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It’s often said that from a cycling standpoint the CompuTrainer is the best training device you can buy.  The list of pro’s who use one is long, but would it make a difference for an age-grouper like me?  Well, after more than a year of using it…I think I have the answer.
A few days after ordering the CompuTrainer (hereafter referred to as ‘CT’), a rather heavy white box arrives. Before we get into the nifty CompuTrainer software that makes the whole thing worthwhile, I briefly want to cover the straight standalone mode. Finally, you can also edit and create your own courses if you want to – using this graphical based editor that comes with CT 3D.
When using CS mode, it’s not terribly different than a normal trainer – except that resistance and data collection is fully automatic. You can also adjust the pacers’ options by configuring what type of wattage the pacer will output. Since January 1st, 2008 (about a year ago) – I’ve put over 1,800 miles on my CompuTrainer covering slightly more than 100 hours.  Thus I think I’ve ridden it enough to be able to write-up a pretty comprehensive review.  So – did it help my cycling? In summary I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking at trainers in that category.  Without a doubt its made my cycling faster and more efficient, and much faster than a pair of race wheels for the same price could do.
Hope this helps!  As with all my reviews, if you have questions – feel free to post below or e-mail me.  I generally will respond (and post here) any questions within about 24 hours.  Thanks for reading! Wow… sounds like a really awesome trainer (maybe some day if I get more serious about all this triathlon stuff).
For me, the CT was mostly because I had heard much about the product from others, and I really liked thier upcoming realstic video’s (where you race on actual courses).
Sorry for the late question here – it is prompted by reading both your review of the Computrainer and Sports Track (in the 305 review).
There are cloth thingies you can buy though that connect between the seat post and handlebars that protect the frame against sweat. That said, I pour sweat on my bike near daily on a trainer…and never have had a problem.
As I alluded to a week or so ago, the Girl and I were a bit busy transforming an unused room in the townhouse. First, we cleared the space.  Which, meant finding homes for bike bags, bikes, and those pesky seals. Then, we went to the mall to West Elm and picked up a bunch of comfy couches.  And with the help of the Home Depot truck, we got things all back to the pad successfully. It arrived last week, and was packed perfectly – almost like new (and in fact, looked barely used).
Oh…and how does the whole room look now?  Pretty freakin’ awesome.  There’s still some nice detail touches we need to add – like a small coffee table and some wall stuffs.
Yes, the trainers may seem close to the wall, but it’s really not that close…it’s just the wide angle lens. Ironically, just as I finish this, I’m off for weeks of travel.  Such a nice room…and not there to use it.
Can you explain the TV setup – did you run power and HDMI or similar through the wall? For the CompuTrainer to big TV connect, I’m planning on running cabling through the wall using Keystone snap-mount panels. While I could just reverse the scenerio – the TV that the MCE is attached to I use for occasional other things and like having a computer connected to it. The second reason is that I’ve found that both MCE and CompuTrainer are very finicky when it comes to the OS side.
In a lot of pictures, first of your living room and now of this room, we see your bike always on the trainer.
I have tried to use your Craigslist RSS strategy for computrainer & other bike components in general. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back.
I’m from out of the country and will be visiting the US, what’s the best triathlon shop in city XYZ? Online triathlon coaching from professional triathlon coaches who deliver the highest online coaching level to triathletes of all abilities. Our online triathlon coaching staff are professional full time coaches that provide a comprehensive service through a vast knowledge base of experience and education.
All our online triathlon coaches are educated in triathlon coaching principles based on sports science and will encourage you to upload all of your technical data to our online triathlon coaching portal.

See below for details on how our online triathlon coaching process works and the pricing options available. As an athlete, you can expect your triathlon coach to deliver a training program and training structure that is designed to suit you as an individual and your goals. Email is the easiest, quickest and most convenient way to communicate with your coach and it allows them to respond quickly to your questions. Training programs are prepared once the coach understands the availability of the athlete during a training block. Our coaches put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that you have the best training programs to support you and reach your goals and your long term potential. Your coach will arrange a time to contact you before preparing your training program to learn about you, your goals and to help them understand what you need from them in order to improve. From there, your coach will start to understand what you need to improve and begin planning an overall program structure to guide you towards your goals. Training effectively means that you need to understand when your coach wants you to train hard and when your coach wants you to go easy.
Once we have your training zones set up with your TrainingPeaks account, your coach will use this information to help you train effectively and efficiently. All our online triathlon training programs are individualized to suit you and your goals and delivered using a premium online training account with TrainingPeaks.
Your training program will be planned around your races and goals in a format that is easy to follow and understand. Athletes with a Wahoo Kickr or a Computrainer will benefit from the coach supplying their training files in a downloadable format that they can insert into software such as Trainerroad or Perfpro. For athletes with compatible Garmin devices, we actively prepare sessions within their Garmin Connect account so that your run training sessions will sync with their device before their session begins. Our online training programs allow the athlete to quickly and briefly provide their coach with feedback following a session.
We can provide our athletes with the best chance to improve their biomechanics if we can see them swim, bike and run.
Once we have reviewed the footage of an athlete, we will provide you with feedback and your training program will include links to videos of specific exercises that we would like you to include as part of your training sessions.
As part of your training and ongoing coaching, we will ask you to send us updated videos periodically so that we can continue to further improve your biomechanics and efficiency. The quality of your training sessions is important to ensure that you achieving the the goal outcome of each session. Each session will have key outcomes that your coach wants you to achieve and we can do this by comparing your data to the zones that we have prepared for you. Many of your sessions will contain training intervals within specific zones and your coach will check these and provide you with feedback. Your coach will analyse the quality of your sessions through the use of statistical analysis and provide you with feedback on how to improve the quality of your training session. Your coach has a deep understanding of how to analyse files and will go beyond looking at the overall numbers for analysis. Our online triathlon coaches have an excellent understanding of how to analyse information and provide feedback to help you improve your training and racing behaviour. If you race with a power meter, your coach can also provide you with accurate predictions of your bike splits if you are able to maintain the power targets they provided. Some races go perfectly and sometimes the result isn’t what we had planned so its important to review each major race objectively with your coach. It takes some real talent to sit on your bike at the starting line with both feet clipped in.
I hope to one day be at a level of fitness and obsession to start eying one of those babies up.
The manual seems very insistent about this, but for the most part it seems really time-consuming (especially when you factor in having to reset the device each time, etc). I have been trying to figure out how to do the RSS on craigslist to look for computrainers like you mention in this post and I’m not having any luck. We offer online triathlon coaching through our online triathlon training portal and combine this with feedback, triathlon coaching support  and technical analysis via email and telephone. All our online triathlon coaches are qualified, registered and accredited through Triathlon Australia as professional triathlon coaches.
Our service includes providing you with technical analysis and feedback from your triathlon training sessions and triathlon races so that you can continually improve the quality of your training sessions and optimise your triathlon race results. Our professional coaches will provide you with your daily training sessions and oversee your long term training development.

You can expect your coach to respond to emails within 1-2 working days. Email is the best way to communicate the majority of your questions and for your coach to provide feedback. In general, your online training program will be written 2-4 weeks in advance and modifications are only required in the event of injury or illness.
For us to provide you with the best coaching service, there are some basic expectations that we have from our athletes. For our online athletes as well as our local athletes, we rely on being provided with regular feedback and updates on your progress.
Please email your coach if your training circumstances change (work hours, holidays etc) and the dates of the races you have booked.
We expect all our athletes to actively communicate with their coach regularly via phone and email. Your coach will prepare and verify your training zones using a number of methods to ensure that we can accurately tell you how to train efficiently and effectively. As you improve and develop as an athlete, your training zones will be adjusted by your coach to ensure that you continue to train as effectively as possible. Each program is individually prepared using your availability and structured around your work, family and life commitments. Expect your training program to be populated with individual training sessions several weeks in advance so that you can view what your coach has planned for you. This is our preferred method for supplying training sessions for indoor cycling sessions and these files will appear in the attachment tab of your TrainingPeaks session plan. This enables you to go for a run and the watch will let you know exactly when the intervals start and stop. We encourage all our athletes to write simple comments following their sessions so that your coach can help monitor your progress.
To monitor the progress and provide you with feedback, your coach will analyse your files using the training zones that are prepared within your online training account. This information will allow your coach to determine how well the session was performed and importantly, how to improve the quality of future sessions. They do this to understand your individual behaviour and identify key areas that you can improve on. Your coach will go well beyond basic analysis and provide you with useful information that will improve the way that you train and race.
Your coach will help you prepare for each race with a plan that suits your ability and your adversity for risk in that race. The reasons why a race was successful (or not so successful) can often be found by having an honest discussion with your coach and to combine this with objective analysis of the race data. Have you figured out a way to get full data from a Computrainer ride into the Sports Track software?
The business I work for is looking to acquire more trainers as we expand to more locations.
Our online triathlon coaching programs cater for triathletes from beginner to experienced and for triathlons ranging from enticer to sprint, olympic, half ironman and Ironman events. We have multiple online triathlon coaches that can help you achieve your goals and we cater for athletes of all levels – our triathlon coaches enjoy seeing improvement in all triathletes regardless of your ability. To help your coach being able to monitor and provide you with feedback, please ensure that you regularly. For athletes on Gold and Platinum coaching accounts, these files will be uploaded directly into Trainerroad on your behalf and be ready to go when you are. Your comments might indicate how you felt during the session or they may be used for your coach to understand your training file.
We can analyse the power zones, heart rate, cadence and GPS details of your race to help you understand the areas that were limiting your performance and find key areas to improve. You can even view and analyze your own data on your smartphone within seconds of finishing a training session. For example – “Felt great, that last set was tough” or “Ran out of time and only completed 3 of the 4 sets”.

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