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Students are taught concepts such as due process, the rights and responsibilities of individuals, how problems are resolved in courts, etc. This type of system is useful because over time a specific student's file can be pulled and patterns can be looked for. In order to see if what is being implemented works, there needs to be a monitoring component. Staff meetings are great places to have a "social" component where problems with the system are discussed and alterations suggested.
A student (Shirley age 16) says she has a headache and wants to skip the last two classes of the day. A case conference is being held to discuss what should be done with Barry, a 15 year old student. Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them. A "mediator" walks the complainants through a discussion of the conflict to help them solve their differences.

If most of the staff is in agreement but the community is not, then it is wise to start with a school-wide model.
It assumes that many of the strategies will have been used to both address the problem and to find a positive solution. If patterns are found, then pro-active strategies can be developed to help that student learn what "triggers" him.
As you {a teacher or support worker} come into the room, a teacher, or support worker, is already arguing with Shirley.
He is constantly in trouble, skipping classes, not doing homework, being disruptive in class, and so on. Disagreements may be personal or emotional, and when a dispute arises, often the best course of action is to negotiate so as to resolve the disagreement. It is important to find a resolution for conflicts in order to create a healthy environment for parties involved at school, at home, or at work. There is a standard procedure that is taught when students are not in conflict so when they end up in one, they know the procedures. Present at the case conference are: principal, Barry's teachers, counsellor, and a support staff member who interacts on a regular basis with Barry.

The goal of applying conflict resolution techniques is to produce a solution that all parties can agree to, work as quickly as possible to obtain this solution, as well as improve and avoid hurting the relationship between the parties in the conflict. Courage To Change offers a wide range of books, board games, posters, CDs, workbooks, DVDs, counseling balls, card games, and more that cover various, useful conflict resolution strategies. You politely, and firmly, go over the school's expectations re: hallway behavior and point out Tommy's behavior was unacceptable.
Our website features conflict resolution activity books for children, conflict management skills workbooks for teens, as well as problem solving games, all of which are designed to teach conflict management skills. Other areas of focus include bully prevention, teamwork, social skills, positive thinking, anger management, problem solving, listening, and more. Our broad spectrum of products are designed to assist individuals in improving their social skills as a way of aiding conflict resolution. Individuals learn how to communicate, express their feelings, care about themselves and others, solve problems, listen, stand up for themselves, as well as understand and manage conflict.

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