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Can we solve more crime, conduct better criminal investigations in a timely manner, and close more cold cases with computer technology?
Data found on many digital devices such as computers, laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, flash drives, and game units could have powerful evidentiary value in any type of investigation. Used as a means of data mining (exporting large amount of data from cell phones or emails) for investigators to create a diagram of a criminal enterprise or a timeline of events.

In 2010, the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Laboratories are effective law enforcement crime fighting tools.  The agency has 14 labs, 214 examiners, and has processed more than 3,000 terabytes of information (equivalent to 3 million copies of Encyclopedia Britannica). It is my hope that these high-tech applications, digital databases, and the forensic experts can help to catch more criminals and solve more cold cases. In my award-winning, thriller novel Dead Game, I used technology as the backdrop to create a serial killer that tracks his victims by the high-tech devices they use.

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