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Riviera Paddlesurf presents their inaugural SUP development team (L to R) Alex Higginson, Tyler Jones, Shae Foudy, Reese Schwab, Conrad Rojas, Daniel Russell, coach Mike Eisert and Nick Scheel. Riviera Paddlesurf, a San Clemente-based business led by owner Brad Rambo, on November 30 announced the launch of their new stand-up paddle training program for local youth. A select group of promising SUP racing athletes from south Orange County was chosen to be part of the company’s inaugural development team.
Riviera held a launch event at their warehouse to kick off the program and to present the kids with new stand-up paddleboards and products from supporting sponsors to use during their training. Eisert’s watersports experience includes coaching as well as national and international level competition in flat water sprint Olympic kayaking, rowing and outrigger canoe paddling. Riviera is looking to expand the program for the spring season by offering additional opportunities and levels of training for other interested athletes. Driver Solutions began more than 10 years ago and is a company that specializes in training and placing inexperienced truck drivers with well-known trucking companies. Driver Solutions has brought together trucking companies and truck driving schools to form the "Driver Solutions Network". You’ll need to qualify for a driving position with a network trucking company and complete the CDL training program. Driver Solutions has developed a wide network of trucking schools to place you with and upon comletiong, will help find the company that's a good fit for you. The companies that Driver Solutions work with have hiring requirements which are about average for the trucking industry.
The CDL schools are located in several different areas and they will find the best match for you based on your home area. While some schools want you to obtain your CDL permit before arriving, Driver Solutions prefers if you hold off and let them help you in taking the exams to obtain your permit. And even though you do not need to have a US Passport or any additional endorsements for the companies that Driver Solutions works with, we highly recommend you obtain a passport and all endorsements. We have an awesome set of tools that will help you understand the trucking industry and prepare for a great start to your trucking career.
TruckingTruth was founded by Brett Aquila (that's me!), a 15 year truck driving veteran, in January 2007. First, through developing a handcrafted, branded and sustainable “specialty” box to house the AZLearn implementation materials. Second, Broadstreet was initially tasked with developing a creative vehicle to deliver the AZLearn system, but ended up transforming the foundation materials in the process. If the average injection molder (that does not have a formal training program) were to add up all of the mistakes and inefficiencies that could be quickly corrected with formalized training, they would be very surprised. If you don’t have formal training, it would be very worthwhile to take an inventory of your injection molding or extrusion or blow molding training program and calculate what it is truly costing your company. The smart processors know exactly what they are spending on training and have a very good idea of their ROI.
It is a huge missed opportunity and one that, in the long run, will weed out the inefficient processors from the top 20% of plastics manufacturing plants. Take a few minutes and see if your training program(s) can measure up to the inevitable increased competition that the future is bringing.
I work as a mold Tech trainer on a full time basis for a high profile injection molding company. Supporting sponsors include Ocean Minded sandals, Zinka Sunscreen, Kaenon Sunglasses and Hinano clothing, said Riviera sales manager Brandon Rambo. As head coach he will be joined by a team of mentors and assistant coaches that includes athletes, ocean safety professionals, environmental advocates, parents, teachers and other community leaders. Through the Driver Solutions Network, you can learn to drive a truck by attending a company sponsored CDL training program and when you graduate with a CDL, you’ll go to work for the trucking company that paid for your training. Rather, they act as the middle man to help you obtain education at a truck driving school, obtain your CDL, then place you with one of two trucking companies.
In fact, the trucking company that hires you will sponsor your truck driving school training and cover your upfront training tuition costs. Not only that, but everything we offer here at TruckingTruth is 100% free - no strings attached! After 15 years on the road I wanted to help people understand the trucking industry and everything that came with the career and lifestyle of an over the road trucker. We've all wondered if the adventure and challenges of life on the open road would suit us better than the ordinary day to day lives we've always known. As a Louisville native, she trained at several different dance schools including Ellena€™s School of Dance and the University of Louisville Dance Academy. She has performed professionally with Anna Sapozhnikova€™s MOYAMO DANCE, Gordon Dance Projects, Rachel James, jan street dance theatre, and as a company soloist with Art!
Originally wanting to become a ballerina, she quickly changed her path as she was inspired by Isadora Duncan strength and resilience. In residence at Radford University and Pulaski Dance Producation, they have been presented in dance festivals throughout the country and abroad including the United States of Asian American Festival and Pro Danza Italia. She grew up doing all styles of dance in a local studio and went on to major in dance at James Madison University. She studies ballet, pointe, jazz, and modern at Allegro Dance Theatre in Radcliff, Kentucky.
A He received both his Masters and Bachelors of Arts from University of Dayton and has had an eclectic training in dance including Dunham, Cunningham and Safety Release techniques. Her three-part work journeys through different moods, ranging from languid to energizing and powerful.
She is currently assistant choreographer, pilates trainer, and company member for MamLuft&Co. Amber completed her studies as a dance major at the Youth Performing Arts School and has trained with the University of Louisville Dance, the Louisville Ballet School, Monsters of Contemporary, and various master classes.
Powell is a graduate of Wittenberg University where she studied both Dance and Political Science. She attended Goucher College where she received her BA in Dance Cum Laude with a concentration in choreography.

She has been studying dance for over 10 years, her studies ranging from Irish dance to modern. She has been dancing since the age of 3 at her home studio in Hagerstown, Maryland and was a member of the Potomac Classical Youth Ballet Company during her teenage years.
Pre-professionally, she studied with the Gary Geis Dance Company, in Springfield, Oh, and currently teaches for the GGDC 1st & 2nd companies in modern dance technique.
She has studied dance with the University of Louisville Dance Academy, the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville and Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.
After 4 years back in Louisville, Lew is starting to feel like he is fitting back into the community and he appreciates Moving Collective and LDA for helping with that. She received a BA from Haverford College and an MA in religion and literature from Yale Divinity School; she has also studied and taught high school English classes in France, Germany, and Austria.
Katie is currently a senior student at Bellarmine University.A  She will graduate in May 2013 with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
From a training perspective, the instructions needed become more “user-friendly.” Broadstreet assessed and reworked each piece’s process structure, content and level of instruction to ensure successful post-delivery. It has inspired a new way of managing rollouts across various brands and departments, as well. We are surprised at how often it is the lower level production floor employees that inquire about our training programs. Here at Paulson we have a lot of data that backs up an ROI of 6 months or less for a modest investment in a proven on-going training program. We'll help you make the right choices and prepare for a great start to your trucking career. At TruckingTruth we'll help you decide if trucking is right for you and help you get your career off to a great start. Professionally she has performed with VEE Corporationa€™s Sesame Street Live, La Comedia Dinner Theater, and Six Flags KY Kingdom along with this being her 7th Moving Collective Concert. Since then danah has performed and presented choreographic work in festivals throughout the country and abroad. She has had the opportunity to work with numerous talented choreographers such as Shane Oa€™Hara, the late Ed Tyler, Donald Laney, Adrienne Clancy, Meisha Bosma, and many others.
She came to the Cincinnati area after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Akron, where she was the recipient of multiple scholarship awards and studied modern, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and dance composition.
Since then she has studied at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Louisville Ballet School, and is currently a student and member of Dance Theater at The University of Louisville Dance Academy. Her instructors include Carol Zagar, Dale Brannon, Kathy Sawyer Holtgrave, Tamara Begley and Theresa Bautista. In the summer of 2010 she worked as an assistant choreographer and instructor at Stagedoor Manor in New York working on Avenue Q, Evita, and Guys and Dolls.
Emily served as a faculty member at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for six years, teaching ballet, modern, tap and jazz to adults and children as young as two. Nicole graduated from Butler High School in 2007 where she was in the musical theatre program.
She grew up dancing at Diana Evans School of Dance and attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2007 by Director, Jeanne Mam-Luft, the company has a charge to make progressive and palpable dance that is both accessible and affordable to the general public. She has trained with David Dorfman, Lisa Race, and Jennifer Nugent at the American Dance Festival, as well as the Susan Marshall Company and Tricia Gelmini; she is also a former member of Rhythm in Shoes.
After graduating, Elena moved to Dayton, OH where she danced for SMAG Dance Collective under the direction of Michael Groomes.
Since at Radford she has studied and performed multiple works with the outstanding faculty at RU. Recently, Jessica returned from Malawi where she spent 14 months serving in the Peace Corps and enjoyed learning traditional African dances in a rural village. She is currently an intern in dramaturgy and literary management at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. She was also a 2 year scholarship student at the Ohio Governor's Summer Institute for the Gofted and Talented in the Arts, at the Ohio State University.A  Nicole has had the privilege of working with such choreographers as Kristina Isabelle, Andrea Woods, Mark Cummings, Lori Common and Gary Geis. The US Team wanted a way to deliver a set of standardized, AZLearn system implementation materials that required limited core team support to guide their overseas colleagues through the process.
Broadstreet structured the box and implementation materials into step-by-step color-coded levels that correlated with the project flow and implementation process. Unfortunately for the plastics industry that type of formalized, structured (and proven) training is still the exception rather than the rule. These are generally people with zero purchasing authority, yet are actively looking for ways to improve both their knowledge and their company’s bottom line.
Yet the people who write the checks are not able, in many cases, to make the leap from a training investment to an actual bottom line impact.
Probably 90% of the cost of those mistakes could be virtually eliminated if the company would take the time and make the investment in training. As always, Nicole would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support and strength throughout her dance career. In addition to dbDW she collaborates with colectivo caliban, an artistic collective that transgresses borders through sound and movement. Colleen has performed stagings of David Parsons and Petitpa works, as well as work by Hernando Cortez of Verbs Ballets and Amy Querin of Fresno Dance Collective. She will graduate from Bellarmine University in the spring of 2013 with a double major in History and Foreign Languages and International Studies. In addition to taking regular classes throughout the school year, Abi has participated in summer programs at her studio, as well as the Louisville Ballet Schoola€™s Summer Intensive of 2010. She is currently the dance department leader for All About Kids in Louisville and Crestwood. Fleisher is a graduate of Butler University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and a minor in International Studies. Emily has served as a choreographer and instructor in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and California and currently teaches at several schools in the Louisville area.

Emily is also a 2007 alumna of the Kentucky Center Governora€™s School for the Arts, where she enjoyed working as a Resident Advisor last summer. With dancers not only from Ohio and Kentucky, but Texas, New York, and Virginia, MamLuft&Co.
She then danced for the Dayton Contemporary Dance 2nd Company under the direction of Shonna Hickman-Matlock. Currently, Cana is studying jazz, ballet, and modern, but is also trained at other forms of dance such as hip-hop, tap, and Irish. Outside of Radford, she has attended Burklyn Ballet Theatre for summer intensives and continues to teach class when she is on breaks from school. They also wanted to make sure these standardized materials were fun, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly.
To stay current with technological and environmental trends, Broadstreet recommended distributing electronic instructional materials when possible via devices such as the iPod Touch. We know it works because we see it working every day and we have thousands of customers to back up that success. I’m am confident we are a rare company, forward thinking and realising that training should and must be a high priority.
Theresa has created works for the U of L Dance Theatre, The Center for Women and Families, Empujon, Bluegrass Youth Ballet, Moving Collective and the UK Dance Ensemble and her choreography has received Gala honors at the Southeast Regional Ballet Festival. Her teaching credits include ProDanza Italia, Monterey Dance Fest, and Bates Dance Festival. She lives in Floyd, Virginia where she is a Financial Secretary at New Century Church and is happily married.
She also studies yoga, loves to travel and be in nature, and is a student activist in her community. In 2011, Abi attended the Kentucky Center Governors School for the Arts as a dance major, where she received the David X. Dance and is so excited to be making his debut in the Moving Collective.A  Clint's passion is teaching and he has taught master classes throughout Ohio and Indiana as well as Louisiana, Florida and Texas. She also teaches at the Sutton Studio for the Performing Arts in both the Louisville and Bardstown studios. Susana€™s work has been seen in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, and Austria. After graduating, she danced with Ballet Theater of Maryland in Annapolis, MD as an apprentice for the 2009-2010 season. Dance creates and performs re-creations of work by choreographers from Rhode Island, Florida, Washington, New York, Texas, and of course, Ohio. Broadstreet was asked to help make this happen and the concept of an e-Learning “Project Box” was born. In 2006, she created and continues to co-produce Moving Collective, a venue to promote the works of independent choreographers and bring greater awareness of contemporary dance to the Louisville Region.
Colleen has taught in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio and currently teaches children with Webby Dance Company and in MamLuft&Co.
A He is very active in the Winter Guard International Sport of the Arts (WGI) as well as teaching in a variety of school districts throughout the Dayton and Cincinnati area. The choreographer, Sarah Gamblin, wanted to create something as simple and true, but also as messy, raw, and complex. In 2009, Susan was commissioned to create an original work for Merge Recorda€™s 20th Anniversary Dance Concert, Merge with Motion. Amanda has performed with Moving Collective since 2010 and took on the role of co-producer in 2011.
A graduate of Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Pedagogy, she performed many featured roles in The Nutcracker, Balanchinea€™s Serenade, and in contemporary choreography, including pieces by Cynthia Pratt and Derek Reid. Amanda has performed with Moving Collective since 2010 and took on the role of co-producer inA  2011. Under the developed theme of “Connect”, Broadstreet met the needs of AstraZeneca in two distinct ways. Theresa is currently Chair of the Dance Faculty for the KY Governora€™s School for the Arts. Abi has alos attended master classes with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Lula Washington Dance Theatre, and she performed with Moving Collective in the fall of 2011. The three sections are movement analogies for the types of desire that fuel a body, a community, and a life. She is also the co-founder of Distance Dances, a blog and video-based dance collaboration with fellow dance artist Gina Ta€™ai. Dance also offers educational and outreach programming to adults, children, and even dance professionals and pre-professionals through year-long and summer programming. Colleen has previously had her choreography adjudicated at the East Central regional conference of the Amercian Dance Festival and performed by the University of Akron Dance Company. Abi has not decided on a major for college, but she plans to continue exploring her love of dance throughout her educational experience.
Fleisher was also in the MASA Dance Journey Apprenticeship Program in Kibbutz Gaa€™aton, Israel with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Powell has also choreographed for her alma mater and the adjudicated Choreographers Without Companies, presented by Contemporary Dance Theater. She recently presented work at DanceCincinnati2011, Moving Collective, and the 2011 & 2012 Area Choreographers Festival.
While with MamLuft&CO Dance, she has worked with outside choreographers including Betsy Miller and Sarah Gamblin.

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