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A crucial area of study, the extreme importance of communications has been evident throughout the ages. Covering a wide range of aspects, our school offers a pleasant variety of courses based in communications. Commissioners approve expending $5,000 out of the TIF funds to go toward a study of the county's emergency communications. FARMINGTON - First responders are hoping that a federal grant and tax increment finance funding will allow Franklin County to better understand and address the region's emergency communication issues. County commissioners unanimously approved expending $5,000 out of the TIF district's emergency communication planning fund, with the money to go toward paying for a study of Franklin County's emergency communications system. Wilton, for example, continues to struggle to make consistent contact with the dispatch center.
Commissioner Clyde Barker reported that he had spoken with Strong Fire Chief Duayne Boyd Monday and learned that firefighters were unable to hear anything but tones from the dispatch center.
Wheeler said that dispatchers and their IT support would continue trying to address issues, but Franklin County's hilly terrain presented a significant obstacle.
That was why comprehensive, county-wide consideration of the issue was necessary, Wheeler said.
The remainder would hopefully be paid for through a $69,000 federal Department of Homeland Security grant, according to Franklin County Emergency Management Agency Director Tim Hardy. The county also has roughly $150,000 in TIF funds to expend on emergency communication improvements, County Clerk Julie Magoon said, but could only use that money if a plan was developed.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. STAMFORD, CT — With three years of data from more than 500 professional communicators, North Star Communications Consulting today shared results of its 2013 Communications Competency Study, and three-year trends the consultancy has collected. Approximately 200 professional communicators participated in the 2013 survey in June and July of this year. New to this year’s survey, North Star asked respondents to specify which competencies had been identified for them by their employers. When asked to identify the training and development area where they needed the most support, survey respondents identified social and digital media as the number-one need, followed by strategic planning and leadership. The smaller the enterprise, chances are communicators will have fewer tools and fewer specifics on how to progress in their careers, the 2013 study shows. Specifically, those working for companies with revenues between $500 million and $1 billion report the lowest scores for having specifics on progression through competencies and having tools to assess themselves.

North Star began studying communications competency development with its first study in 2011, and now has two additional years of data to illustrate trends over time.
Versus the 2013 survey results, the three-year averages on several core questions are strikingly consistent. Where there is a larger variance is in the availability of tools to assess communications talent against stated competencies.
The largest variance is in the area of training tied to established competencies within the last three years.
North Star Communications’ 2013 competency survey was administered from June 23 through July 30 to about 200 professional communicators from North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
We were commissioned to develop and produce a high impact children focused fund raising brochure to promote the charity's work to potential sponsors, introduce the Star technology, its funding requirements and how the money would be spent. First Year Results From Marketing Evolution’s ROI Brain Solution. Cox is a multi-billion dollar MSO, telephony and data provider and the third largest cable provider in the United States.
Critically analyzed first by the Greeks and then by the Romans, communications has grown into a truly expansive subject, extending its influence throughout many other fields of study, from business to linguistics, therapy to economics, forensics to history. Students can look into either survey or more focused courses in the areas of visual and mass communication, which expand upon ethical journalism and advertising, such as electronic technologies like the computer, television, and radio. From short-term options, such as one month Summer and January Intersession programs, to semester and academic year programs of study, students are certain to find a program that suits their specific needs, budgets and interests. Left to right is Commissioner Gary McGrane of Jay, Commissioner Fred Hardy of New Sharon and Commissioner Clyde Barker. The study would focus on the development of a comprehensive, county-wide communications plan, according to Dispatch Director Stan Wheeler, as well as specific improvements to address ongoing issues throughout Franklin County. Wheeler said that Police Chief Heidi Wilcox had recently told him that in four or five cases, officers had been unable to contact dispatchers.
That forced them to call the center to learn the nature and location of the emergency, Barker said, adding that he had heard of issues in Phillips and Rangeley as well.
Recently, Wheeler said, local officials had contacted four vendors associated with emergency communications, seeking ideas to improve the system. Remaining funds, after the study was conducted, could be used to begin implementing specific suggestions, Hardy said. TIF funding is a product of the 2008 agreement between the county and TransCanada, regarding that company's Kibby wind power project. At that point, commissioners will likely be asked to approve funding the communication study.

The vast majority of them (82%) report their employers have identified specific communications competencies that professionals should continuously develop.
Those working for companies with annual revenues below $5B reported having fewer tools to assess their competencies, less detail on how to progress through their competencies and fewer discussions with their managers on where they are in their proficiencies. For example, 80% of communicators reported having competencies identified over the 3 years of data (vs 82% in 2013); and 54% of survey takers said their employers had articulated progression through those skill sets (versus 48% in 2013). The 2013 data shows only 41% of communicators having access to these tools, versus the three-year-average of 48%. The vast majority of survey respondents completed the survey at the 2013 IABC World Conference in New York City, June 24-June 26, 2013.
North Star Communications Consulting’s mission is to guide its clients to communications solutions and skill development that help them deliver optimal business results. Their current CMO, Mark Greatrex, is a firm believer in a strong analytical approach to marketing. Especially in the Renaissance of Italy and then in the North, with the introduction of the printing press and the consequent outpouring of books and other literature, mass communications catapulted this art to an unforeseen importance in the world. Documentary photography, visual semiotics, and public relations are treated as highly communicative tools, and film - both Italian and international - is an object of great critical and analytical attention. More troubling, two of those incidents involved officers calling for backup as they actively worked to arrest a suspect. They received four, different answers, Wheeler said, including one to change the entire operation over to microwave transmissions. As in previous years survey results, the detail that goes into those competency descriptions is far less disciplined. Named the #1 CMO in America for a private company by ExecRank, Greatrex reached out to Marketing Evolution, having worked with them previously when he was the SVP of Global Still Beverages at Coca-Cola.
The county's emergency communications committee, comprised of members of local first responder agencies, did not have the expertise to evaluate the suggestions, he said. Only 58% of communicators this year report that they understand how to progress through their competencies – meaning the details in the definitions don’t give them clear guidance on how to move from basic proficiency to more advanced capabilities.
Product review sites, ratings, discussion groups, Facebook petitions, blogs, mobile price comparison applications (apps), You Tube demonstrations (positive and negative videos) and Flickr photos: these are social media tools.

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