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To help you get an idea of the same, I am giving you a brief of some common Engineering courses in India.
This Engineering course deals with creation, operation and design of spacecrafts, gliders, missiles, planes, rockets, etc.
Agricultural Engineering focuses on teaching the students about the machines, tools and structures that are used in agriculture.
This field deals with mechanical, electronic, electrical, safety and software engineering in the automobile field. The study also includes fuel economy, emissions, performance, quality, durability and vehicle dynamics. This branch of Engineering deals with physical sciences, life sciences and the processing of chemical raw materials  into useful products.
This course deals with basics of construction and building materials, design of concrete & steel structures, fluid mechanics, foundation engineering, hydraulics, soil mechanics, surveying, Infrastructure planning and management. This field of engineering deals with software and hardware components of computer architecture.

EEE deals with Basic Electrical Technology, Circuits, Control, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Electrical Machines, Electromagnetic fields, Embedded systems, Power Electronics and Industrial automation controls. This field of Engineering is a combination of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering. This is a branch of Engineering that deals with a lot of complex systems and processes concerned with the implementation and development of integrated systems within various industries. This field in Engineering deals with measurements and process control in the production and manufacturing areas.
This branch of Engineering teaches about manufacturing processes and also detailed study on manufacture of machines, equipment and tools. This engineering branch teaches applied physics and material sciences that deals with the design, construction and operation of machines. Metallurgical Engineering deals with the study of applied science of metallic elements, compounds and alloys. Fundamentals of Environment Pollution and Control is one of the main subjects taught in Mining Engineering.

This field teaches about the thermodynamics for marine systems, performance of marine vehicles and details about marine structures. A survey says that at least one in ten houses in India has an Engineering graduate or a student aspiring to become one in the future.
The subjects include surveying, climatology, soil management – erosion and erosion control and detailed study of seeding to harvesting crops and livestock management. This field of Engineering deals with basics of Electronics, measurements, process control, electrical machines, etc. There are some more specific branches that are available in limited colleges like Ceramic Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, etc. We offer excellent, experienced and dedicated teachers, who help each student achieve their goals.

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