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The key difference in the use of a Stakeholder Communication Matrix as part of a business analysis plan is in the types of communications activities that occur and the outputs that are communicated. As you can see, the two efforts are very similar and complementary.  They just have different focuses on what is being communicated.
By ensuring that stakeholders have the information they need or want, the BA helps to ensure they are supportive of the analysis effort and will make the necessary time and resources available to ensure it is successful.  Additionally, by keeping everyone informed throughout the process, the BA has a higher likelihood of understanding when additional time is needed for the analysis, or scope change discussions need to occur, or other unforeseen issues arise (as they always do). A solid communication plan that is both effective and agreed to by the stakeholders is a key factor in ensuring a successful result for the analysis effort.
The Matrix usually takes the form of a table with stakeholders along the left horizontal side, and communications activities and tasks that across the top of the table.

The Stakeholder Identification entry in this wiki has additional information on this, and you may also want to look at the entries for Stakeholders, Stakeholder Analysis, and Stakeholder Management. Create the business analysis plan.  You need to know what you want to do as part of your business analysis effort before you can plan your communications. A Stakeholder Communications Matrix is an easy to understand resource that is easily shared and used to set expectations.
It also acts a reference for the business analyst to make sure they are communicating with stakeholders in the best way possible, which not only improves the quality of the business analysis effort, it also increases the stakeholder willingness to participate. As part of your business analysis efforts, make sure to regularly check if anyone has any suggested changes to the communications plan.

Notes and indications fill out the rest of the table indicating what stakeholders will be taking part in different communications activities, and which stakeholders need to included in different communications results.
This ensure continuous stakeholder buy-in and may help identify missing stakeholders who should be communicated with.
For example, rather than putting the date in the table, you could put the date as part of the communication even and track the different types of participation for different stakeholders (some might be physically present, some might virtually present and seeing a shared screen, and some might only be on the phone).  The idea is to make sure the matrix has the level of detail that both you AND your stakeholders need to feel comfortable with the communications plan.

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