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Most of our training is hosted at a hotel chain that offers a free or discounted breakfast.
To qualify for the early registration discounted fee you must register for a class 30 or more days before the event. We have a new CM Track and Level IV certification specifically designed for anyone trying to implement a 649-B compliant CM Program or tailor 649-1 and 649-2 CM requirements for a contract. To add value to an enterprise an employee needs grounding in core values, the ability to multitask, think for themselves, stay focused on the mission and goals of the organization, and have the right skill sets for the job. But more importantly, what we are known for and where we really shine is doing more with less time, quickly moving a studenta€™s professional development forward and preparing them to go back to work more productive. This is why I strongly recommend you start your CM and DM training with our programs before moving on to specialized training on any particular initiative, tool, or model.
When you start with our training, students leave the class with the confidence they can work in any CM capacity because they have a grasp and understanding of the core elements and principles, not just book knowledge.
The Basic Configuration Management course and the Advanced Configuration were designed to be taken together to prepare students for the Level I certification exam. The Advanced Configuration Management course was designed to be taken together with the Basic Configuration Management course to prepare students for the Level I certification exam. The Software Configuration Management course builds upon the Level I program courses but also stands on its own for students that only want to address software. At the start of the course attendees will receive our supplemental resource of CM information and application guide.
Attendees will develop a CM Strategic Planning Map into a 649 compliant Configuration Management Requirements Document, CM Implementation Plan and CMP, specifically tailored to their environment, using the latest tools and techniques in class.
The most important considerations for selecting training is the actual material that will be covered.
Our training includes coverage of all relative standards, handbooks, models and initiatives.
At CMTF we offer one of the longest running and most respected certifications in Configuration Management.
A strategic inflection point is the point in time that something new comes along and replaces the old, like when Netflix took a big bite out of the DVD rental business. This two-day course is designed for CM Professionals with some experience but everyone is welcome.
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The Program Manager (PM) is responsible Configuration Management (CM) on their project or program. The Program Manager shall assume control of the initial product baseline at the Critical Design Review (CDR) for all Class 1 configuration changes. CM was first developed by the United States Air Force for the Department of Defense in the 1950s as a technical management discipline of hardware. Disclaimer: AcqNotes is not an official Department of Defense (DoD), Air Force, Navy, or Army website. All the material needed to prepare and take the Level II exam is covered in the class, with plenty of time spent on review and sample test questions. These are used in class workshops and projects to reinforce concepts learned with practical examples and experience. For those with current CM plans, we recommend you bring them with you for analysis, validation and improvements in our workshops. The speed at which your site loads increases website usability for users on mobile devices and slow internet connections, decrease bounce rate and enables bots to crawl your site faster!
The concepts of this discipline have been widely adopted by numerous technical management functions, including Systems Engineering (SE), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), ISO 9000, Prince2 project management methodology, COBIT, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), product lifecycle management, and application lifecycle management. Any information, products, services or hyperlinks contained within this website does not constitute any type of endorsement by the DoD, Air Force, Navy or Army. These include everything you need to assess the maturity of your CM process, analyze the 649 CM Standard, and create your own unique tailored 649 compliant Configuration Management Strategic Planning Map.
It is not a rubber stamp given at course completion, and it is not an exercise in memorizing out of date standards. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops and handhelds to class for use in our workshops and projects.
In addition to presentations, team projects, and class workshops, attendees will receive individual mentoring by our internationally recognized speaker and SMEs.
Our certifications are earned, and they confirm the student has an understanding of CM, not just knowledge.
Our CDM Training Course can assure that you and your team are prepared for Certification and the future.

It is best to talk to your hosting providers to get other caching methods enabled on your server. The program manager should use configuration management to establish and mature the technical, functional and Acquisition Program Baseline throughout the acquisition and system life cycle. To help, CMTF has started development of new first of a kind CM and DM planning and implementation tools. This is the only CM track in the world where attendees leave with certification and a roadmap for implementing a 649 CM program. It doesn't matter if you are new to CM, already have CM certifications, work with hardware, software, documentation, government, defense or in a commercial industry, this track applies to everyone.
This course includes hands-on interactive group experiences designed to facilitate long term retention of what you learn in the course. Students are encouraged to bring their plans and policies to class for inclusion in discussions and workshops. That is why we teach 649 with the right proportion of lecture and hands-on interactive experiences. The main reason for this is the military and government have recently gone from just a few dozen CDRLs on a typically contract to hundreds of CDRLs.
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All URLs to this SharePoint site will be replaced in the e-mail body with this value.Employee Training Management settingsTo access the Employee Training Management settings you must first go to the scheduled events’ list settings. The e-mail subject and the URL to the feedback form can also be configured, see the section’s description (screenshot). We do not remove the permission inheritance on an item level.In the enrollment and feedback lists users are only allowed to read and edit items that they created themselves. If you need content approval you can, however, enable this in the list’s versioning settings. This means that items are only visible to the author and users with ManageLists permissions until they are approved.If content approval is configured the approver has to approve the item after every update to make changes visible to all users.
This can lead to inconsistencies in the Scheduled Trainings list, as updates will be sent to attendees immediately.

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