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Note that Text A (which is carton based) can also be cut up and used as a sequencing activity for lower levels – not as easy as it looks!
Having compared and discussed the features of a few celebrity interview articles from a range of magazines, learners choose a celebrity (or star) who they would like to interview. The print quality of this resource may be low as it is a cut, pasted and scanned (very useful) document. I used it by discussing each of the screens with learners and then having them work through the reading text and the accompanying exercises.

Designed with L1 Functional English students in mind, the lesson can lead in to further discussion about crime, security, safety etc. Disclaimer: Data on this website is only for information and can’t be used for any legal purposes. Gebruik van deze website is onderworpen aan onze Gebruiksvoorwaarden en aankopen zijn onderworpen aan onze Verkoopvoorwaarden. The PowerPoint presentation was used as a quiz to see if learners could recognise the flooded places and to encourage discussion leading onto the reading work.

This can incorporate IT skills (Word template provided below) or can be done with paper, card and pens. The task aims to encourage learners to work in small groups to discuss what each phrase really means and therefore explore the different interpretations that other people have of them.

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