage of using the XFilter framework directly is the use of higher lever programming languages that allow much easier mapping of incompatible concepts, parsing of documents in several passes, as well as much more complex processing of gathered information.
Moreover, this is the way to use if you need to write a filter for a file-format that is not XML-based, since the XSLT-based filters cannot be use to convert binary document file-formats.The use of the XFilter framework is a bit more complicated then the use of the XSLT-based filter dialogue. We will examine the steps needed for a typical import filter using the example of the recently added Microsoft Publisher filter in LibreOffice 4.
This name is important because the file-type and a corresponding filter are linked using it. For export filters, the flag is EXPORT and both flags are present for a bi-directional filter. The ALIEN flag is indicating that the filter handles a non-native file-format from the point of view of LibreOffice.
When used with EXPORT flag, on export to the given file-format, it will trigger a dialogue warning about a possible data loss.The FilterService property specifies the service that will be used for converting of the document. It is necessary that it corresponds exactly to the implementation name of your import filter. This value is important because it must correspond to the oor:name attribute of the corresponding file-type description. It is necessary that the the name of the file-type starts with the indication of the receiving application. In the Extensions property, semi-colon separated values indicate possible extensions for file of the given file-format.
In the case of an export filter, the first extension in the list is used for saving with automatic file-extension enabled. The other element that links the file-format with the corresponding filter is the PreferredFilter property.
As to the UIName, it specifies the way the document format will be referenced in the list of file-formats in the file-picker.Now we finished the crafting of the configuration files.
Our filter not only converts from Microsoft Publisher files, but is also able to determine whether a given document is a file-format it can import.
On success of the filtering operation, the filter function should return true and false on failure. There is one difference, we will keep the reference of the TypeName property, so that we can fill it with the name of the type in case we detected it.
The detect function should fill the variable sTypeName with the right string in case the detection was successful.

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