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Conflict is the condition that debilitates communication – the best way to overcome conflict is to understand the situation and understand your position in context (self awareness).
The conflict resolution model helps you identify the type of conflict and possible outcomes to better understand the situation and your role n the conflict resolution. Fight: you take a spatula and beat your husband to death while he tries to stay in control of the remote control.
In this entry we look at a project conflict resolution tool and relate it to a recent interesting but little-publicized news event which is funny in a way, but very, very sad in a much deeper way (excuse the pun). The tool is the Thomas-Kilmann model, which sounds very fancy and hard to understand but is actually very straightforward, powerful, and applicable to your role as a project manager in understanding and dealing with conflict.
You have team members – again, by definition – from different disciplines that think and behave differently (think artist and engineer, software developer and installer). Looking at the chart you can see that there will be times – times of urgency – where the PM will need the competing role and ‘lay down the law’ and direct the project team.  Perhaps the more steady-state role of the PM is in the collaborative area – at least in assuring that this is the area in which your team is working.

There’s alot more.  See an amusing post with much more on this topic, from our sister site ScopeCrepe , here.
See the map below to locate this (former) island, called New Moore by India and South Talpatti by Bangladesh. So – how do you choose to resolve conflict?  Perhaps you can just wait until climate change causes your project to go underwater.  But we recommend using a measured, practical approach with the advantage of the knowledge provided by a careful analysis, perhaps using the Thomas-Kilmann model.
Rich is Senior Manager at the Global Program Management Office of a major telecom concern, where he is responsible for the Development Framework for over 2,000 customer-facing project managers. In addition to this work, Rich has also been developing and delivering PM courseware for Boston University’s Corporate Education Center, mScholar, and their clients in industries as diverse as construction, medical devices, defense, insurance, pharmaceutical research, and professional sports organizations.
Rich’s background includes 10 years as an electrical engineer, designing and programming test equipment for the manufacture and repair of electronic and fiber optic transmission equipment. His 10 years of engineering and engineering management is supplemented by a 20 year career as a manager of project managers, deploying telecom networks and services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
The latter three are rational reactions caused by a preceding thought process leading up to an outcome. He also led a technical solutions team, during which time he was the lead author for the Bell Labs Technical Journal article “Design for Networks – the Ultimate Design For X”.
Lohachara was an inhabited island which was already submerged, inhabitants having to move onto the mainland in 1996.
Estimates by scientists say that 18% of Bangladesh’s coastal area will be underwater by 2050, displacing about 20 million people.  You can read about this in an article from the UK newspaper The Telegraph, here.

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