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A variety of computer classes are offered Monday - Friday in the state-of-the-art computer labs at Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County.
Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County offers special computer classes designed for seniors. Better with Technology teaches seniors how to set up an email account, use the internet, stay safe while online, and more. Special PC Skills in Practice class offers participants customized computer experience in Project Self-Sufficiency's state-of-the-art computer lab.
About Senior Voice AmericaSenior Voice America unites seniors age 55+ with resources and activities in their communities. In February, 2011, the company expanded into radio and now, in addition to printing a monthly newspaper, Senior Voice America is connecting with seniors on a five day a week basis on 1250 AM WHNZ Radio. The Go4Life campaign is a National movement which is working with public and private organizations to empower older adults to become more physically active. Hold a Go4Life-themed event where people can try different forms of exercise, such as dance, strength training, chair exercises, or yoga. Invite a local health expert to talk about the benefits of exercise, and use Go4Life handouts. Establish a Go4Life exercise break during the day with sample exercises from Workout to Go or the Go4Life exercise DVD. Include articles in your organizationa€™s newsletter about the health benefits of exercise and the free Go4Life resources. SeniorNet Learning Centers are part of the world's largest network teaching older adults how to use computers, technology and the Internet.
SeniorNet suggest that anyone who would like to help the elderly learn more about computer technology and computer classes should first Identify a suitable location for conducting classes such as community and senior centers, public libraries, churches, schools, etc., with parking and accessibility.
Help seniors with the gift of life-long learning and start a SeniorNet Computer Learning Center in your community today!
You can teach older adults how to prevent senior scams by using a free online training toolkit. Learn more about how you can train seniors to avoid scams and do your part to prevent elder financial abuse! Become an senior advocate in your community and help educate and empower older adults so that they can take steps to protect themselves online. Help Stop Insurance Fraud against the elderly by visiting the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud website for brochures, posters, DVD's and information that gives elderly and others advice on how to prevent being a victim of insurance fraud including: Medicare fraud, medical ID fraud, long-term insurance, and car insurance fraud along with other scams. Volunteer long-term care ombudsman work across the USA to visit nursing homes and long-term care facilities (which may be in their area) to check on the conditions of residents and when required to, help investigate and resolve resident complaints and allegations of elder abuse. The role of the ombudsman is to act as an advocate for resident's rights and watch out for signs of elder abuse. Students, parents, teachers, school administrators, or those working at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living or retirement homes who are interested in starting a program to help elderly can start their own 'Storied Lives Program.' The program connects students with elderly in their community.
High schools that are interested in starting the 'Storied Lives Program' will require a teacher who is willing to advise the program along with a student leader and an elder care facility that will work with the school.
Age Friendly NYC has several great ideas for community members to volunteer to make their communities more senior friendly. Businesses can help by making changes to printed materials so that seniors can view them more easily or change their products or services to better serve the elderly.
Both you and your dog can help seniors in nursing homes by getting trained and registered to make nursing home and assisted living facility visits. Proper elderly nutrition is a large part of keeping seniors living fulfilling and independent lives. Organizing a local senior food drive, sponsoring a group meal at a senior center, Helping to organize lunch & learn programs on senior malnutrition, Helping to host or promote food drives or other activities to stop senior hunger. AARP campaign to increase awareness on the issue of senior hunger with the aim to help end hunger among older adults in the United States. Identify Community Partners: Find people willing to work with you to start a walking program for seniors such as local government, schools, hospitals, physicians, health clinics, media, ethnic and cultural groups.
Determine the Type of Walking Program Your Senior Community Needs: Depending on your senior population choose what level of a walking program would be best suited to their mobility such as mall walking program, assisted walking program, neighborhood walking program, city tour walking program etc.
Find Sponsors: Potential sponsors for a senior waking program may be businesses banks, restaurants, running shoe stores, vitamin makers, retailers, pedometer manufacturers, health clubs, medical clinics, physiotherapists, chiropractors. Start Promoting: Use posters, ads, radio spots, press releases to let seniors know about your walking program.
Approaching local high schools and senior organizations to see if they would be interested in the idea. Suggest a book club between seniors and students or children at your church or community center. The Grandparents As Parents organization publishes a Survival Guide for Grandparents raising children. Help elderly by recruiting volunteers and local businesses to organize a donation drive event. If organizing a donation drive is not possible, simply donate your old household items to a local senior facility, senior center or senior program in your community. Examples of donation items may include: Easy Chairs, Floor Lamps, Pianos, Printers, Computers, DVD Players, Televisions, Exercise Equipment, Paintings and Wall Hangings, Shoes, Blankets etc.

Help elderly by doing your part to increase awareness of elder abuse by hosting a free screening of an elder abuse prevention documentary. Another great volunteer idea is to volunteer with seniors at an international nursing home, senior center or other locations. The international experience would help both volunteers and seniors to learn about other cultures. By offering transportation to seniors you can greatly help elderly who can no longer drive. Independent Transportation Network (ITN) provides training and arranges driving assignments and routes around your schedule.
AARP offers a driver safety refresher course to help seniors maintain their own safety as well as everyone on the road around them.
You will be trained on how to teach the class through an AARP mentor and then set on your own to teach what will most likely be a very lively classroom.
Although a larger project a caregiver fair is an excellent volunteer idea to inspire yourself, your organization or other agencies to connect and start their own caregiver programs. Seniors who would like to volunteer to help other seniors can do so through storytelling or performing stage acts for nursing homes.
Seniors can also volunteer for storytelling in schools creating an intergenerational exchange sharing wisdom, entertaining children, and dispelling myths children may have about seniors. JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet? Search Can Stock Photo for royalty free illustration, royalty free clipart, digital artwork, EPS vector clip art, stock illustrations, stock images, logo icon graphics, and cheap EPS format line art drawings. For learning and leisure: technology and computer classes, writing groups, family history group, scrabble and games, knitting groups. Once you’ve mastered the basics, our Beyond Basics Computer Class will teach the more informed student how to access sites and topics of interest safely and proficiently. Since 1980, Senior Voice America, a monthly publication, has been distributed throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.
The organization supports over 60 Learning Centers and 3,000 volunteers across the United States and other countries. SeniorNet provides the curriculum, course materials, technical information, a forum to share ideas, advice, along with any software necessary. Those interested in helping fight insurance fraud can make presentations to community groups, organize outreach campaigns, participate in Fraud Awareness Day and organizations can train staff about fraud.
You can find out if there is a Home Instead Be a Santa to a Senior Program near you or think about organizing one in your area.
Volunteer ombudsman visits can be either random at the volunteer's convenience or as a result of a specific complaint received by staff at the office. The quality of life for an elderly resident can dramatically improve simply by the ombudsman's presence in a nursing facility.
One excellent way to help the elderly is to volunteer with the long-term care ombudsman in your state today!
Through regular visits students have a chance to get to know seniors, write down their life stories and share them during a special event. The program offers free support and materials to those who are interested in helping the elderly. Age Friendly NYC suggests you volunteer to become an Age-Friendly Community Member, Age-Friendly Neighbor, Create Age-Friendly Streets, become an Age-Friendly Transit Rider or an Age-Friendly Shopper.
Community Members can advocate for the needs of older adults at community organizations and clubs and involve seniors in decision-making. Senior sensitivity training can help elderly by increasing public awareness of some of the challenges they may face while aging. The presence of dogs in nursing homes have greatly shown to help with elderly depression, isolation and loneliness. After puppies have learned basic socialization skills they are then handed over to the organization so that they can be trained to help elderly get around and live safe and independent lives.
Senior isolation, economic conditions, limited incomes or the physical limitations of aging can make shopping, cooking and dining a challenge for seniors to stay healthy. Obtain sponsorship or financial resources necessary to successfully run your senior walking program. Once they agree to a match and a place you could offer to be the cluba€™s facilitator or volunteer. There is also information in this booklet on how to Start Your Own Grandparents As Parents Support Group. The same rule applies, not all facilities will accept donations so make sure to call ahead.
You must be able to attend a half-day technician training and be able to bend and kneel and possess good observational skills.
Your time will help older adults and the visually impaired to stay active once they stop driving.
Examples of key players to invite would be caregiver service companies, health care policymakers, public libraries, social services organizations, pharmacies, faith-based organizations, and local businesses. If you are part of an organization such as a school or non-profit that has an existing computer lab, offer classes to help seniors learn computers.

Senior volunteers would be providing seniors with a better option for nursing home activities. 11,042 Senior royalty free illustrations, drawings and graphics available to search from thousands of vector EPS clip art providers.
Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need.
The festival brings readers and writers together for a series of author talks, writing workshops and the Monash Short Story Competition.
Also features special events for young people such as our Digital Collage workshops and Raspberry Pi coding sessions. Social networking, Facebook, downloading photos, intermediate trouble shooting are de rigueur, but it is also nice to know how to research a topic for various topics of conversation – from a medical exam to a book club. Department of Health and Human Services encourages everyone to get involved to help raise awareness of issues effecting older adults. Classes are taught by seniors for seniors allowing older adults to use their skills and participate in both sides of the teaching and learning experience. Administration on Aging and the Bank of America's 'Saavy Saving Seniors Steps to Avoiding Scams' training toolkit is free and available online.
Volunteers, individuals, insurance companies, government agencies, and community groups can all help the elderly by using the coalition's anti-fraud materials to help stop insurance fraud. Volunteers handle grievances by listening to senior resident complaints, concerns and providing conflict resolution between a resident and the long-term care facility's administration. Neighbors can let senior neighbors know that they are available to help with errands, tasks or in emergencies.
Pet visitation can give seniors a regular visitor to look forward to, therapy and a much needed change from routine nursing home activities.
This type of group could be organized by a relative caregiver or anyone else wishing to support the elderly or children.
Businesses may be willing to sponsor the event and offer prizes in exchange for donations to the drive. For example, kids or young adults can have a Grandparents Day celebration at school, volunteer at a nursing home or hold a walk-a-thon.
You will be helping seniors to become properly aligned in their vehicles so that they may reach the pedals better, have their seat at the right place and much more.Your contribution may help safe the lives of senior drivers and others on the road.
Volunteers help older people stay connected to families, friends, and activities that bring meaning to their lives.
Cover topics catered to seniors such as: The internet for online activities for seniors, employment for seniors searches or even how to start a senior blog! Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. Individuals can host a cyber awareness activity at a local library, recreation, senior center or place of worship.
In the case of elder abuse, volunteer ombudsman work with staff ombudsman who in turn work with law and other enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute abusers.
Community members can slow down around seniors walking slowly on the street or while driving their car or riding a bike, or help seniors to cross the street. Some of the age-related simulation exercises may include having participants use gloves, cotton balls, ear plugs, vaseline, sunglasses, etc., to complete daily tasks. You can learn how to take dogs to nursing homes through programs such as Therapy Dogs International.
It is important to arrange which items are needed by facilities and which items are to be delivered to which facility (if you are choosing multiple facilities) ahead of time as not all facilities will accept all donations. Skilled nursing facilities or assisted living residences may also be interested in hosting you in order to provide an activity for their residents. Our classes are designed with the senior in mind with a comfortable pace and purely instructional focus led by a professional & personable Instructor. Kennedy and the National Council of Senior Citizens to acknowledge the contributions of older adults to their communities and the country.
The toolkit consists of an easy step-by-step guide for facilitators including: slides, facilitator's preparation, tips for facilitators, materials needed and more.
Offering a seat on the bus, at bus shelters, or park benches or while waiting for a service standing on line at pharmacies, banks, grocery stores, and the post office or outside a restroom are all great ways to help the elderly.. Anyone or any organization interested in helping to prevent senior scams can arrange for a training session to be held at a senior center, nursing facility, assisted living or senior living facility.
The Administration on Aging encourages individuals and organizations to plan activities by providing a detailed step-by-step activity guides to bring older adults together with others in the community to learn, socialize, and have fun. Activities with older adults may include gatherings with local schools or Boys and Girls Clubs, story competitions, talent shows, movies, fitness events, gardening, cooking, art work and much more.

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