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The flourishing market place for mobile networks has meant that the telecommunication companies are making their largest profits from this sector of the industry.
This programme is intended for graduates in engineering or science-related disciplines, such as Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Control, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, who are seeking advanced knowledge and specialised skills in wireless communication systems. Students will develop an advanced level of knowledge and a variety of specialised skills which will include practical experience and professional training of the subject. This programme is taught in our InfoLab21 building, one of the UK’s leading centres of ICT excellence in research and education.

Students will be given the opportunity to work closely with some of the Companies housed in the KBC for their industrial placement: a three-week work experience scheme that complements our master programmes. Lancaster University's priority is to support every student in making the most of their education. Students will take part in a blend of academic courses with the opportunity for practical experience and professional training, all of which can be applied to a research or industrial career in mobile and wireless communications.
Students taking this programme will gain the ability to apply theoretical concepts to practical scenarios defined by companies, as well as developing a working knowledge in a wide spectrum of wireless communication systems, telecommunications and signal processing.

InfoLab21 also houses the Knowledge Business Centre (KBC), a business incubation and knowledge transfer suite that provides a close link between research and industry in mobile, wireless communications and computing technologies.
Whilst many of the modules start from the basic concepts, which ensures that students can progress well even without a strong background in communications, advanced concepts of communication systems will be focused, which will equip students with a state-of-the-art-understanding for modern wireless communications.

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