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This exciting new inventory shows users their preferred style of conflict management and provides detailed suggestions for each style. A terrific ice-breaker that's sure to liven up your training session, and a great takeaway for your participants! I was driving in the golf cart alongside Whisper, our thoroughbred race horse, who is training to go back to the track.
I had a lot of knowledge about baby horses and the habits of mares and foals since I’d spent five years breeding and foaling well over 40 mares, but I had absolutely no knowledge of deer and their babies. I rode with her to the front barn to put her in a stall because I still had to go to the track to watch Josey gallop the mare. First, the article said put her back where she was so that her mother would come back for her, unless something had happened to the mother. If you have previously worked with other five-style inventories such as the Thomas-Kilmann™ you won’t have to learn a whole new framework. Just add your selection to cart (as if shopping) and once registered on this website, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section. After scoring is complete, easy-to-read charts allow respondents to quickly scan the strengths and trouble spots that characterise their particular communication styles.
Normally I follow beside her as she is ridden down the lane way at the center of the ranch on the way to the race track in the woods, but this morning I was day dreaming and ended up following the driveway to the back barn. I looked around wondering if Mom was somewhere in the woods looking at me but I couldn’t see her. This time when she jumped up and tried to run she cornered herself beside a large log lying next to the fence line. As I drove to the barn, I continued to pet her and talk to her and she settled comfortably in my arms.
In my mind I was figuring out where I could build a fenced in area for her to grow up and wondered if she could just go out with Noah and the donkeys once she was older.
It said they will leave their babies for up to 12 hours at a time to go off and eat and the babies are not supposed to move from the spot where they are left. I knew that it was a moment in time that I would always remember and I wondered if it was a moment the fawn would remember too. When I realized I was not with the horse, I chose to go the other route to the race track, behind the barn and down the east perimeter fence line. I thought about my five Jack Russel’s and the doberman who would either chase this sweet baby to death or possibly grab her and kill her if they found her.

I was able to pick her up in my arms and firmly hold her while she struggled for a few moments and bellowed a few more times.
I looked down at her perfect spots and I knew God had given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to hold a wild animal. I had to wonder how the mother could possibly communicate that to her baby and how something so young would listen to her.
As I drove past the manure pile and headed down the hill at the back I noticed something round and brown lying on the grass about 20 feet out from the wire perimeter fence. It was obvious to me that the mother had fawned the baby within our ranch grounds and she had jumped out over the fence but her baby could not follow her. I was sure I’d never again feel this overwhelming sense of wonder of something as beautiful as the fawn I was holding. As I gazed at her small black, slightly pug nose, her tiny split toe hooves and her big brown eyes, I was totally besotted.
Once we were finished with Whisper, I checked on my own little Bambi and saw that she was lying down curled up in a ball again. As I drove the golf cart some 10 feet away from this brown object that was all curled up, I noticed the white dots patterned on her back. I didn’t know if her mother would come back for her but I felt she was not safe out in the open when our dogs were running loose. But I was still worried about the fawn’s safety on our side of the fence because there was no way she could jump out until she was a few months older. I really wanted to keep her but I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do and that her mother was probably frantic by now. It was like God had taken an artist paint brush and put each spot in a precise pattern along her back.
The woman I spoke to said the doe had probably been watching her baby from a spot in the woods.
So after taking her picture we rode on the golf cart back out to the place I had found her. I wondered if she would tell her Mom about her exciting ride on a golf cart and how she’d spent an hour in a horse stall. While I held her in my arms Gary climbed over the fence and found a spot under a tree that was only about 40 feet from her original location. Thank you!”The webinar began by discussing the different types of teams that most of us encounter.

It was as though He wanted to gently remind me of His amazing creations and His almighty power by dropping this little one right in my lap.
She said the fawn needed to be returned to the spot I found her although I could put her up to 50 feet away. As I was about to pass her into Gary’s arms, she turned her head, and with her big brown eyes she looked at me and licked my arm. She needed to stay in the same vicinity because the mother would be coming back for her as long as she could find her. I told her my concerns about my dogs and that I thought it might be better to put her over the fence and into the woods on the other side.
Each quadrant has several components.Although someone may prefer certain kinds of thinking over others, everyone has access to all four quadrants. I thought about some young people I know who believe in the Evolution theory and all that science has to offer in their small explanations. I was a little concerned that she would run when he let her go and her mother would never find her but once Gary set her down under the tree and hopped back over the fence, she just sniffed the ground and her surroundings, circled and settled back down to wait.
And I wondered how anyone who could look at this tiny perfect creature and her tiny perfect spots could truly not believe in a huge and Almighty God, and the love He has for all of His creatures. So the woman told me to put her over the fence and check on her until night time to see if she was still there. We wondered if she would be safe there but figured we’d come back and check on her in a few hours. Another interesting thing the woman at the wildlife number had told us was that fawns have no scent so predators cannot find them. It will benefit both you and your teams.Sign up to make sure you don’t miss the next free webinar! I wondered if that is why my dogs had not found her where she’d been lying that morning.

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